News Releases

NTU Singapore partners WiseNet Asia and Yubei District People’s Government to offer tech internships amid tough job market
​Physical presence of spouse alters how parents’ brains respond to stimuli from children, finds NTU Singapore study
​Sea level could rise by more than 1 metre by 2100 if emission targets are not met, reveals survey of 100 international experts
​NTU scientists develop sustainable way to extract chitin from prawn shells by fermenting it with fruit waste
​Augmented reality magazine by NTU Singapore earns international recognition with brand new reading experience
​NTU Singapore launches new measures aimed at boosting job prospects for undergraduate Class of 2020
​NTU Singapore unveils Relief Package to help students cope with impact of COVID-19
​NTU and SMI launch comprehensive report to help the shipping industry adopt alternative and greener fuels
Guide for COVID-19 remote consultation by primary carers designed by NTU Singapore scientist and peers
​NTU Singapore researchers build disinfection robot to aid cleaners in COVID-19 outbreak
Pollen-based ‘paper’ holds promise for new generation of natural components, NTU Singapore scientists show
​NTU scientists develop handheld, high-resolution medical imaging device with potential for bedside scanning
​NTU scientists transform ultra-tough pollen into flexible material
​Machine learning technique sharpens prediction of material's mechanical properties
​NTU’s Class of 2019 continue to be in strong employment demand 
​NTU Singapore’s annual Open House and Career Fair to go virtual 
​First electrically-driven ‘topological’ laser developed by NTU Singapore and University of Leeds scientists 
​Prof Su Guaning, President Emeritus of NTU Singapore, elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering
​NTU Singapore revitalises Yunnan Garden as a place for leisure, education and heritage 
​Critical flaw demonstrated in common digital security algorithm
​HP-NTU Corporate Lab Showcases R&D Innovations; Announces Digital Manufacturing Skills Development Programme for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Singapore study suggests parents with terminally ill children tend to hide emotional pain from their spouses
​Physicists prove that 2D and 3D liquids are fundamentally different 
​Scientists observe ultrafast chemistry in water caused by ionising radiation for the first time
NTU and SERI launch joint laboratory to develop advanced ocular imaging technologies
​Prestigious Lecture Series named after NTU President by IIT Madras 
​NTU Singapore scientists find easier way to harvest healing factors from adult stem cells in the lab
​Only 1 in 10 suicide prevention apps cover all the recommended strategies, NTU Singapore study finds  
​Compound in green tea plant shows potential for fighting tuberculosis, finds research team led by NTU Singapore
​NTU Singapore scientists convert plastics into useful chemicals using sunlight
​NTU scientists uncover structure of key pneumonia virus enzyme, suggesting a route for new antiviral treatments
​Asia-wide genome mapping project reveals insights into Asian ancestry and genetic diversity
Quantum dot lasers move a step closer with electric-pumping development at NTU Singapore
​NTU, NNI and NHG launch Singapore’s first brain bank to study neurological disorders
​NTU Singapore receives S$5 million gift from Vingroup to provide graduate scholarships
​NTU Singapore and Dutch scientists show how perovskite solar cells can capture more electricity
​NTU scientists discover new way to promote insulin production in pre-diabetes phase
​Bacteria in the gut may alter ageing process, finds NTU Singapore study
​NTU Singapore launches Brunei alumni association
​NTU Singapore researchers develop quantum communication chip 1,000 times smaller than current setups
​The air that we breathe: Bacteria and fungi show a precise daily rhythm in tropical air, finds NTU Singapore study
​NTU Singapore ranked No.2 in Nature Index's inaugural Young Universities ranking
​NTU climbs 6 places to No.43 in US News and World Report Global Universities Rankings
​NTU Singapore and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore to jointly explore next-gen memory technology
​Building and road at NTU campus named after Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan and Mr Tan Lark Sye
​NTU Singapore honours outstanding alumni at Homecoming 
​NTU Singapore and SMU launch PhD exchange programme
NTU Singapore and M1 ink partnership to develop Singapore’s first 5G C-V2X research testbed and trials
​Airborne chemicals instantly identified using new technology developed at NTU Singapore
​NTU Singapore announces winners of Global Digital Art Prize 
​NTU Singapore start-up unveils robot with human-like dexterous grip
​Rice irrigation intensified landslides in the deadliest earthquake of 2018, finds NTU study
​Children told lies by parents subsequently lie more as adults and face adjustment difficulties, finds NTU Singapore study
​Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulates winners of second Singapore-India Hackathon
​NTU Singapore scientists build chip to analyse health of white blood cells
​NTU Singapore scientists develop technique to observe radiation damage over a quadrillionth of a second
​NTU Singapore scientists develop molecular probe to track disease progress and monitor drug efficacy 
​NTU Singapore breaks into global top 50 in Times Higher Education rankings 
