Media Reports

​​Physical presence of spouse alters how parents’ brains respond to stimuli from children, finds NTU Singapore study
​NTU scientists develop sustainable way to extract chitin from prawn shells by fermenting it with fruit waste
​Sea level could rise by more than 1 metre by 2100 if emission targets are not met, reveals survey of 100 international experts
​Developing tests to diagnose Covid-19 in minutes
​Medical, tech investments pay off in Covid-19 war
​Augmented reality magazine by NTU Singapore earns international recognition with brand new reading experience
​NTU Singapore launches new measures aimed at boosting job prospects for undergraduate Class of 2020
How climate change is linked to virus response
​NTU Singapore unveils Relief Package to help students cope with impact of COVID-19
​Guide for COVID-19 remote consultation by primary carers designed by NTU Singapore scientist and peers
​NTU researchers build disinfection robot to aid cleaners in COVID-19 outbreak
Pollen-based ‘paper’ holds promise for new generation of natural components, NTU Singapore scientists show
​NTU scientists develop handheld, high-resolution medical imaging device with potential for bedside scanning
​NTU scientists transform hard pollen into soft, flexible material
​Machine learning technique sharpens mechanical property prediction 
​LKCMedicine introduces simulated clinical training amid COVID-19 outbreak
​NTU's Class of 2019 continue to be in strong employment demand
​NTU Singapore’s annual Open House and Career Fair to go virtual 
​‘Topological’ laser can route light around corners 
Prof Su Guaning, President Emeritus of NTU Singapore, elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering
NTU Singapore revitalises Yunnan Garden as a place for leisure, education and heritage
Critical flaw demonstrated in common digital security algorithm
​Official opening of the HP-NTU Digital Manufacturing Corporate Lab
​Singapore study suggests parents with terminally ill children tend to hide emotional pain from their spouses
​Can soya residue treat diabetes?
​​Scientists observe ultrafast chemistry in water caused by ionising radiation for the first time
NTU and SERI launch joint laboratory to develop advanced ocular imaging technologies
​Prestigious Lecture Series named after NTU President by IIT Madras
​NTU scientists find an easier way to harvest healing factors from adult stem cells
​CETRAN autonomous vehicle test centre operated by NTU researchers
​​Only 1 in 10 suicide prevention apps cover all the recommended strategies, NTU Singapore study finds
​Compound in green tea plant shows potential for fighting tuberculosis, finds research team led by NTU Singapore
NTU scientists use light to turn plastic into useful chemicals
​Scientists uncover structure of key pneumonia virus enzyme, suggesting a route for new antiviral treatments
​Asia-wide genome project reveals unexpected diversity
​NTU's translational research in food science
​Why It Matters, Episode 7: Climate Change Gets Personal
​3D printing techniques and capabilities at NTU Singapore
Quantum dot lasers move a step closer with electric-pumping development
​NTU, NNI and NHG launch Singapore’s first brain bank to study neurological disorders
​NTU and Dutch scientists show how perovskite solar cells can capture more electricity
​Bacteria in the gut may alter ageing process, finds NTU Singapore study
​NTU scientists discover new way to promote insulin production in pre-diabetes phase
​NTU scientist on a mission to roll out cheap, safe electric air taxis
​NTU launches Brunei alumni association
​NTU Singapore researchers develop quantum communication chip 1,000 times smaller than current setups
​NTU scientists identify the microbiome composition in tropical air
​NTU is ranked No.2 in inaugural Nature Index Young Universities list, and climbs US News & World Report ranking
​NTU and GlobalFoundries in S$120m tie-up on ReRAM research
NTU Singapore and M1 ink partnership to develop Singapore’s first 5G C-V2X research testbed and trials
​NTU's conference on Singapore's Bicentennial - SG200: Heritage, Identity, Progress
​Building and road at NTU renamed after Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan and Mr Tan Lark Sye
​NTU Singapore honours outstanding alumni at Homecoming 
​Inaugural NTU Think Tank Roundtable on ageing related research and innovation
​NTU scientists develop new device to identify airborne chemicals
​NTU Singapore announced winners of Global Digital Art Prize 
Rice irrigation intensified landslides in the deadliest earthquake of 2018, finds NTU study
​NTU start-up unveils new robot with human-like dexterous grip
​Children told lies by parents subsequently lie more as adults and face adjustment difficulties, finds NTU Singapore study
​Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulates winners of second Singapore-India Hackathon
​NTU scientists develop chip to analyse health of white blood cells
​NTU Singapore scientists develop technique to observe radiation damage over a quadrillionth of a second
​NTU organises exhibition on life of philanthropist Lee Wee Nam
​NTU Singapore scientists develop molecular probe to track disease progress and monitor drug efficacy
​NTU Singapore breaks into global top 50 in Times Higher Education rankings 
​NTU Singapore scientists suggest new approach for tackling age-related muscle loss
N​TU scientists develop optical ruler that can measure down to the nanoscale
​NTU Singapore holds Convocation Ceremony for Chinese graduands in Hangzhou 
​Parenting stress may affect mother’s and child’s ability to tune in to each other, finds NTU Singapore study
​NTU and LTA host ‘Thredbo’ conference to discuss ways to improve public transportation system
​Tiny superheroes: The deep blue ocean
​NTU Singapore leverages AI and machine learning to fight money laundering
​‘Mini kidneys’ grown from stem cells provide new insights into kidney disease and potential therapies
​NTU Singapore jumps 23 places in latest Academic Ranking of World Universities
​NTU welcomes largest cohort of medical students
​NTU Singapore and the ASEAN Secretariat launch second phase of disaster risk plan
NTU hosts leading economic minds to contribute ideas for global growth
​What I learned from Bali's rocks, plankton and people
​NTU Singapore and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital launch internship and exchange programme in Chinese medicine
​Light may magnetise non-magnetic metals, propose physicists
​NTU Convocation 2019
Rolls-Royce and NTU extend their research partnership with new S$88 million investment
​JTC and NTU launch first Advanced Manufacturing Talent Programme in Jurong Innovation District
​Not so wild about wildlife neighbours 
​NTU Singapore scientists develop probes to detect acute kidney failure early
NTU hosts intervarsity Chinese debate tournament 
​NTU's centre at LKCMedicine designated as World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre
​NTU Singapore tops QS world young universities rankings for the sixth straight year
​Over 3,000 delegates attend the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies
​King Abdullah II of Jordan visits NTU
​NTU and International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) host IIAS-Lien 2019 Conference 
​​NTU Singapore rises to 11th in QS World University Rankings
​Research team led by NTU Singapore finds information in a third of eczema apps inconsistent with international guidelines
NTU hosts international conference on fighting foodborne disease outbreaks
​NTU Singapore scientists uncover binding secret behind protein ‘superglue’
NTU and NEA launch $40m Waste-to-Energy Research Facility
​NTU Singapore develops technology that can 3D-print a bathroom unit within a day
​NTU students design costumes to reflect on societal issues
​NTU's offshore hybrid microgrid REIDS on Semakau Landfill
​NTU global symposium discusses sustainable urban solutions for resilient future
​NTU Singapore and NUHS scientists develop swallowable self-inflating capsule to help tackle obesity 
​NTU scientists discover sustainable way to increase seed oil yield in crops
​NTU Singapore, Enterprise Singapore and SEAS launch a one-stop centre to boost innovation by start-ups and SMEs in the energy sector
​NTU Singapore scientists invent handheld device for quick monitoring of drinking water quality 
​Student-built prototypes to improve quality of life for the elderly and people with disabilities
​NTU, DNV GL and Shell host national competition to find innovative ways for shipping industry to go green
​NTU, JTC and Prostruct develop quick-fix wrap to reinforce buildings
​Lung disease bronchiectasis associated with high frequency of allergy
​NTU drives digital transformation of its administration
​NTU and NUS launch Singapore's first PhD student exchange programme
​NTU’s interactive technology helps children with special needs learn better
​Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat speaks at NTU Students’ Union Ministerial Forum
​Confucius Institute at NTU launches new book on applied writing in Chinese 
​NTU offers new undergraduate degree programmes to deepen industry exposure
​NTU Singapore and CEA launch research centre to develop innovative e-waste recycling technologies
Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam launched the NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity
​NTU Singapore and Volvo unveil world’s first full size, autonomous electric bus
​Singaporeans applying for NTU’s “Mayors’ Class” can apply for support
​Abu Dhabi National Oil Company renews commitment and support for NTU Singapore’s International Trading Programme
​NTU Singapore organises symposium on international best practices in health care communication 
​Five NTU subjects in the global top 10
​Higher starting pay and employment rates for NTU's Class of 2018
​New membrane water treatment system to reduce toxic waste and waste disposal cost
​NTU increases places in computing to meet demand, and launches new undergraduate offerings in emerging industries
​NTU students develop recycling app 
​NTU Singapore and University of California boost collaboration with MOU
​More NTU exchange students opt for European languages
​NTU broadens admissions criteria and introduces programmes to develop students holistically
​​NTU, MIT and Russian scientists develop AI to predict and engineer material properties
​NTU Singapore and WeBank set up fintech research centre to support Banking 4.0 
​NTU Students' Union leads new initiatives to give students a career head start
​Researchers uncover brain pathway linked to impulsive behaviours
Commentary by ASE Chair Prof Benjamin Horton: What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic
​NTU Singapore successfully launches its 9th satellite into space
​NTU Singapore and Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces launch joint lab in healthcare and robotics
