​​NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity


The NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH) is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence that seeks to make sense of how technological advances impact societies, cultures and human behaviour.

•The Institute will bolster NTU’s ability to contribute towards Singapore’s vision of becoming a Smart Nation

•It will focus particularly on the impact of technological revolution on urban Asia.

The Institute will adopt a thematic approach that cuts across broad subject areas such as artificial intelligence, big data and the life sciences.  Initially, the Institute will focus on the following areas:

•Responsible Innovation: This theme will seek to address ethical implications of innovations – such as nanotechnology, personalised medicine, unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, and bioengineering – that will have a wide impact on society.

•Governance and Leadership in the Technological Age: This theme will look at issues related to how the rate, speed and influence of technological advances have on society can be managed and regulated.

•New Urban Asia: This theme looks at the impact of technology and how it is transforming the urban landscape in Asia, and how it is affecting the lives of people in the world’s most populous continent.

The Institute will have a panel of eminent international advisors, and work closely with NTU’s Colleges and Schools to organise various programmes and activities.

•Sponsor thesis projects, competitions, educational modules, post-doctoral fellowships, and visiting professorships in a wide variety of areas where technology and humanity interface and intersect with major societal consequences.

•Host academic conferences, workshops, public lectures, discussions with government and industry partners, summer/winter schools for international scholars and graduate students, and short courses. 

•House a digital humanities lab and provide seed grants for research teams to develop substantial grant proposals.

•Collaborate with local and strategic international partners, as well as student and outreach activities.

•Lend support to and seamlessly coordinate a variety of existing university-wide activities, such as Falling Walls Lab and Majulah Lecture Series.

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