​NTU Singapore scientists suggest future approach for tackling age-related muscle loss
​NTU scientists develop optical ruler that can measure down to the nanoscale
​Parenting stress may affect mother’s and child’s ability to tune in to each other, finds NTU Singapore study
​NTU Singapore leverages AI and machine learning to fight money laundering 
​‘Mini kidneys’ grown from stem cells provide new insights into kidney disease and potential therapies
​Sculptural loop of 1,200 ‘butterflies’ sets NTU campus aflutter
​NTU Singapore jumps 23 places in latest Academic Ranking of World Universities
​NTU Singapore and Temasek Foundation launch STEP Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue to develop and connect Asia’s emerging leaders
​NTU Singapore and the ASEAN Secretariat launch second phase of disaster risk plan to strengthen financial resiliency of ASEAN member states
​NTU Singapore and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital launch internship and exchange programme in Chinese medicine
​Light may magnetise non-magnetic metals, propose physicists
​More than 9000 graduate from NTU Class of 2019
​Rolls-Royce and NTU extend their research partnership with new S$88 million investment
​JTC and NTU launch first Advanced Manufacturing Talent Programme in Jurong Innovation District
​NTU Singapore scientists develop probes to detect acute kidney failure early
​NTU Singapore tops QS world young universities rankings for the sixth consecutive year
​NTU Singapore’s centre designated as World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre to promote digital health and education
​NTU Singapore rises to 11th in QS world university rankings
​Research team led by NTU Singapore finds information in a third of eczema apps inconsistent with international guidelines
​NTU Singapore scientists uncover binding secret behind protein ‘superglue’
​NTU and NEA launch unique S$40m Waste-to-Energy Research Facility
​NTU Singapore develops technology that can 3D-print a bathroom unit within a day
​NTU Singapore and NUHS scientists develop swallowable self-inflating capsule to help tackle obesity 
​NTU scientists discover sustainable way to increase seed oil yield in crops
​NTU Singapore, Enterprise Singapore and SEAS launch a one-stop centre to boost innovation by start-ups and SMEs in the energy sector
​NTU Singapore scientists invent handheld device for quick monitoring of drinking water quality 
​New quick-fix wrap by NTU and JTC can repair and reinforce existing structures
​Lung disease bronchiectasis associated with high frequency of allergy
​NTU Singapore drives digital transformation of its administration
​NTU and NUS launch Singapore’s first PhD student exchange programme 
​New interactive technology to help children with special needs learn better
​NTU offers new undergraduate degree programmes to deepen industry exposure
​NTU Singapore and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission launch research centre to develop innovative e-waste recycling technologies
​NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity officially launched by Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam
​NTU Singapore and Volvo unveil world’s first full size, autonomous electric bus
​Abu Dhabi National Oil Company renews commitment and support for NTU Singapore’s International Trading Programme
Five NTU subjects in global top 10 
​Joint Graduate Employment Survey 2018 - Better Employment Indicators for University Graduates
​NTU’s Class of 2018 well sought after and earn higher salaries
​New membrane water treatment system to reduce toxic waste and waste disposal cost by over 90 per cent
​NTU increases places in computing courses to meet demand, and launches new undergraduate offerings in emerging fields
​NTU Singapore and University of California to expand collaboration in research and exchange
​NTU rolls out qualitative admissions process and new programmes to assess and develop students holistically
​NTU, MIT and Russian scientists develop AI to predict and engineer material properties
​NTU Singapore and WeBank set up fintech research centre to support Banking 4.0
​NTU Singapore Students' Union leads new initiatives to give career head start for fresh graduates
​Researchers uncover brain pathway linked to impulsive behaviours
​NTU Singapore’s 9th satellite successfully deployed in space
​Art blooms on iconic sloping grass roof at NTU Singapore
​NTU Singapore scientists find one more reason for us to love the durian
​NTU and NUS to host inaugural Singapore panel session on globalisation at World Economic Forum in Davos
NTU Singapore and Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces launch joint lab in healthcare and robotics
​F&N and NTU Singapore set up joint lab to develop new ingredients and greener packaging
NTU Singapore and AMD to launch Data Science and AI Lab to nurture next-generation tech leaders
​NTU Singapore announces call for entries for Global Digital Art Prize 
​NTU Singapore and TTSH invent smart medical device for early intervention of congestive heart failure
​NTU and TTSH team up to enhance doctor-patient communication 
​NTU Singapore scientists develop ‘contact lens’ patch to treat eye diseases
​Renowned Earth scientist to head College of Science at NTU Singapore 
​NTU receives $4 million gift to advance teacher education
​NTU Singapore announces the winners of Singapore-India Hackathon 