​Art blooms on iconic sloping grass roof at NTU Singapore
​NTU Singapore scientists find one more reason for us to love the durian
​NTU sets up new research centre to develop data protection tech in Smart Nation era
​Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš visits NTU
​NTU and NUS to host inaugural Singapore panel session on globalisation at World Economic Forum in Davos
​F&N and NTU Singapore set up joint lab to develop new ingredients and greener packaging 
​NTU scientists review diabetes smartphone apps 
​NTU students create a smartphone app that guides and rewards people who recycle
NTU Singapore and AMD to launch Data Science and AI Lab to nurture next-generation tech leaders
​​NTU Singapore announces call for entries for Global Digital Art Prize
​NTU students built a hi-tech escape room maze with advanced technologies
​Big battle to beat the bulge: Losing weight the healthy way
​NTU Singapore hosts international conference on Singapore’s role in Belt and Road Initiative
​NTU scientist gives pointers on the best practices in food storage, and the science behind food poisoning
NTU and TTSH develop smart medical device to enable early intervention of congestive heart failure
​NTU and TTSH team up to enhance doctor-patient communication 
​NTU appoints renowned earth scientist as new College of Science dean
​NTU Singapore scientists develop ‘contact lens’ patch to treat eye diseases
​NTU receives $4 million gift to advance teacher education
​NTU Singapore announces Singapore-India Hackathon winners
​NTU Singapore develops new learning tools for medical students
​NTU breaks into the top 50 in US News & World Report Global Universities Rankings
NTU and NUS launches the Singapore Energy Centre
Secret of the mantis shrimp's famous punch revealed
​Peptide engineered by NTU Singapore successfully exploits Achilles’ heel of Zika virus
NTU and HP launch HP-NTU Digital Manufacturing Corporate Lab
​NTU Singapore To Develop Vehicular Communications For Multi-Modal Mobility Solutions
​​NTU Singapore launches campus art trail
​NTU Singapore rises 12 places to 18th in Financial Times’ global EMBA ranking
​NTU honours outstanding alumni at annual homecoming
​NTU and SMART scientists discover potential treatment for severe malaria
​Stratagem Group-NTU 6th Sino-Singapore Dialogue
​NTU scientists develop smart technology for synchronised 3D printing of concrete
​S$9m boost for NTU Singapore to attract top young scientists from Swedish universities
​NTU professors honoured at President's Science and Technology Awards
​NTU and Delta Electronics to expand joint research efforts in smart technologies
​NTU China Convocation 2018
​Alibaba launches talent programme in Singapore with support from NTU, EDB
​Dyson and NTU launch a joint engineering studio for aspiring technopreneurs
NTU and SMRT to trial new monitoring systems on the train network to improve rail reliability
​NTU President Suresh announces plans and priorities for the University’s next wave of major growth
​NTU scientists discover natural plant-based food preservative that is more effective than artificial ones
​Researchers develop irregular-shaped laser to tackle laser instability
​NTU welcomes sixth cohort of medical students in White Coat Ceremony
​NTU receives $11 million gift to further medical education and healthcare research
​NTU and Harvard scientists discover nanofibres could block fat
​European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Ms Federica Mogherini Delivers Lecture at NTU Singapore
​OCBC partners NTU on private banking skills training
NTU, Surbana Jurong and NRF launch S$61 million joint corporate laboratory to develop sustainable urban and industrial solutions
​Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam conferred Honorary Degree at NTU Convocation 2018
​NTU spin-off launches 3D-printing plant for water filtration membranes
​​NTU Singapore receives S$16.4 million for its Wallenberg-NTU Fellowship to nurture young scientists​​​​​​​​​​
​SenseTime Debuts in Singapore by Signing Memoranda of Understanding with Local Giants NTU, NSCC and Singtel
​Maybank sets up wealth management academy with NTU Singapore​​​​​​
​NTU Singapore counts fifth year as world’s top young university
NTU's NIE to get new director​
​NTU's new population health laboratories to study how Singaporeans can lead healthier lives
​NTU Singapore students built primary school annex that benefits more than 230 students in Laos village
​NTU ranks 12th in the world, cementing position among top universities in QS rankings
​Singapore built a dedicated town for self-driving buses
​NTU and Northwestern scientists develop nanoparticles to detect abnormal scarring
​​​NTU strengthens ties with India ​​during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit​​​​​​
​Millennial thought leaders gather in Singapore to discuss world's sustainability challenges
​​​NTU Singapore and Peking University establish ​​​Double Masters Programme to groom finance talent​
​NTU school holds graduation showcase in Singapore's cultural district
Anatomy Challenge 2018 - ​Inter-school medical competition for aspiring doctors
​NTU hosts 5th Singapore ​Sustainability Symposium 
​Noise cancelling device by NTU scientists halves noise pollution through open windows
​First batch of NTU doctors to start work from 2 May
​Dim lighting may influence you to choose pleasurable products over functional ones, says study by NTU Singapore and Northwestern University  
​Scientists discover that diamond is actually flexible at the nanoscale
​A robot by NTU Singapore autonomously assembles an IKEA chair
​NTU's new postgraduate degree programme to train more expertise for Singapore's growing asset and wealth management sectors
​NTU partners SMRT and 2getthere to test autonomous vehicles on the NTU Smart Campus​
​Students develop rehabilitative prototypes for the elderly and persons with disabilities
​NTU Singapore and SERI invent new scope to diagnose glaucoma
NTU and Changi General Hospital to train medical expertise in sports and ageing-related injuries and ailments
​NTU and ​Desay​ collaborate to develop cybersecurity solutions for automotive sector
​Students make cardboard arcade games come to life at NTU camp
​NTU launches nationwide research initiative to promote lung health
​NTU scientists develop multispectral lensless camera
​​​NTU scientists discover fish scale-derived collagen effective for healing wounds
Archery competition by NTU Archery Club attracts record number of participants
Wider diversity of viewpoints
​Launch of the Alibaba-NTU Singapore Joint Research Institute
​Higher salaries for NTU fresh graduates in 2017​
​​Prof Subra Suresh outlines vision for NTU, makes key announcements, at his inauguration
​NTU scientists use pollen as drug capsule
​The Arc sets sail as a new flagship building of the NTU Smart Campus
​​NTU and DBS Bank launch Applied Wealth Management track
​NTU and CAAS extend partnership for research in air traffic management
​NTU maintains top 5 Asian ranking for third consecutive year​​​​
​Free2Move and NTU to trial Singapore’s first electric bike-sharing service
​Mentors, internships and career fair boost students' career prospects
​NTU scientists create customizable, fabric-like power source for wearable electronics 
​NTU rises in Financial Times global MBA rankings for third consecutive year​
Nanyang Centre for Public Administration holds programme completion dinner
​NTU and BlueSG launch ultra-fast charging electric shuttle
​​Artist sells paintings​ at exhibition, with proceeds going towards two NTU funds
​​NTU unveils Master of Arts in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices to groom leaders in arts and heritage sectors
President Halimah Yacob, ​NTU's new Chancellor, visits campus
​NTU President Prof Subra Suresh unveils plans for Smart Campus
​Localised Chinese curriculum for preschools and kindergartens
​NTU develops new fat-burning patch to fight obesity
​NTU study shows hackers can use sensors to access phones​
​Making water research pay off
​NTU study shows protected tropical forests are threatened by the bounty of adjacent oil palm plantations​
​Scientists make research “jelly” grow more like biological tissues
​NTU and Saab sign Master Research Collaboration Agreement
​NTU and M1 partnership to improve drone efficiency, safety, and communication systems
​Slippery coating could save maritime industry $40 billion a year
​NTU students push for use of green starch bags
​NTU's Wealth Management Institute named lead provider for new programme to train bankers
​Sumatran tiger study sounds warning bells over long-term deforestation
​Sumatran tiger study sounds warning bells over long-term deforestation​
​NTU and Singtel set up corporate lab for AI and data science
​Mums are wired to pick up and talk to crying infants
Scientists traces Yeti folklore to rare Himalayan brown bears
​NTU study suggest flies can help in public health surveillance
​​NTU, LTA and JTC unveil Singapore’s first autonomous vehicle test centre​​
​NTU professors lauded in President’s Science and Technology Awards 2017
​NTU's ARISE and GERI collaborate on ageing-related research to enhance lives of the elderly
​NTU Singapore scientists create “tracking” nanoagents to illuminate very small diseased tissues
​​Medical technology and workforce transformation identified as key enablers to tackle Singapore’s healthcare challenges at inaugural FutureHealth conference
​NTU organises Orchid Symposium
​NTU and NUS to set up Singapore Energy Centre in 2019​​
​NTU and JTC develop new fire and corrosion proof coating
​NTU and SMI launch S$15m research centre to develop sustainable energy and maritime solutions​
​NTU starts Latin and Swedish classes
​NTU collaborates with IBM to develop 'virtual tutor' for future doctors
​NTU’s Nanyang Centre for Public Administration holds commemorative dinner  
​​​NTU deploys Singapore’s first long-span wind turbine​​
​NTU and Saab team up to conduct research and development on digital technology
​NTU rises to No. 1 in Asia
​NTU expands​ list of countries for study-work stints abroad
​​NTU alumni to receive $1,600 worth of course credits to take up courses
​NTU incubated start-up AiTreat unveils EMMA, a massage robot
​NTU's I​nstitute on Asian Consumer Insight holds annual Asia Business Summit​
NTU holds forum on inclusivity at institutes of higher learning
​Tripartite collaboration to boost palliative care research & education
​Scientists at NTU Singapore and KAIST uncover a new mechanism that causes Parkinson’s disease
​NTU scientists turn unwanted fat into wound-healing gel which reduces scarring
​NTU's ​LILY looks to technology to improve lives of the elderly
​NTU Scholars Award Ceremony 2017
​​NTU holds inaugural Majulah Lecture
​Blood testing via sound waves may replace some tissue biopsies
​NTU celebrates achievements of latest batch of Chinese graduands in Shanghai
NTU's Professor Lam Khin Yong awarded prestigious honour by France​
​NTU launches Distinguished University Professorship
​Jennie Chua appointed Pro-Chancellor of NTU
​NTU and HDB to develop world’s first smart integrated construction system​
​NTU​ climbs 2 places in world university rankings​
​NTU team gets more beer out of spent grains
NTU's ​Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine officially opens
New professorship and bursary established in honour of Prof Lee Sing Kong​ ​
​NTU start-up launches HEY! Shake app
​NTU's Techbridge Ventures and PC Partner form joint venture to foster cleantech startups
​Stars turn out for NTU Fest
​​​NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine holds White Coat ceremony for latest intake
​NTU named senior leadership team to support incoming President Professor Subra Suresh
Straits Times interview with NTU Presid​ent Prof Bertil Andersson 
​NTU​'s Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management holds symposium on "Managing Risk and Resilience"
​NTU researchers develop 4D-printed material that reacts to light
​A dress that can reflect noise pollution in a city
​NTU to increase community engagement
​2 in 3 graduands in NTU Class of 2017 secure jobs before graduation​​
​NTU students built multi-purpose hall​
​​NTU's new institute to cater to growing demand for wealth and asset management expertise
​​NTU tops young university rankings for 4th year running​
​Professor Subra Suresh named NTU President
​NTU debate tournament attracts 24 universities ​
​NTU’s social robot Edgar to co-host NDP 2017
​​​​NTU​ among Asia Pacific's top 5 unive​rsities
​NTU hosts prestigious conference on role of Chinese philosophy in the 21st century
​NTU sets up innovation centre in Israel​
NTU's ICMAT 2017 speaker and Nobel laureate Prof Hiroshi Amano on his work and future
​NTU Singapore and Thai petrochemical giant PTTGC to develop new 3D printing materials for the automotive industry
​NTU-NIE Everest Team Singapore share their expedition experience
​NTU's Institute on Asian Consumer Insight holds business roundtable
​NTU Singapore students and youth volunteers refurbish school in Yangon, Myanmar​
​​​​​​NTU is No. 11 in QS World University Rankings, highest-ranked in Singapore and Asia
​NTU and Fraunhofer launch research institute for digital technologies
NTU scientists unveils flexible perovskite solar cells
​​NTU partners Danish consortium to develop green technologies​
​NTU-NIE​ Everest team achieves target as Yusrina summits world's highest mountain
​NTU mourns the late Professor Lee Sing Kong​
​Top NTU engineering programme ties up with Canada’s University of British Columbia as its fourth overseas partner
​NTU partners ST Aerospace and Germany’s Evonik to develop new 3D printing technologies
​​​NTU study shows probiotics and the right diet could reduce gut inflammation
Mr ​​​​Zainul Abidin Rasheed appointed to NTU’s Board of Trustees
New NTU research centre to focus on big data analytics and artificial intelligence​
​What stops your vision from going on the blink
​​NTU opens The Wave, a mega sports hall built using sustainable technologies​
​NTU scientist predicts that the world will face a data storage crunch in 181 years
​NTU hosts international conference to discuss integration of 3D printing in Singapore's aerospace industry
​​Students showcase award-winning inventions to assist the elderly and disabled
​Stay adaptable to stay ahead, labour chief Chan Chun Sing urged students at NTU Students’ Union Ministerial Forum​
NTU ​ranked third in Times Higher Education's top young universities list​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​NTU Singapore deepens collaboration with French partners to create better energy solutions
​NTU trio aim to summit Everest​
NTU students design learning materials for visually-impaired children
​New technologies in the air by NTU Singapore and Swedish partner Camfil to improve indoor air quality
​NTU and Schaeffler set up joint research lab for personal mobility devices
​NTU and ELID develops robot to clean and paint high-rise buildings
​NTU is among Asia's top 4 universities​​​​
​NTU adds Russian and Singapore Sign Language to its unique language offerings 
​NTU's new Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Art and Media programmes to equip students to meet industry demands of tomorrow
​​NTU Singapore and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences strengthen research collaboration
NTU Food Science and Technology programme to award prestigious Nanyang Scholarships
​NTU Singapore and Japan’s RIKEN collaborate in human biology research to develop innovative healthcare solutions 
​NTU and Peking University to introduce double Masters degree in finance
NTU is among the world’s top 4 universities to study Engineering and Technology​​​​​​​​​
​​NTU unveils world-class facilities for medical students
​NTU​, Singapore Heart Foundation partner to use robots to raise students' health awareness
​NTU Provost talks about an education for the challenges of tomorrow
Higher salaries for NTU fresh graduates in 2016​
​​​NTU invents ultrafast camera for self-driving vehicles and drones
​NTU among local universities to launch "Singapore: Imagining the Next 50 Years"
​NTU partners Mitre for smart nation technologies
​NTU professors says preserving marine environments is important as toxins can be turned into drugs
​New career programme spurs NTU students to achieve peak leadership
​NTU study: Feeling deprived makes you want to eat more
​NTU and Ben-Gurion University to jointly develop technologies for countering advanced cyber threats​
NTU's new Humanities and Social Sciences schools can help Singapore's Smart Nation quest
NTU's Nanyang MBA programme climbs to No. 24 in Financial Times' global ranking 
​NTU Nanyang Business School's profile tests help A level holders get vital head start in planning for future
​Official launch of National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC)
​NTU and NXP Semiconductors launch smart mobility consortium
​NTU launches 7th satellite into space
​​NTU and German scientists turn memory chips into processors to speed up computing tasks
​NTU researchers to develop air traffic management for drones
​Two NTU satellites pass first year with flying colours
NTU Vice-President Professor Lee Sing Kong outlines key factors behind Singapore's successful education system
​NTU launches new autonomous electric shuttle
​NTU push materials science frontiers
Earth Observatory of Singapore at NTU plans research group to study regional geological risks​
​NTU scientists build new ultrasound device using 3D printing technology
NTU launches new research lab to develop greener maritime energy solutions
​NTU develops 'Smart crane' for precast building
​NTU deepens ties with two Japanese partners during official state visit
​NTU​ and Stratasys 3D print operational drone with embedded electronics using aerospace-grade material​
Toddlers may know when you are not telling the truth, say Singapore and US experts 
​NTU took part in the 12th QS-Asia-Pacific Professional Leaders in Education Conference and Exhibition (APPLE)
​NTU new foam to keep cars and buildings cooler and quieter
​NTU and three institutions adopt ​​​unified set of standards for research publications
​NTU wel​comes Nobel Laureate and microbiologist Barry Marshall as visiting professor
​New NTU Food T​echnology Centre aims to enhance food security​
​NTU Singapore Centre for 3D Printing's expertise can help SMEs
​NTU scientists first from Singapore to receive prestigious international water research prize 
​NTU to expand the study ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​of humanities and social sciences​ with two new schools
​​NTU’s robot to spray paint JTC’s industrial developments
​NTU to build an offshore integrated system of renewable energy sources
​NTU and Academy of Chinese Medicine Singapore organised conference on modernisation of Chinese Medicine
​​NTU-LTA partnership to trial autonomous buses
Talk by Lenovo founder and ​Lien Distinguished Fellow Liu Chuanzhi
​NTU President Professor Bertil Andersson awarded the President’s Science and Technology Medal
​​NTU’s new condo-like residential halls
​NTU honours outstanding alumni for stellar achievements and contributions to society
​NTU and National Heart Centre co-develop 3D model of heart to aid surgery
​NTU scientists discover that natural birth could be key to infant health
​NTU and Duke-NUS scientists discover that choline may treat Rett syndrome
​NTU and Tokyo Institute of Technology sign supplemental MOU
​NTU scientists develop new test kit for rapid detection of inflammation​
​The Geneva Association and NTU collaborate in cyber risk insurance research ​
​NTU partners NHG to deliver better healthcare and fight infectious diseases​
​NTU No. 1 in QS Top 50 Under 50 Rankings for third year running
​NTU’s new inspection robot to be tested in JTC’s industrial developments
​NTU holds China Convocation in the historic city of Xian
​NTU Chinese Heritage Centre announces new Nanyang Heritage Fund and plans to grow research in heritage-related studies​
​NTU documentary on earthquakes bags multiple international awards
​NTU scientist develop DNA-altering technology to tackle diseases
The TCM physician and NTU graduate who founded a robotics company
​NTU retains top-tier position in QS World University Rankings
​More top students choose NTU
​NTU showcases promising innovations and start-ups
​NTU scientists invent bendable concrete for road pavements
​NTU's 1st medical batch leaves its mark with large scale art installation
​NTU to open three new Alumni Houses​​​​​​​​
NTU increases its intake of medical students
​NTU launches CETRAN, centre for the testing and research of autonomous vehicles
​NTU marks its 25th anniversary with the Class of 2016 ​
NTU student-athletes contribute to Singapore's strong ASEAN University Games performance
Robotic therapist that treats sports injury developed by NTU-incubated company
​NEA and NTU to develop waste-to-energy research facility
​NTU invents energy-saving nanofiltration membranes
​NTU EOS leads expedition to study 2012 Great Earthquake
​NTU upcycles fallen trees into beautiful works of art and furniture
​​​​​NTU jumps to No. 2 in latest Asian university ranking by Times Higher Education, up 8 places from last year​
​NTU and Delta Electronics set up joint corporate laboratory for cyber-physical systems
​NTU and Delta set up Corporate Laboratory for smart technologies
​NTU students develop cheap, portable lab tools from everyday items
​​​Launch of new S$30 million national centre to speed up commercialisation of separation and filtration technologies
​Water treatment technology from NTU spin-off proves to be a cost-saver