NTU Singapore develops new learning tools for medical students
NTU and NUS officially launch Singapore Energy Centre to address future energy challenges
​​NTU breaks into the top 50 in US News and World Report Global Universities Rankings
​Peptide engineered by NTU Singapore successfully exploits Achilles’ heel of Zika virus
​NTU and HP Inc. to Advance Digital Manufacturing Worldwide with First HP-NTU Corporate Innovation Lab in Asia
​NTU Singapore launches campus art trail
​NTU Singapore to develop vehicular communications for multi-modal mobility solutions
​NTU Singapore ranks 18th globally in Financial Times’ EMBA ranking, climbing 12 places
​NTU honours outstanding alumni at annual homecoming 
​MIT, SMART and NTU Singapore scientists have discovered a potential treatment for severe malaria
​NTU Singapore scientists develop smart technology for synchronised 3D printing of concrete
NTU, Jurong Port and SP Group to testbed AI-powered energy management system
​NTU Singapore receives S$9m boost to attract top young scientists from Swedish universities
​NTU and Delta Electronics to expand joint research efforts in smart technologies
​Alibaba Launches Talent Programme in Singapore with Support from NTU and EDB
NTU and SMRT to trial new monitoring systems on the train network to improve rail reliability
​Dyson and NTU launch a joint engineering studio for aspiring technopreneurs
​NTU President Suresh announces plans and priorities for the University’s next wave of major growth
​Researchers develop irregular-shaped laser to tackle laser instability
​NTU scientists discover natural plant-based food preservative which is more effective than artificial ones
​NTU receives $11 million gift to further medical education and healthcare research
​NTU and Harvard scientists discover fat-blocking effect of nanofibres
​Surbana Jurong, NTU and NRF launch S$61 million joint corporate laboratory to develop sustainable urban and industrial solutions
​Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam conferred Honorary Degree at NTU’s convocation ceremony
​NTU Singapore partners the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission to develop innovative e-waste recycling technologies
​NTU spin-off launches Singapore’s first 3D-printing plant for water filtration membranes
​NTU Singapore to join prestigious Global University Leaders Forum at the World Economic Forum​
​NTU Singapore receives S$16.4 million for its Wallenberg-NTU Fellowship to nurture early-career scientists
​Maybank sets up Wealth Management Academy in partnership with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
​NTU Singapore counts fifth year as world’s top young university
​New Director to head National Institute of Education at NTU Singapore
​NTU’s new population health laboratories to study how Singaporeans can lead healthier lives
​NTU and Guoxuan High-Tech Power Energy Co. to develop innovative energy storage solutions for electric vehicles
​NTU ranks 12th in the world, cementing position among top universities in QS rankings
​New nanoparticles help to detect serious scarring of wounds
​Prime Minister Narendra Modi witnesses NTU Singapore boosting ties with India ​
​NTU Singapore and Peking University offer Double Masters Programme to groom finance talent
​Noise cancelling device by NTU scientists halves noise pollution through open windows
​Dim lighting may influence you to choose pleasurable products over functional ones, says study by NTU Singapore and Northwestern University  
​World’s hardest material, diamond, is flexible
A robot by NTU Singapore autonomously assembles an IKEA chair
​New NTU master’s programme to train more talent for Singapore’s expanding asset and wealth management sectors
​NTU partners SMRT and 2getthere to test autonomous vehicles on the NTU Smart Campus
​NTU Singapore and SERI invent new scope to diagnose glaucoma
​NTU and Changi General Hospital to train medical practitioners in ageing and sports-related injuries
​NTU and Desay SV to jointly develop cyber security solutions for automotive sector
​NTU launches nationwide research initiative to promote lung health
​NTU scientists take multi-coloured images with a lensless camera
​NTU scientists discover fish scale-derived collagen effective for healing wounds
​NTU Singapore and Alibaba Group launch joint research institute on Artificial Intelligence technologies
​Higher starting salaries for NTU's Class of 2017 who continue to be in good demand 
Prof Subra Suresh inaugurated as NTU Singapore's fourth President​
The Arc sets sail as a new flagship building of the NTU Smart Campus
​DBS and NT​U team up to train Singapore's next generation of wealth management talent
​NTU and CAAS extend partnership in Air Traffic Management research
​NTU Singapore ranked among Asia’s Top 5 for third year running
​Free2Move and NTU to trial Singapore’s first electric bike-sharing service
​Mentors, internships and career fair boost NTU students’ job prospects​
​NTU scientists create customizable, fabric-like power source for wearable electronics 
​For third straight year, NTU rises in Financial Times’ global MBA ranking, placing 22nd this year
​NTU and BlueSG launch ultra-fast charging electric shuttle
​​NTU launches new programme to meet rising demand for arts and heritage professionals
​NTU and Volvo to jointly develop autonomous electric buses in Singapore
​NTU President Subra Suresh unveils plans to make NTU a Smart Campus