​NTU wins Green Mark Platinum STAR Champion award
​NTU study shows adults' negative reactions to situations affect children adversely​
​NTU ​offers new training programme for private bankers
​NTU, SMRT launch joint research laboratory to boost rail reliability
NTU's Business and Community Partners Programme raise more than S$360,000 for financially disadvantaged students
​NTU launches research centre for 3D printing
​NTU launches​ project to enhance cyber security
​NTU engineering students build innovative prototypes to improve our daily lives
​NTU partners Wageningen University in Joint PhD Programme in Food Science and Technology
​​NTU launches two big initiatives to support the silver generation
​NTU's new sports hall roof doesn't need pillars​
​NTU launches new College of Professional and Continuing Education ​​​​​​​​​​​​
​NTU hosts Singapore Sustainability Symposium
​NTU leads new alliance to help Asia cope better with natural disasters
​NTU scientists turns soya bean waste into valuable nutrients for yeast
​NTU hosts roundtable with social entrepreneur
​NTU ranked 32nd among universities in 2016 Nature Index for high-quality research
​Artifical intelligence and machine learning
​IVAS and NTU launch business valuation programme​
​NTU scientists develop new bubble technology to treat tumours
NTU steps up partnerships with South Korea
​NTU works with Johns Hopkins to advance science of learning research
​Sequencing 100,000 Asian genomes for tailor-made healthcare
​NTU Earth Observatory of Singapore offers breakthrough in earthquake forecast
​NTU emerges second in Times Higher Education’s young universities ranking​​​​​
​NTU scientists improve effectiveness of antibiotics
​​NTU Singapore partners People’s Bank of China in joint Renminbi centre
​Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam highlighted ​Singapore's future challenges at NTU Students’ Union Ministerial Forum
​19 NTU subjects ranked in the world's top 50
​NTU expands University Scholars Programme to give students more overseas exposure
​NTU expands its Renaissance Engineering Programme
​​NTU bags six awards at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016
​NTU launches new degree programmes in humanities, arts and social sciences to prepare students for a new world of connectivity
​NTU study found that viruses may be keeping coral reefs healthy
Fresh NTU graduates in 2015 saw higher employment and salaries
​NTU scientists develop tiny radar camera chip
​​​NTU and Finmeccanica partner on helicopter production and technology
​NTU’s smart chip makes low-powered wireless neural implants a possibility
NTU launches nine new undergraduate degree programmes to cater to demand in emerging industries
​NTU satellites complete first missions in space
NTU Singapore and BAE Systems to jointly develop next-generation cybersecurity solutions
​NTU and National Geographic present​​​ explorers Laurel Chor and Brian Skerry
​NTU honours world’s first Muslim Nobel Laureate, Dr Mohammad Abdus Salam​
​NTU's Nanyang Business School ranks among the world’s best​​
​NTU launch Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation​​​​
​8th International Science Youth Forum
NTU and Hyundai launches joint research centre on urban systems
​Two NTU scientists among world’s top 19 researchers
NTU builds Singapore’s first “Lego style” high rise residences
​NTU scientists unveil social robots
​NTU leads charge in developing renewable energy sources
​NTU launches its fifth and sixth satellite into space
​NTU technology to save energy for companies
​NTU and Peking University to set up Joint Research Institute
NTU and Peking University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
​Chinese Heritage Centre at NTU celebrates 20th Birthday
​NTU invents new smart chip to tell how healthy is your battery
​NTU tops QS young universities rankings for second year running
NTU partners LTA to set up transport research centre​
​NTU leads inaugural national conference on technology in learning
​​​​NTU and AIA establish EDGE LAB to develop innovative healthcare and insurance solutions
​NTU team uses dead bacteria to kill colorectal cancer cells
​NTU pays tribute to former President, Dr Wee Kim Wee, on his 100th birthday
​NTU sets up Sino-Singapore International Joint Research Institute
​Nobel Prize Series brings great minds to Singapore to advance future learning
​Project seeks to develop more effective marine coatings
​NTU launches region’s first maritime energy test bed
NTU sets up China headquarters in Shanghai
​NTU continues to attract more top students​
​​NTU partners two Austrian institutions in medical research
​NTU bringing world's brightest minds to Singapore for inaugural Nobel Prize Series
NTU scientists study tsunami risk in Taiwan
​NTU Nanyang Business School's EMBA rated highly by Financial Times, while MBA programme improves in Economist rankings
NTU flips classrooms with The Hive​
NTU honours pioneer educators and outstanding alumni
​NTU hacks the haze with Google
​NTU researchers warn that widely-used internet security algorithm could succumb to attack
​Singapore celebrates life of Sydney Brenner with symposium and exhibition
NTU hosts international modern art exhibition inspired by centuries of Islamic heritage
​NTU and NHG to research disease risk factors unique to Asians
​NTU study shows urbanisation to be behind rise in dengue cases
​NTU president receives honorary doctorate from Tianjin University
​NTU rises to 55th worldwide and 6th in Asia in Times Higher Education World University Rankings
​NTU launches life sciences cluster and phenome research centre to address healthcare challenges
​NTU scientists find electrifying solution to sticky problem​
​NTU scientists develop rapid test kit for liver toxicity
​NTU leads new innovation cluster for 3D printing
NTU launches the LUX Photonics Consortium to boost local industry
Double celebration for NTU as its Class of 1985 marks 30 years, and is ranked 6th globally in Engineering
​NTU breaks into the world’s Top 15 universities
NTU holds China Convocation at Qingdao
​NTU students held NTU Fest mega fiesta to celebrate SG50 and welcome new academic year
​NTU scientists find electrifying solution to sticky problem
​NTU launches new master’s degree to meet demand for translation professionals
NTU launches two world-class simulators for air traffic management research
​NTU continues to attract more top students for medical school
​NTU holds exhibition to showcase humanitarian efforts in Singapore’s medical field
​​​SG2065: The will to seize the future
​Jubilee Weekend
​Three writers join NTU programme
​NTU’s research in ageing
​NTU hosts leading economic minds to contribute ideas for global growth
NTU launches new PhD programme in medicine
​Fit And Fab: From zero fighter to body building champ
NTU economist produced new book that gives a preview of Singapore in 2065
​​NTU students build hall in Laos village
​NTU's new ultra Hi-Fi chip may be music to audiophiles' ears
​New genes uncovered by NTU scientist could help to ressurrect the extinct woolly mammoth in future
​Confucius Institute at NTU celebrates 10th anniversary with new plans to further promote Chinese language and culture in Singapore 
​NTU Convocation 2015
​NTU partners CGH in new rehab centre CHART
​NTU scientists design nanoflowers that promise fast charging and longer battery life
NTU listed as one of the world's most prolific institutions in semiconductor research by Thomson Reuters
Budding ITE student entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality with NTU’s entrepreneurship programme, #startable
​Dal Shabet and MediaCorp stars to perform at NTU Fest 2015
​NTU scientists discover potential treatment for Parkinson’s
​NTU communication team recognised as Asia’s best​
​NTU's Earth Observatory of Singapore receives $2m to set up new scholarship fund
​NTU partners Kyutech to launch new satellite
​​​​​Ten NTU and NUS postgraduates get prizes totalling US$100,000 for ground-breaking sustainability research​
​NTU partners science centre Singapore to find out how babies think
​NTU organised Asia Pacific’s top intervarsity Chinese debate, attracting record number of participants
​​NTU don’s ‘earth-shaking’ research; He triggers ‘earthquakes’ everyday
​Developing climate models for S-E Asia​
NTU and BMW Group injects $1.3 million into electromobility research
​NTU cars making the streets of Singapore green
​NTU students took part in Ocean Sampling Day
​In the world's top 40: NTU ranked No 1 in Singapore by Nature quality research
​Female PhD student researches on macaques
​NTU scientists discoveries on squid's beak may hold key to knee, hip implants
NTU scientists are developing hydrogel to combat infant pneumonia
​Beautiful Science - Mantis Shrimp Club
​NTU Professor George Chandy: Blood, sweat and toil all part of the job
Buildings retrofitted using NTU’s expertise intact after Nepal earthquake
​NTU scientists use yeast to take waste out of waste oil​
​NTU moved into the top 10 in Times Higher Education's Asian university ranking
​NTU Earth Observatory of Singapore sheds new light on Sabah earthquake
​NTU made its best showing at fourth place in QS Asia university rankings
​NTU's new S$30m Silicon Centre of Excellence eyes new uses for silicon
​NTU student team top in global Shell innovation competition
​​NTU puts green tech to the test on campus​
​NTU co-organises European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) Gold Medallist Symposium 2015
​NTU scientists lead international expedition to assess tsunami risk
​​Scientists discover tiny microbes with potential to cleanse Singapore’s waterways
​NTU engineering students showcase inventions that solve real-world problems
​NTU Fest will return in August with a record-breaking giant logo comprising 10,000 photos
​NTU hosted global ICT conference highlighting innovations that advance open development
​NTU campus, a living lab for sustainability, gets greener
​NTU launched International Trading Programme with IE Singapore and private sector
​ADM Show features the creative talents NTU's graduating art, design and media students
​NTU organises symposium on food safety
​Former NTU President Su Guaning awarded honorary doctorate by alma mater
​​NTU keeps 5th spot in global ranking​
​ST Engineering and NTU launch laboratory for advanced robotics and autonomous systems
​NTU moves up in 18 subject rankings, with three subjects in the global top 10 for two consecutive years
​NTU partners world-renowned Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to develop energy efficiency solutions for the tropics
​More strong earthquakes likely in Nepal, says NTU experts
​NTU and TUM launches EVA, world’s first electric taxi
​Singapore injects an additional S$5 million in spintronics research
​NTU engineering students to train with real satellites in space​
​Man-made crystals - the next wonder material?
​NTU Econs Asst Prof recounts his journey of overcoming difficulties
​NTU and NXP launch $22 million Smart Mobility Test Bed
One of Asia’s best CEOs shares insights on the “new normal” of China’s economy
​NTU revamps its CN Yang Scholars Programme to include more overseas exposure
​​​NTU scientists discover new treatment for dementia
​NTU welcomed two new Board members
​NTU scientists find new treatment options for colon cancer
​NTU named world’s fastest rising young university
​NTU held Memorial Service in honour of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding Prime Minister
​NTU develops mobile app to help the university reduce its energy usage
​The unconventional NTU professor
​NTU students organise Singapore World Water Day at Jurong Lake
​​NTU and UC Berkeley develop remote-controlled cyborg beetle
​Young NTU spin-off clinches S$4.3 million joint venture with Chinese commercial giant
​​NTU Singapore ties up with the Smithsonian Institution for research in tropical ecology
​NTU team is champion in university category of NTU Bridge Design Competition
​New NTU learning hub to spur learning and innovation
​NTU-developed games to improve health
​'Hedgehog' genes prick NTU scientist's mind
​NTU researchers plan to map DNA of endangered pangolins in Singapore
​​NTU grabs top spots at Shell Eco-marathon Asia
​Higher starting salaries for NTU graduates in 2014
​NTU Chinese Heritage Centre opens exhibition of rare Chinese New Year cards
​NTU’s premier engineering programme to adopt new pedagogy
​NTU gathers international experts to hunt for ‘ghost particles’
NTU contemporary dance club Contemp{minated} to propel ideas to the next stage
​NTU introduces new undergraduate courses to widen students' career options
World’s first compact rotary 3D printer-scanner unveiled at AAAS by NTU start-up​
​NTU partners Europe’s largest satellite manufacturer THALES
​NTU to set up $30 million institute to boost Singapore’s efforts in tackling health issues
​​NTU develops antibody to speed up patients’ recovery from pneumonia and influenza
​Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean urged youths to emulate spirit of pioneers at NTU Students' Union Ministerial Forum
​NTU unveils Singapore’s first 3D-printed car
​​Opening of the Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre​​​
4,300 jobs on offer at NTU Career Fair
​Nobel Laureates to select revolutionary & creative student research projects​
​NTU's MBA students scored first Asian victory at world's largest business case competition
​​Foundation stone laid at two new NTU buildings designed for its joint medical school with Imperial College London​
​Growing interest in career in alternative investments
​NTU develops social robots for children
​NTU scientist find new way to turn sunlight to energy
​NTU scientist and his work on malaria research
​NTU partners French giant Alstom to develop state-of-the-art microgrid power management solution​​​​​​​
​NTU invents self-powered, self-tinting window
​NTU launches book on the history of LKCMedicine headquarters building
NTU discovers reason for malaria’s drug resistance
​NTU wins Grand Prix Excellence Award for communication excellence
​NTU partners MIT and Cambridge university to attract students into engineering
​NTU leads global research to uncover one of mankind’s most ancient lineages
​NTU hosts Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Conference
Protection for marine life in urban waters through SCELSE's participation in the World Harbour Project
​NTU students report on Swedish culture
​The Future of Singapore: 3D Printing
​NTU to build two more satellites ​
​​NTU journalism students report on Swedish parenting​​
​New NTU biomarker for bioimaging and drug delivery​
​NTU scientist discovers gut microbes influence the blood-brain barrier
​NTU develops low-cost technology to print flexible electronic circuits
​NTU debuted at 42nd place in new Nature Index for high quality research
​​NTU's online courses​​​​
​Inaugural symposium to attract more young women to science and engineering
​NTU professors honoured at President’s Science and Technology Awards 2014
Professor Ang Peng Hwa from NTU elected President of International Communication Association​
​NTU launches $100 million photonics institute​
​​​NTU to build region’s first renewable energy integration demonstration micro-grid​
​​Xiamen tops in NTU study of public service across 36 Mainland China cities​
​NTU and Bristol University to jointly develop healthcare and ageing innovations
​​NTU and UNESCO to create mini-lab kits for youths in developing countries​
NTU scientists find rare enzyme in local common plant
​Nanyang Business School achieved 8th place in Financial Times Global EMBA Ranking
​31 outstanding NTU alumni honoured at Homecoming
​Nanyang Business School's MBA programme ranked top in Singapore for 11th year by The Economist
​NTU develops ultra-fast charging batteries that last 20 years​​​​​​​​
​NTU wins three awards in Ireland’s Undergraduate Awards 2014​
ITTF and NTU sets up new joint lab
​NTU leaps 15 places in Times Higher Education World University Rankings
NTU and German scientists invent award winning 2-in-1 motor for electric cars​​​​​​​​
​NTU now ranked the world’s best young university ​​​​​
​NTU starts international consortium to develop new materials for sporting goods
NTU scientist develops new gel which can kill bacteria
Record rise in top students joining NTU this year
​NTU achieved highest ever standing at 39th place in QS world rankings
​NTU held its annual China Convocation in Beijing​ for the first time
​NTU start-up Nano Sun develops innovative multifunction membranes
​NTU scientists to build network of citizen oceanographers
​SingAREN launches region’s first 100Gbps community network in Singapore
​New NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies will give Asian companies an edge in Africa
NTU hosts science camp led by Nobel Laureates for international high school students
​NTU students successfully staged NTU Fest extravaganza at the Padang
​​NTU rose in Shanghai rankings​
​NTU medical school takes in more students
​NTU wins international award for corporate communications
Feature on Mr Koh Boon Hwee, Chairman of NTU’s Board of Trustees 
​NTU kicks off new academic year with the opening of two new residential halls​​
NTU start-up launches Singapore’s first 3D printer cum scanner
​NTU graduate launches Singapore’s first 3D bio-printer​​
​NTU award-winning bioengineer unlocks potential of protein cages
Top students now vie for engineering at NTU
​​​NTU Convocation 2014
​MediaCorp's hot young artistes joining K-Pop stars Kang Gary and Jung In at NTU Fest
​NTU We​lfare Services Club holds dragon boat race for people with special needs​
Five NTU students received World Future Foundation’s PhD Prize for outstanding environmental and sustainability research​​​​
​Five NTU professors listed in Thomson Reuters top scientific minds 2014​
​NTU introduces new doctoral scholarship in humanities, arts and social sciences
​New Dean of NTU's joint medical school with Imperial College London
​K-Pop stars performing at NTU students’ fundraiser party at the Padang this August
​NTU launches Singapore's first nano-satellite
​Launch of MediaTek Professorship in IC Design
​NTU students showcase creations for everyday solutions
NTU scientist in top 15 list of the world’s top scientific minds 2014
NTU and TTSH prepares nation for next infectious disease outbreak with new joint course
NTU study shows puzzle games improve mental flexibility
NTU hosts Singapore’s first premier international conference on physics research and education
NTU develops new wastewater treatment method which cut sludge production and increase biogas production
NTU researchers develops multi-material 3D printing technique suitable for production of aircraft parts
NTU team part of Ocean Sampling Day
NTU retained its 11th spot in Times Higher Education's ranking of Asian universities
NTU hosts international conference on latest advances in solar technology
Billionaire-businessman Peter Lim gave NTU $3 million for RSIS' new professorship in peace studies
NTU kickstarted satellite dream with launch at former Soviet Union facilities 15 years ago
NTU top in Asia for research impact
Meet the NTU student who was one of NBA Basketball Without Borders' Top 24 players
New glaucoma treatment by NTU and SERI replaces the hassle of applying eyedrops daily
NTU launched $30 million 3D printing research centre
NTU students showcase creations for everyday solutions
Nanyang MBA among the world's top value for money, said The Economist
NTU's new $30 million initiative will advance tertiary learning
​​NTU hits new high at No. 7 in QS ranking of Asian universities
NTU and Temasek Foundation launch inaugural training programme for senior Cambodian administrators
NTU's medical school headquarters restored to Palladian splendour
NTU jumps three places to 5th position in Times Higher's ranking of best young universities
​​​​NTU to cut its energy and water consumption by 35% by 2020
NTU wins prestigious Green Mark Champion Award for sustainability
NTU team discovers more of the mantis shrimp’s ‘armed’ power
NTU's X-SAT completes its three-year mission
NTU, dental centre in three-year research tie-up
Founding President Cham Tao Soon launches new book on NTU's founding years
NTU scientists targets the achilles heel of cancer cells
NTU breaks into Nature Publishing Index’s Global Top 100
NTU scientists discover material that can be solar cell by day, light panel by night
Reinventing the engineer
Governing council set up for NTU's ATM research institute
NTU partners UK chemicals firm Johnson Matthey in materials research
NTU’s admission offer letters go digital
Three subjects at NTU rank among the world's top ten
NTU professor and brain scientist hopes to boost dieters’ efforts with a computer game
New NTU-Northwestern Institute for Nanomedicine
New NIE director appointed
NTU sweeps most awards at eco race with wooden car
NTU launches four unique degree programmes
Over 27,000 sign up for NTU’s free online courses
Singapore aims for the stars with local satellites
NTU-built drones to fly at Singapore Airshow 2014
New Academy to promote teaching excellence at NTU
NTU retains 2nd place in the QS Top 50 ranking of the world's young universities
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at NTU Students' Union Ministerial Forum
Chinese Heritage Centre receives over S$40,000 to translate Huang Yao’s The History of the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore
NTU and SMART scientists develop humanised mouse model for malaria research
NTU hosts Eurasia Business and Economics Society conference
Launch of NTU Future Studios Research Lab
NTU CCA holds Paradise Lost, its first international exhibition
NTU introduces new second major in food science and technology for undergraduates
NTU celebrates 10 years of defence science research at Temasek Labs @ NTU
NTU prof wins top prize in engineering
NTU hosts Singapore Sustainability Symposium
NTU holds Singapore’s first Heritage Science Conference
Fighting crime in the digital age - NTU's vein pattern identification system
NTU scientist starts magazine focusing on Asian research
NTU wins two UNESCO awards