Localised Chinese curriculum for preschools and kindergartens
​New patch aims to turn energy-storing fats into energy-burning fats
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​NTU study finds that hackers could guess your phone PIN using its sensor data
​NTU study shows protected tropical forests are threatened by the bounty of adjacent oil palm plantations
​Scientists make research “jelly” grow more like biological tissues
NTU Singapore and M1 embark on Singapore’s first comprehensive research on the use of 4.5G HetNet for secure drone operations
​NTU to take the lead in providing new training programmes for bankers
​NTU's Sumatran tiger study sounds warning bells over long-term deforestation
​NTU and Singtel set up $42.4 million corporate lab for AI and data science
Top geologist at NTU’s Earth Observatory of Singapore elected as a Fellow of the world's largest multidisciplinary scientific society
NTU scientists suggest flies could help to monitor disease outbreaks by acting as ‘autonomous bionic drones’
​NTU, LTA and JTC unveil Singapore’s first autonomous vehicle test centre
​NTU teams up with GERI, Singapore’s national body for geriatric research and education, to enhance well-being of elderly
​NTU Singapore scientists create “tracking” nanoagents to illuminate very small diseased tissues
​Medical technology and workforce transformation identified as key enablers to tackle Singapore’s healthcare challenges at inaugural FutureHealth conference
​NTU and NUS to set up Singapore Energy Centre in 2019
​NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information celebrates 25 years of success
​NTU and SMI launch S$15m research centre to develop sustainable energy and maritime solutions
​NTU and JTC develop new coating that keeps its cool when the heat is on
​NTU Singapore collaborates with IBM on a virtual tutor for future doctors
​​NTU and ENGIE deploy Singapore’s first long-span wind turbine
​NTU and Saab partnership to develop innovative high-end digital technology​​
​NTU rises to Asia's No. 1
​NTU alumni to receive $1,600 worth of course credits to take up courses
​Singapore’s first robot masseuse EMMA starts work
Tripartite collaboration to boost palliative care research & education 
​​​Scientists at NTU Singapore and KAIST uncover a new mechanism that causes Parkinson’s disease
​NTU scientists develop patch which could improve healing and reduce scarring
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​NTU Vice President Prof Lam Khin Yong receives Legion of Honour from France
​NTU launches Distinguished University Professorships to recognise most accomplished faculty 
Jennie Chua appointed Pro-Chancellor of NTU​
​NTU scientists use brewery waste to grow yeast needed for beer making
​Bespoke learning facilities on a dual campus ready for NTU’s medical students​​​
​NTU establishes professorship and bursary in honour of education stalwart Prof Lee Sing Kong​
​NTU start-up launches new app that could shake up conventional video viewing
​NTU's Techbridge Ventures and PC Partner seal joint venture to groom Asia’s promising cleantech start-ups
​NNI and NTU to develop new technologies to diagnose and treat neurological diseases
​Stars line up for NTU students’ biggest extravaganza 
​NTU names senior leadership team to support incoming President Professor Subra Suresh
​NTU President receives National Day honours ​
​NTU ramps up engagement in the HDB heartlands​
​2 in 3 graduands in NTU Class of 2017 secure jobs before graduation
​NTU to tap growing demand for wealth and asset management expertise with new institute​​
​​NTU named world’s top young university for 4th straight year 
​Professor Subra Suresh named President of NTU Singapore​
NTU hosts prestigious international conference on the role of Chinese philosophy in a multi-cultural world​​
​NTU starts up in high-tech Haifa ​
​NTU Singapore and Thai petrochemical giant PTTGC to develop new 3D printing materials for the automotive industry
​NTU Singapore students and youth volunteers refurbish school in Yangon, Myanmar
​NTU ranks 11th in world rankings, highest position ever by a Singapore or Asian university​​
​NTU and Germany’s Fraunhofer launch new institute to develop digital solutions for the industry
​NTU Singapore and Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation strengthen research collaboration
​NTU-NIE team's Everest expedition a success as Yusrina summits
​NTU partners Danish consortium to develop green technologies
​Top NTU engineering programme ties up with Canada’s University of British Columbia as its fourth overseas partner
​NTU partners ST Aerospace and Evonik to research 3D printing technologies
​NTU appoints Zainul Abidin Rasheed to its Board of Trustees​
​NTU launches research centre for big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence
​NTU opens The Wave, a mega sports hall built using sustainable technologies
NTU medical school hosts inter-school competition for aspiring doctors
​NTU maintains its place among the world’s top 3 young universities 
​NTU trio in quest to summit Everest
​New technologies in the air by NTU Singapore and Swedish partner Camfil to improve indoor air quality 
​NTU Singapore and Schaeffler set up joint lab to develop smart mobility devices
​More than 14,000 students to live on NTU campus from August
​NTU maintains its place in Asia’s top 4 ​
NTU and tech firm ELID develop robot to wash and paint high-rise buildings 