NTU partners Agilent to expand water research
NTU organises Singapore’s first 3D printing festival
NTU hosts world experts in Bone and Tissue Engineering at Bone-Tec 2013
NTU scientists makes key discovery towards malaria vaccine
NTU and SBF sign MOU on NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies
NTU sets up Centre of Excellence for Environmental Management in Laos
NTU won 5 communication awards in 2 weeks
Singapore's second satellite built by NTU now in space
NTU-TUM launch electric taxi at Tokyo Motor Show
NTU launches S$30m Margaret Lien Centre for Professional Success
2013 Lien Conference on Public Administration held at NTU
NTU’s invisibility cloak hide big objects
NTU and Sembcorp Marine launch Sembcorp Marine Lab @NTU, a new and green research facility at NTU
NTU launches three new research centres in interactive digital media
Singapore’s first tidal turbine system developed by NTU now operational
NTU sets up Southeast Asia’s first nanomedicine research institute
BBC Click! features NTU inventions which will make an impact to the real world
NTU launches new CryoEM Lab
NTU to set up South East Asia's first Maritime Energy Test Bed
NTU’s new medical school building named in honour of philanthropist Toh Kian Chui
Official opening of NTU’s Centre for Contemporary Art
NTU scientists make breakthrough solar technology
NTU's Nanyang EMBA debuts at No. 13 in Financial Times' global ranking
International curator and MIT Associate Professor Ute Meta Bauer to lead NTU’s Centre for Contemporary Art
NTU honours outstanding alumni
NTU’s Nanyang Business School jumps 8 spots to best ever Economist MBA ranking by Singapore institution
NTU and Cornell University launch management programme for senior hospitality executives
NTU holds first career fair for growing engineering services sector
NTU scientists find way to bend ceramic
NTU hosts the World Cultural Council awards and inaugural World Academic Summit
NTU ranked No.1 globally for industry income and innovation and 76th in Times Higher university rankings
NTU key partner in new Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS)
NTU Provost Freddy Boey awarded President's Science and Technology Medal
NTU and global IP firm 360ip launch TechBridge Ventures to promote SME growth
NTU signs MOU with Sportmaster
SCELSE team wins US$1m prize in US Department of Defence challenge
NTU to offer free online courses through Coursera
NTU and A*Star scientists create new super biomaterials
New $30 million 3D printing research centre at NTU
 NTU climbs to No. 41 in QS world university rankings, rising 33 places for third straight year
More scholarships awarded by NTU this year
NTU Prof Daniela Rhodes, rock star of the science world
3-D printing of organs to be possible at NTU in near future
NTU students give Laos village gift of fresh water
NTU, SUTD set up joint 3-D printing lab
New study by ACI at NTU sheds light on Asian consumers' psychological make-up
More coverage on NTU trials Singapore’s first driverless electric shuttle
NTU's award-winning business professor reflects on teaching
NTU set to trial Singapore's first driverless vehicle
Prof Rudy Marcus 90th birthday conference
NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine holds inaugural white coat ceremony for its first batch of 54 students
Human activity in Thailand threatens tool use in macaques, NTU-led study found
NTU's Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre helped develop ITE students' start-up skills
NTU's official mascot Lyon the lion unveiled
NTU studies underwater turbine sites for Singapore's power needs
NTU's pioneer sports degree graduates off to a hot start
NTU students help develop new energy-saving technologies
NTU launched Ma Jan Memorial Fund in late professor's name
First batch of SAF officers graduate from NTU Master’s programmes
NTU Convocation 2013
NTU and Rolls-Royce in S$75 million tie-up
NTU scientists develop new breakthrough technique to determine if drugs have reached their target
NTU's Nanyang Business School launched MBA Business Advisory Council
Five NTU postgraduates win prestigious WFF PhD Prize for sustainability research
NTU provides executive training programme for Vietnamese officials
NTU invention transforms plain surfaces into low-cost touch screens
NTU student leaders organised Singapore's Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum  
NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine picks 54 from over 800 applicants
NTU President conferred honorary degree by Edinburgh University
New NBS Dean wants to create a brand for business graduates
NTU economist say 'putting a dollar value on haze' can help Singapore
NTU unveils new wooden wonder for Shell Eco-Marathon 2013
NTU rises to No. 8 in rankings of world's top young universities 
New Dean at Nanyang Business School
NTU celebrates Irish writer James Joyce's 'Ulysses', in conjunction with writing fest 
NTU researchers develop social media-based system to fight dengue
NTU scientist creates 'invisibility cloak' which hides cat and goldfish
NTU hosts Asia's first International Symposium on Bilingualism
NTU surges into Asia's top 10; No. 2 among the world's young universities
NTU hosts 3rd International Roundtable Forum on Global Talent
NTU study shows that playing games on your smartphone is 'a good move'
NTU scientists invent revolutionary camera sensor for clear shots in the dark
NTU President conferred honorary doctorate by Korea's Hanyang University
Graduating ADM students show off their creativity
NTU's medical school pioneers use of plastinated bodies for anatomy teaching in Singapore
Scientists from NTU and Lund University develop new tumour-killer
NTU student-built innovations to help improve and save lives
NTU NEWRI mentors poly students to develop S$11 water filter for poor communities in Vietnam
NTU start-up builds water treatment plant in Vietnam
NTU rose up the rankings in 13 subjects
NTU’s NEWRI to receive $132 million for next 3 years for water research institute
NTU study showed Singapore a great place for entrepreneurship
Over 800 people applied for NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Scientists give their take on whats next after the Higgs Boson discovery
Bright students flock to NTU's Renaissance Engineering Programme
BMW and NTU launch joint research facility for future mobility
NTU honorary doctorate conferred on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia
NTU and PKU seal landmark entrepreneurship agreement to groom future Bill Gates
NTU satellite, X-SAT, marks two years in space
NTU students discuss business opportunities and challenges in Myanmar
New novel by NTU's international writer-in-residence
NTU embarks on transformation in teaching
NTU’s new therapy device improves stroke recovery
NTU professors on the importance of fundamental science
NTU ranks high among Asia's top 100 universities
NTU and TUM Create develops new multi-purpose electric scooter
NTU launches Centre for Optical and Laser Engineering
NTU’s accounting research moves up to No. 5 in the world and remains No.1 in Asia
New NTU research institute for technology in health and medicine
NTU's medical school recruits simulated patients to train communication skills of students
 Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine gets new Anatomage Table for virtual dissection
NTU sparks an invention revolution
More than 9 in 10 NTU fresh graduates employed in 2012
NTU scientist develops a multi-purpose wonder material to tackle environmental challenges
NTU students do voluntary work by coaching students from low-income families
NBS info systems expert is The Economist's Business Professor of the Year
NTU's successful venture into student satellite projects
Upclose with Professor Dermot Kelleher, Dean of Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
NTU writer-in-residence to stage new work at The Arts House
Nobel Laureate Professor Murray Gell-Mann tells an interesting story of Quarks to the public
NTU moved up in global reputation rankings
New NTU undergraduate degree in Public Policy & Global Affairs
Toh Kian Chui Foundation makes S$20 million gift to Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
NTU encourages female students to study engineering
NTU soars to new heights in space exploration
NTU and Xenon Technologies to develop world's smallest Xenon flash for mobile phones
NTU and Lockheed Martin collaborates on nanotech research and launches joint lab
Provost Freddy Boey awarded fellowship from Imperial College London
NTU teams up with Israeli university in satellite and space research
NTU's Institute of Asian Consumer Insight spearheads research into Asian consumers
NTU academic up for The Economist's Business Professor of the Year Award
NTU President says research in Singapore is taking off like a rocket
NTU and CAAS sets up Singapore’s first air traffic management research institute with $72 million funding
NTU scientists discover laser cooling for semiconductors
NTU launches new centre to engineer eye-disease treatments
Nanyang MBA is ranked top 32nd in the world by Financial Times
NTU economist: Possible lessons for Singapore from South Korean SME experience
NTU partners Holland’s Wageningen University to ramp up research in food science and technology
New smart phone app links NTU students to jobs
Three former deans to impart their expertise in Nanyang MBA programme
NTU, the French and German embassies commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Elysée Treaty
Dinner to mark successful completion of three public administration training programmes
NTU's Centre for Contemporary Art goes public
NTU study showed shift in public attitudes towards homosexuals
Chinese police officers in Singapore for training
NTU's neuro-marketing guru disagrees that Singaporeans are joyless, as Gallup survey was flawed
NTU scientists discovers how the human cells dumps its toxins
NTU's ground-breaking study of Himalayas warns of more quakes
NTU grad receives $20,000 seed money to design watches
Singapore sees a rise in women scientists as more women study their doctorates in local universities like NTU
NTU team invents 'eyes and ears' for underwater vessels
Top researchers gather in Singapore to discuss breakthroughs in nanomedicine
Dr Muhd Ariff Ahmad Endowment Fund to be set up at NTU
NTU joins global education Wi-Fi network
  NTU’s President Emeritus Su Guaning wins award in Guangdong, China
NTU out to woo more women into engineering
Xiamen emerges top again in NTU study of citizen and business satisfaction
Multi-institutional study with NTU found Singaporeans live longer than counterparts in the tropics
NTC-SCCCI survey highlights SMEs' need for innovation to boost productivity
NTU won President's Philanthropy Award for fostering the spirit of philanthropy
Retired politicians on exchange visit to Myanmar
Nine of the worlds top scientists to 'meet up' with primary and secondary school students
NTU's Institute for Media Innovation hosts Singapore's first 3D Virtual Patient seminar
NTU professors honoured at President's Science and Technology Awards
NTU to co-host World Entrepreneurship Forum 2013
NTU commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Mr Tan Lark Sye's passing
NTU has partnered CAAS to make Singapore a centre of excellence for air traffic management