​NTU adds Russian and Singapore Sign Language to its unique language offerings 
​NTU consolidates Bachelor of Fine Arts programmes to meet rising demands of creative and digital sectors​
​NTU Singapore and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences strengthen research collaboration​
​NTU Singapore and Japan’s RIKEN collaborate in human biology research to develop innovative healthcare solutions 
​NTU Singapore and Peking University to introduce double degree in Finance
​NTU Singapore is in the world’s top 10 for electrical engineering and materials science​
​NTU unveils world-class facilities for medical students
​Strong employability and high salaries for NTU fresh graduates​
​NTU invents ultrafast camera for self-driving vehicles and drones
​​“Singapore: Imagining the Next 50 Years” to be the first common course across all six Singapore universities
​NTU and FireEye join forces to grow the ranks of Singapore’s cyber security experts
​NTU, JTC and SMRT to develop integrated transport solutions with joint research lab
​NTU to develop smart technologies to enhance workplace safety and courtroom procedures
​More than 4,000 jobs for fresh graduates at NTU Career Fair
NTU Singapore and Ben-Gurion University ink partnership to combat advanced cyber threats​​
​NTU jumps to top 25 in Financial Times’ global MBA ranking
​National cluster helps companies tap on new 3D printing technologies
​NTU and NXP Semiconductors launch Singapore’s first Smart Mobility consortium to test new technologies on NTU campus
​NTU successfully launches its 7th satellite into space
​Michelin star power at new NTU alumni house ​
​NTU and German scientists turn memory chips into processors to speed up computing tasks
​NTU to develop traffic management solutions so drones can fly safely in Singapore’s airspace
​NTU President Prof Bertil Andersson receives honorary doctorate from the University of Southampton​​
NTU launches new research lab to develop greener maritime energy solutions
NTU scientists build new ultrasound device using 3D printing technology
​NTU partners two Japanese institutions in biomedical materials and data science research
​NTU and Stratasys 3D Print Operational Drone with Embedded Electronics using Aerospace-grade Material
​​​Toddlers may know when you are not telling the truth, say Singapore and US experts 
​NTU develops thin foam that keeps vehicles and buildings cooler and quieter
​NTU develops thin foam that keeps vehicles and buildings cooler and quieter​
​Unified set of standards for research publications to advance research ethics in Singapore
​Video of NTU President as secret biker wins international award
​​NTU sets up new research centre to develop food security solutions ​
​NTU scientists first from Singapore to receive prestigious international water research prize 
​NTU to expand the study of humanities and social sciences with two new schools from next year​
​NTU to build an offshore integrated system of renewable energy sources
​NTU’s robot to spray paint JTC’s industrial developments
​On the Road to a More Sustainable and Reliable Transport System
​NTU honours outstanding alumni for stellar achievements and contributions to society
​NTU deepens relations with Norway through partnerships in sustainability research
​NTU develops quick test to detect inflammation in diabetic patients
​The Geneva Association and NTU collaborate in cyber risk insurance research 
NTU and NHG collaborate to deliver better healthcare and fight infectious diseases​
​NTU’s new inspection robot to be tested in JTC’s industrial developments
NTU is world's top young university for third consecutive year
Singapore scientists develop DNA-altering technology to tackle diseases 
​NTU documentary on earthquakes bags multiple international awards
​NTU consolidates top-tier position in world university rankings
​New handbook by Singapore scholars on emerging terrorist threats
​NTU and JTC test-bed new bendable concrete that is stronger and more durable
​New NTU alumni house in the city
​NTU paves the way for safe and effective deployment of self-driving vehicles in Singapore
​NTU marks its 25th anniversary with the Class of 2016 
​Robot therapist hits the spot with athletes
​NTU and NEA collaborate to develop a waste-to-energy research facility
​NTU receives $1 million gift from award-winning entrepreneur
​NTU develops energy saving filters for wastewater treatment
​NTU’s Earth Observatory of Singapore leads international sea expedition to study the 2012 Great Earthquake
​NTU jumps to No. 2 in latest Asian university ranking by Times Higher Education, up 8 places from last year
​NTU and Delta Electronics set up S$45 million joint lab for smart technologies
NTU breaks into Asia’s Top Three
​Launch of new S$30 million national centre to speed up commercialisation of separation and filtration technologies
​​NTU sets the platinum standard in sustainable design in Singapore
​SMRT and NTU launch joint research laboratory to boost rail reliability
​NTU launches 3D printing centre
​NTU partners industry players to mitigate cyber risk 
​​NTU partners Wageningen University to train skilled manpower in food science and technology for Singapore's food industry​​​​​
​NTU launches two big initiatives to support the silver generation
​NTU sets the PaCE for professional readiness​
​NTU leads alliance to better insure Asia against natural catastrophes
NTU is ranked No.1 in Singapore and 32nd globally by Nature Index​​
​IVAS and NTU launch Asia’s First Chartered Valuer and Appraiser Programme 
NTU scientists invent bubble technology which can shoot drugs deep into tumours
​NTU steps up partnerships with South Korea
​NTU jumps three spots to No. 2 in Times Higher Education’s young universities ranking
​NTU partners Johns Hopkins in science of learning research 
​Latest NTU study at the Earth Observatory of Singapore show that slow fault movements may indicate an impending earthquake
​NTU scientists discover way to improve effectiveness of antibiotics
​NTU Singapore partners People’s Bank of China in joint Renminbi centre
​19 NTU subjects in global top 50
​NTU undergraduates under its University Scholars Programme to spend one semester in the US or Australia
​NTU bags six awards at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016
​NTU launches new degree programmes in humanities, arts and social sciences to prepare students for a new world of connectivity
​Higher starting pay for NTU graduates in 2015
​New NTU microchip shrinks radar cameras to fit into a palm
​NTU Singapore and Finmeccanica partner on helicopter manufacturing and technology
​New NTU smart chip makes low-powered, wireless neural implants a possibility
​NTU launches nine new undergraduate degree programmes to cater to demand in emerging industries
​New made-in-NTU satellite technologies pass space tests
​NTU Singapore and BAE Systems to jointly develop next-generation cybersecurity solutions
​NTU boosts its career services to enhance students’ job prospects
​NTU hosts National Geographic explorers Brian Skerry and Laurel Chor
​NTU jumps 11 places to be ranked 29th in latest Financial Times MBA ranking
​NTU and SingHealth to develop healthcare innovations to improve patient care
NTU Singapore and Hyundai launch joint research centre on urban systems
​Two NTU professors in Thomson Reuters’ list of the world’s 19 hottest researchers
​NTU builds Singapore’s first “Lego-style” high-rise residences
​NTU scientists unveil social and telepresence robots
​NTU successfully launches its fifth and sixth satellites
​New technology by NTU could save millions in energy costs
​Singapore and the People's Republic of China universities to strengthen educational and research collaborations
​NTU unveils new book to mark 5th anniversary of Singapore’s newest medical school
​NTU smart chip tells you how healthy your battery is
​NTU is ranked No. 1 for the second consecutive year in QS young university rankings
​NTU boosts ties in Russia with two new agreements
​Paving the Way for Singapore's Future Land Transport System
NTU leads inaugural national conference on technology in learning
​NTU and AIA establish EDGE LAB to develop innovative healthcare and insurance solutions
​NTU scientists use dead bacteria to kill colorectal cancer
​NTU sets up Sino-Singapore International Joint Research Institute​
​Nobel Prize Series brings great minds to Singapore to advance future learning
​NTU launches region’s first maritime energy test bed
NTU continues to attract more top students​
​Global premiere of Nobel Prize Series in Singapore
​NTU partners two Austrian institutions in medical research
​NTU flips classrooms with The Hive
​NTU's Nanyang Business School ranks among the world’s best
NTU honours pioneer educators and outstanding alumni
​NTU climbs up six spots in latest Times Higher Education world university rankings
​NTU President Prof Bertil Andersson receives honorary doctorate from Tianjin University
​NTU sets up new life sciences cluster to focus on the intricate relationship between a population’s health and the environment
​NTU scientists find electrifying solution to sticky problem
​Singapore and US scientists develop rapid test for liver toxicity
​New National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) To Boost Singapore’s 3D Printing Ecosystem
Double celebration for NTU as its Class of 1985 marks 30 years, and is ranked 6th globally in Engineering
​NTU breaks into the world’s Top 15 universities
​NTU students celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday with NTU Fest
​NTU launches new master’s degree to meet demand for translation professionals
​NTU’s new high-tech simulators to help smooth air traffic
​More top students choose NTU medical school
​NTU launches new PhD programme in medicine
​Three new writers call NTU home
​New book by NTU economist gives a preview of Singapore in 2065
​Confucius Institute at NTU celebrates 10th anniversary with new plans to further promote Chinese language and culture in Singapore 
​7 in 10 graduates in NTU’s Class of 2015 have found jobs
​Budding ITE student entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality with NTU’s entrepreneurship programme, #startable
​NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies kicks off series of new initiatives to expand Singapore-Africa business links
​K-pop girl group Dal Shabet and MediaCorp celebrities headline NTU’s star-studded concert
​NTU scientists discover potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease
​NTU’s Earth Observatory of Singapore receives $2 million scholarship
​NTU’s Nanyang Business School and ISCA launch business valuation course
​NTU partners Japanese university to launch new satellite
​Ten NTU and NUS postgraduates get prizes totalling US$100,000 for ground-breaking sustainability research
​NTU communication team recognised as Asia’s best