NTU hosted convention of East Asia's leading economists, first held in Singapore
An academic's tale: From dropout to millionaire
Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship recipients from Singapore and China to participate in immersion and exchange
Nanyang Business School's MBA still best in S'pore: The Economist
NTU has commenced its biggest campus transformation since 1991
NTU honours outstanding alumni in annual homecoming
NTU and NAC launched Creative Writing Programme to boost Chinese literature
ADM Gallery reopened with a celebration of regional contemporary art
Newsplex Asia at NTU set to shape newsrooms of the future
Young start-ups get a leg up from, organised by NTU's Nanyang Technopreneurship Center
NTU rocketed up Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings by 83 places
NTU hosts China Convocation in Nanjing
NTU students win top prize at summit on corporate social responsibility
Aspiring start-ups get head start at run by NTU's Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre
NTU professor invents a novel intelligent system which predicts traffic flow in Singapore
NTU to drive Singapore's new Centre for Contemporary Art
NTU and Warwick launch joint-neuroscience research programme to study the human brain
More top A-level students choosing to study at NTU
NTU made spectacular rise to 47th place in prestigious global rankings
NTU and Toshiba tests out ‘cool’ idea to cut one-third of data centers’ energy bills
NTU Student Union Ministerial Forum
NTU graduates drives down average age of local Chinese physicians
NTU professor shares advice for budding entrepreneurs
Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal winner Muhammad Kamal Jauhari Zaini does Malay community proud
NTU's Extractor X mentioned at Prime Minister's National Day Rally speech
NTU confers Emeritus Professor title on Professor Lim Chong Yah
NTU scientist wins global award for innovators
NTU hosts its first International Symposium on Theory and Evidence in Acupuncture
NTU's Nanyang Business School revamps Master of Business Administration curriculum
NTU writer-in-residence has unwavering passion for poetry
NTU signs international charter agreement to join sustainable campus network
NTU's first class honours student acknowledged in Minister's Hari Raya message
NTU to build two more residential halls by 2014
NTU scientist invents multi-screen social cloud TV which can 'pull' shows from TV to your phone with just a flick
NTU Deputy President and Provost, Professor Freddy Boey, in the St Regis Perspectives
Director of NTU’s Alumni Affairs Office, Mr Soon Min Yam, wins two National Day Awards
NTU Deputy President and Provost, Professor Freddy Boey’s National Day essay
NTU's communication students won Crowbar Awards advertising competition
Book by NTU alumni expounds the value of engineering education
'High flier' at unmanned airplane contest
NTU's pioneer batch from linguistics and multilingual studies graduates
TV personalities graduate from NTU
NTU's fresh graduates overcome life's hurdles to find success
NTU's Convocation 2012 brought back memories for graduating students
NTU and NUS host Prof Chad Mirkin, renowned nanoscience expert and Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitor
NTU and Singapore Eye Research Institute develop new gel to combat glaucoma post-operation scars
NTU scientist Prof Stephan Schuster's research suggests polar and brown bears had mated due to ancient global warming
SCELSE and Carl Zeiss launch new $6.5 million advanced Biofilm Imaging Facility in NTU
Five NTU students receive prestigious World Future Foundation PhD Awards
NTU partners Meinhardt to nurture future leaders for water management in Asia and Middle East
NTU's medical school offers rare peek into work of surgeons
NTU’s new loo turns poo into power
Insurance Risk and Finance Research Centre at NBS supports industry's research efforts
NTU launches new Interdisciplinary Graduate School
NTU graduate Adamson Alagan hired as Wunderman's Chief-of-Staff after traineeship of six months
Class of 1970-1980 walk down memory lane in reunion at NTU
NTU showcases two futuristic cars at Shell Eco-Marathon Asia send-off ceremony at Sentosa
NTU alumnus Marcus Cheng makes it big with his IT company reaping $22 million annually
NTU startup's three-in-one Memshield system promises to lower monitoring costs for water treatment plants
NTU scientist's research into Mantis shrimp's claws inspires stronger body armor and implants
Thanks to NTU, there are more young new faces in Traditional Chinese Medicine
NTU campus a popular place to get married among alumni, with 139 solemnisation ceremonies since 2006
World famous gene hunter, Prof Stephan Schuster, is now at NTU and his passion is saving endangered species
NTU partners industry in new Advanced Remanufacturing & Technology Centre
NTU ranked high among top 100 of world's major young universities
ACI marketing guru launches new book, ‘Happy Customers Everywhere’
NTU is among a new generation of elite young universities
NTU and Imperial College unveils new dual campus for Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
NTU ranked 4th in the world for young universities below age 50
NTU and I²R scientists invent revolutionary chipset for high-speed wireless data transfer
From quirky to practical, NTU students create 77 innovations to solve everyday problems
NTU helps to clean lake in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Kandy, Sri Lanka 
NTU studies possibility of starting a new school in environmental sciences
ADM animation students pursue their passion
China-ready and China-savvy business leaders of the future graduate 
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information launches Eddie Kuo scholarship to mark 20th anniversary
WKWSCI student shares passion for aviation
NTU professor develops a better-than-antibiotics nanopore coating which kills superbugs
Global and Asian experts converge at NTU in showcase of animation and virtual breakthroughs
NTC and SCCCI to jointly study enterprise innovation
New book by Class of 85 to inspire young people to pursue engineering
NTU partners Australian energy firm Dyesol to expend research on Dye Solar Cells
Graduating students' work on display at ADM Show 2012
Chua Thian Poh Public Lecture at NTU: Stanford don calls on SMEs to go overseas
Eateries serve up delicacies at NTU
NTU receives actuarial science accreditation, a first for a Singapore university
NTU actuarial science first in Singapore to be accredited by the Profession
NTU hosts Molecular Frontiers symposium targeted at Singapore's youths
X-Sat celebrates one year in space
NTU’s WKWSCI students get their stories published in a Straits Times 5-page special report on green buildings
Chua Thian Poh Public Lecture at NTU: Stanford don urges companies to go international
NTU and Vienna ramp up collaboration
NTU to build the newsroom of the future
I-Slate: The Alternative Tablet from NTU and Rice University
NTU alumni publish book to encourage students to go for engineering
New book by NTU alumni aims to spur youths to pursue engineering 
NTU launches the Mayors’ Programme for high-level Chinese officials
Living in hardship overseas: NTU’s Deputy President and Provost, Professor Freddy Boey, treasures Singapore’s multi-racial society
NTU tops accounting research in Asia, seventh worldwide
NTU professor invents a software to tell if you are too tired to drive
NTU teams bag top prizes in international UAV design competition
NTU honours the late calligraphy artist Pan Shou through a conference and exhibition
Institute on Asian Consumer Insight at NTU to help businesses grow with Asian consumers
Two NTU teams emerge tops at global aircraft design competition
NTU and WAN-IFRA to establish training centre for 21st century newsrooms
NTU and WAN-IFRA set up training centre for newsrooms of the future
I-slate tablet, developed by NTU and Rice University, adopted in India
NTU experts explain how to be happier at NTU-held Symposium
Four NTU researchers named in the elite list of researchers under 35 years of age
NTU's first Lines of Flight Literary Festival takes off
NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine announces admission requirements
NTU Chinese Medicine alumni association holds inaugural symposium to discuss the future of TCM in Singapore
NTU computer science student makes online world safer
Inaugural NTU-IIC Singapore Financial Conference imparts vital investment ideas 
NTU EEE first class honours graduate and Mendaki Award winner attributes success to self-confidence
NTU Muslim Society reaches out to needy villagers in China
NTU faculty and students honoured at Nanyang Awards
NTU’s Earth Observatory of Singapore receives S$5 million endowment from the AXA Research Fund
NTU to establish Singapore as Asian hub in complexity science research
NTU communication students spread message of responsible drinking
Bright, young, fresh NTU graduates working for SMEs
NTU student peer counsellors benefit from 'Youth Support Youth' training programme
NTU mechanical engineering honours grad and Mendaki Award winner driven by personal goals
Taking risks pays off for entrepreneurial NTU graduate
NTU researchers build crab-like robot to remove stomach cancer
NTU Career Fair 2012 sees record number of 221 employers
NTU psychology honours graduate and Mendaki Award winner urges students to manage time wisely
Adversities in NTU business grad's childhood made him more driven
Nanyang Business School's MBA among world's top 35 for fourth straight year
NTU launches University Scholars Programme
NTU sets up winter school with CERN to bring latest advances and discoveries in science to Asia and Singapore
NTU has three discoveries out of the top ten 2010 discoveries featured by The Straits Times
NTU journalism students reveal life in North Korea
NTU students pen thoughts of visit to North Korea
NTU students peek inside Kim Jong Il's North Korea
NTU trains Vietnamese government officials
NTU organises Singapore's first international competition to design innovative 'green microchips'
Marketing guru to drive newly created Institute on Asian Consumer Insight at NTU
RSIS Distinguished Senior Fellow S. R. Nathan urges strong strategic foresight
Mr S. R. Nathan conferred NTU honorary doctorate
NTU-invited Imperial College expert talks about paediatric HIV infections and World Aids Day
NTU scientists probe potential link between cancer and common chemical found in consumer products 
NTU wins Business China Enterprise Award
2011 Lien Service-Oriented Government Index
New med school going big on simulation
NTU partners SIMTech, launching three joint labs to study ways to 'remanufacture'
NTU researchers develop smart LED system to light up offices and cut power bill
Virtual communication technologies make it as good as BeingThere
New BeingThere Centre at NTU shows the possibilities in next-gen 3-D communication
NTU researchers develop energy efficient lighting which saves up to 45 percent energy
Three start-ups win $100,000 in NTC's Ideas.Inc Business Challenge
NTU poised to turn its new media inventions into big business
 THE ST INTERVIEW with NTU’s Deputy President and Provost, Prof Freddy Boey; Great teachers, researchers, campus life...