​NTU partners Science Centre Singapore to find out how babies think
​BMW Group and NTU embark on S$1.3 million electromobility research
​In the world's top 40: NTU ranked No 1 in Singapore by Nature quality research
​NTU climbs 3 places into Top Four of QS’ Asia university rankings
​NTU’s Earth Observatory of Singapore sheds new light on recent earthquake in Sabah
​NTU brings Nat Geo explorers to its campus and the Esplanade
​NTU student team wins first prize in a global Shell innovation competition
​NTU leads international sea expedition to assess tsunami risks and impact
​Scientists discover tiny microbes with potential to cleanse Singapore’s waterways
​NTU hosts global ICT conference highlighting innovations that advance open, smart and inclusive socioeconomic development
​NTU campus, a living lab for sustainability, gets greener
​NTU’s graduating young artists and designers present ADM Show 2015
​NTU celebrates Singapore’s golden jubilee with NTU Fest
​ST Engineering and NTU launch laboratory for advanced robotics and autonomous systems
​NTU moves up in 18 subject rankings, with three subjects in the global top 10 for the second year 
​NTU partners world-renowned Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to develop energy efficiency solutions for the tropics
​NTU and TUM design world’s first electric taxi for the tropics
​SMG, NTU and Facebook pioneer social media education initiative
​NTU engineering students to train with real satellites in space
​NTU-NXP to develop smart mobility test bed in Singapore
NTU revamps its CN Yang Scholars Programme to include more overseas exposure
​​NTU scientists discover new treatment for dementia
​NTU welcomes new members to its Board of Trustees
​NTU finds new treatment options for colon cancer
​NTU charges ahead globally in education and research
​NTU develops mobile app to help the university reduce its energy usage
​Young NTU spin-off clinches S$4.3 million joint venture with Chinese commercial giant
​NTU and UC Berkeley develop remote-controlled cyborg beetle
​NTU Singapore ties up with the Smithsonian Institution for research in tropical ecology
​NTU launches highest award to honour teaching excellence
​NTU's learning hub to become a hive of learning and innovation
​NTU grabs top spots at Shell Eco-marathon Asia
​Nine in 10 NTU graduates clinch jobs within 6 months of final examinations and are earning more
​NTU’s premier engineering programme to adopt new pedagogy
NTU expands curriculum to meet rising manpower demands in high-growth sectors
​World’s first compact rotary 3D printer-scanner unveiled at AAAS by NTU start-up
NTU to set up $30 million institute to boost Singapore’s efforts in tackling health issues
​NTU partners Europe’s largest satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space to develop new satellite technologies
​NTU develops antibody to speed up patients’ recovery from pneumonia and influenza
​NTU marks art school’s 10th anniversary with creative showcase series
​NTU unveils Singapore’s first 3D-printed concept car
​4,300 job openings at NTU Career Fair
​NTU’s Nanyang MBA maintains global Top 40 position for seven consecutive years
​A first for ISYF: Nobel Laureates to select revolutionary & creative student research projects​
​NTU organises South-east Asia’s first WeChat app competition
​NTU's MBA students score first Asian victory at world's largest business case competition
​Foundation stone laid at two new NTU buildings designed for its joint medical school with Imperial College London
More ways to get a part-time NTU engineering degree
​NTU Singapore partners French giant Alstom to develop state-of-the-art microgrid power management solution
​NTU invents smart window that tints and powers itself
​NTU launches book to mark the heritage of Singapore’s newest medical school
​Latest research by NTU discovers reasons for malaria’s drug resistance
​NTU Singapore and LightLab Sweden AB launch joint research in low-energy lighting
​NTU leads global research to uncover one of mankind’s most ancient lineages
​NTU jointly establishes Spintronics Consortium to develop next generation technologies for data storage and logic applications
​NTU hosts regional university conference with spotlight on neuroscience in education
​NTU gearing up for two new satellites
​NTU wins grand prize in international PR Oscars
​NTU develops novel 2-in-1 biomarker and drug delivery system
​NTU engineers develop innovative process to print flexible electronic circuits
​NTU makes strong debut at No. 42 in new Nature Index for high quality research
​NTU aims to attract more young women to science and engineering 
​NTU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences celebrates 10 successful years
​NTU lights up photonics research with $100 million institute
NTU to build region’s first renewable energy integration demonstration micro-grid
​Xiamen tops in NTU study of public service across 36 Mainland China cities
​NTU and UNESCO to create mini-lab kits for youths in developing countries
​NTU and United Kingdom's University of Bristol to push the frontier in ageing innovations
​NTU scientists discover new molecule from local herb with potential for drug development
​NTU's Nanyang Business School breaks into the top 10 of Financial Times global EMBA ranking
​NTU honours outstanding alumni at homecoming
​NTU’s Nanyang Business School ranked top in Singapore for 11th year by The Economist
​NTU develops ultra-fast charging batteries that last 20 years
​NTU surges 15 places in latest Times Higher Education university rankings
​ITTF establishes joint lab with NTU
​NTU and German scientists invent award winning 2-in-1 motor for electric cars
New $100 million Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore established by NTU, A*STAR and NHG
​NTU now ranked the world’s best young university 
​NTU starts international consortium to develop new materials for sporting goods
​NTU sees bumper crop of top students this year
​NTU leaps into the top 30s in latest QS world university rankings
​NTU launches innovative platform-based learning in Banking and Finance with Singapore’s largest finance lab
​NTU holds its 9th annual China Convocation in Beijing
​NTU spin-off achieves breakthrough with innovative multifunction membranes
​NTU partners international universities to build a global network of citizen oceanographers
​Scientists in Singapore develop groundbreaking technique for early and rapid malaria diagnosis​​​
NTU and SBF launch Centre for African Studies
​NTU hosts science camp led by Nobel Laureates for international high school students
​NTU students successfully stage mega charity event at the Padang today
​NTU gene research promises better treatment procedures for children with leukaemia
​NTU increases its intake of medicine students
​NTU start-up, Blacksmith Group, launches Singapore's first 3D printer-cum-scanner
​NTU wins prestigious Oscars of PR for second year running
​NTU kicks off new academic year with the opening of two new residential halls 
​Two in three NTU students found jobs before graduation​​
​MediaCorp stars join Kang Gary and Jung In at NTU Fest at the Padang
​ITE students’ business ideas get a boost with NTU’s entrepreneurship programme, #startable​​​
NTU and Peking University score breakthrough in image search technology for WeChat
Ten NTU and NUS Students Receive World Future Foundation’s PhD Prize for Outstanding Environmental and Sustainability Research ​
​New NTU doctoral scholarship to grow Singaporean talents in humanities, arts and social sciences 
​Respected medical leader appointed as new Dean of NTU's joint medical school with Imperial College London
​NTU launches two new home-grown satellites
​K-Pop stars to perform at NTU students’ fundraiser party at the Padang
​MediaTek makes a gift to NTU to start professorship in integrated circuit design
NTU and TTSH to prepare healthcare workers for the next infectious disease outbreak
NTU study shows puzzle games can improve mental flexibility
Singapore philanthropist Peter Lim’s $3 million gift to NTU creates new professorship in peace studies at RSIS
New nanomedicine by NTU and SERI scientists to bring relief to glaucoma patients
NTU launches $30 million 3D printing research centre
Nanyang MBA among the world’s top value-for-money, says The Economist
NTU sets up new $30 million initiative to advance tertiary learning
NTU hits new high as Asia’s seventh best university
NTU and Temasek Foundation launch inaugural training programme for senior Cambodian administrators
NTU jumps three places to make it into Top Five of Times Higher's ranking of best young universities
NTU to cut its energy and water consumption by 35% by 2020
NTU wins prestigious Green Mark Champion Award for outstanding achievements in sustainability
Mission accomplished: NTU's X-SAT rounds-up three impressive years in space
NTU and National Dental Centre Singapore in a million-dollar dentistry research partnership
From first-rate engineering institute to top-ranked global university: The untold inside story of NTU’s earlier years
NTU jumps up more than 140 places to break into Nature’s global top 100 research ranking
NTU scientists discover material that can be solar cell by day, light panel by night
NTU symposium explores Big Data trends to foster smarter communities of the future
New NTU book on earth science-inspired art by Earth Observatory of Singapore
Singapore’s first air traffic management research institute takes shape
NTU launches $5.3 million joint lab with British chemicals giant, Johnson Matthey
NTU’s admission offer letters go digital
NTU breaks into the world’s top 10 in three subject fields
Northwestern University’s International Institute for Nanotechnology partners NTU to develop new healthcare technologies
New director to lead National Institute of Education
More employers offering more jobs at NTU Career Fair
NTU big winner at Shell Eco-marathon Asia
NTU medical school’s integrated research strategy to meet Singapore’s healthcare needs of tomorrow
NTU ramps up undergraduate offerings with four new programmes from August
NTU showcases expertise in UAV technology at Singapore Airshow 2014
More than 27,000 worldwide sign up for NTU’s free online courses
New academy set to place NTU at the forefront of innovative teaching
NTU’s Nanyang Business School in Top 40 of the Financial Times MBA ranking for sixth straight year
NTU and SMART scientists develop new type of humanised mice for malaria research
NTU launches new Future Studios Research Lab, boosting its new media research efforts further
NTU Centre for Contemporary Art holds Paradise Lost, its first international exhibition at Gillman Barracks
NTU introduces new second major in food science and technology for undergraduates
NTU marks 10th anniversary of defence science laboratory

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