NTU smart grid lighting test-bed sees up to 45 per cent energy savings
 TABLE TALK with Dean of NTU’s College of Science, Prof Ling San; Pushing the frontier of knowledge
NTU’s Nanyang Venture 5 solar car did well in world solar race
NTU’s satellite wins Defence Technology Prize by Mindef
NTU's solar car completes three thousand kilometres race in Australia in six days
NTU don goes Third World
NASH, Singapore’s Smartest Robot built by NTU
Nanyang Alumni Awards honour NTU’s finest graduates in triumphant homecoming
Nanyang Business School's MBA Programme ranked top in Singapore for 8th year running
NTU develops cheaper and more efficient thin-film silicon solar cell
Institute for Media Innovation showcases cutting-edge interactive digital media technologies
NASH, NTU's human-sized robot, is the latest in the evolution of smart robots
NTU set to harness powers of nature to generate renewable energy
NTU's newest solar Car, the Nanyang Venture 5, is set to race 3,000km in Australia
NTU unveils Singapore's first smart humanoid robot
IMF economists discuss world economic outlook at NTU Economic Growth Centre's Roundtable Forum
Low-cost electronic tablet developed by NTU and Rice University proves worth in Indian classrooms
TABLE TALK with Dean of NTU's College of Engineering, Prof Janie Fouke; Teasing out a 'playing to win' strategy
NTU give aerospace professionals a lift with new Master’s Programme in Project Management
NTU psychology professors uncover the making of an entrepreneur
NTU embarks on landmark study to develop a blood test kit which predicts risk of heart-attack and stroke
NTU’s newly opened Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) seeks to develop novel environmental solutions through the study of bacteria communities
With more education options such as the NTU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, students are now spoilt for choice
NTU PhD student transformed from an exam flop to the cream of the crop
NTU sign-language volunteers, says translating for the hearing-impaired, is a unique and rewarding experience.
Mr Lee Kuan Yew in NTU for dialogue session with students
NTU jumps up 16 places in QS World University Rankings
Mr Wong Kan Seng appointed as the new Chairman of Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship Council
NTU scientists discover way to kill antibiotic-resistant "superbug" which causes infections 
NTU scientists engineers a bacteria to kill a "superbug"
NTU President, Prof Bertil Andersson, speaks to Chinese media on what makes a good international university
Past valedictorians reflect
Hall 4's Touch of the Hearts Committee raises funds for cancer
New $500,000 fund for NTU engineers and doctors to invent devices together
Top international students choose NTU over other global universities
ADM student and alumna's works showcased at 8th Singapore Short Cuts
Solar pioneer to head NTU research centre
NTU to research new solar cell technologies at the Centre for Nanostructured Photosystems
NTU Pro-Chancellor and President Emeritus honoured with National Day Awards
Fresh communication studies graduates realise their ambitions
ADM fresh grads and twin brothers share sweet synergy 
President Emeritus Prof Su Guaning reflects on the art of learning
ADM fresh grad making his mark in the world of photography
NTU hosts top economic minds at Singapore Economic Review Conference
NTU's Indian first class graduate finds numbers useful for life
Record 4 in 5 graduating students make a class gift to NTU
New NTU-JTC research centre to advance innovation in industrial infrastructure
NTU and ACE to host top entrepreneurship advocates at World Entrepreneurship Forum 2011
NTU economists say dengue cost Singapore $25,000 every hour in 2007
Asian consumer research institute to be set up at NTU
Malays graduate with first class honours at NTU
NTU fresh graduate entrepreneurs earn more than twice their peers
Prof Michael Graetzel, inventor of revolutionary low-cost solar cell, joins NTU's new Centre for Nanostructured Photosystems
NTU rated 5-star university
NTU's top earning graduates set up their own businesses - while still in school
NTU professors talk about NASA's space programme and how its research are seen in our everyday gadgets
NTU economist tackles the elusive concept of happiness
NTU's honoris causa Professor Michael Graetzel to lead new Centre for Nanostructured Photosystems
NTU celebrates graduating class' achievements at Convocation 2011
NBS student on a mission to promote financial literacy
New NTU research centre to study consumer behaviour
Near-death experience inspires creation of underwater robot
NTU's prototype car win prizes at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2011
NTU scientists invents self-healing, anti-corrosion coating for metals
NTU team invents 'self-healing' paint
NTU's Nanyang Venture IV diesel car drove to victory at the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia
NTU scientists develop self-healing anti-rust coating for metals
NBS students market up a storm for L'Oreal
NTU eco-car wins two awards at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2011
NBS student follows Buffett's investment approach
Scarless Robotic Stomach Surgery Pioneered by NTU Professor
NTU robot reduces surgery time and leaves behind no scars
Top PhD students clinch World Future Foundation PhD Prize
NTU students win World Future Foundation PhD Prize for ground-breaking sustainability research
Introducing Professor Stephen Smith, NTU's new Vice President (Research)
NTU professor designs new robotic fingers for surgery without scars
NTU robot cuts surgery time to minutes and leaves no scars
Surgery without scars using NTU's robotic fingers
NTU President Professor Bertil Andersson introduces new appointments in senior management
Young investor shares his experience in investing
NTU eco-cars break the green milestone in fuel efficiency
NTU leadership changes hands
Communication studies students chronicle Singapore's old haunts
HSS conference on contemporary literature and the arts discusses the secular and spiritual
NTU students have a wonderful experience in designing creative innovations
NTU and Fraunhofer new joint research centre to develop 3D technology
NTU unveils new "Batmobile" eco-car for Shell Eco-marathon
ADM freshman devotes free time to Singapore Red Cross
Youths drum up the competition at Drumzout 2011
NBS students win L'Oréal Brandstorm 2011 international competition
NTU showcases 3D "flash and learn" game for Chinese language
Climbers rock it out at NTU's Pumpfest
Professor Pan Tso-Chien comments on quakes in Indonesia
National Vertical Marathon hits new high
NTU Muslim Society organises camp for disadvantaged youths
NTU student is tops in beach handball competition
Two NBS professors top their research fields
NTU expert comments on Taiwan's DEHP incidents
NBS students to represent Singapore at the CIMA Global Business Challenge
NTU accounting research is top in Asia
NTU experts share their views on the E-Coli outbreak in Europe, China’s drought and Singapore’s flood problems
NBS students survey changes to CPF schemes
Tailored labs and mentors at NTU's Innovation Centre
Rebuilding the Tower of Babylon at NTU
Iata-NTU training programme gears up for take-off
NTU professor figures out how to use DNA to process data
NTU showcases student innovations at the Engineering Innovation & Design Open House 2011
What are we eating?
NTU researchers discover that hair might speed up healing process
Newly refurbished Innovation Centre at NTU open for business
NTU revamps Innovation Centre to create better environment for young entrepreneurs
Grooming local scientific talent is crucial for the development of Singapore, says NTU President Prof Su Guaning
X-SAT beams images back to Singapore
Historic GE captured in photo magazine
NTU wins Platinum Award from BCA for sustainable design
NTU proactive in teaching future aerospace engineers the value of green aviation.
NTU receives US$250,000 gift from World Future Foundation
NTU to collaborate with German Aerospace Centre on joint research
NTU student says foreign universities are not always better
Wee Kim Wee book on sale
NTU partners China’s State Administration of Foreign Affairs Experts (SAFEA) to train high-ranking officials from China
Prima Limited gives $1 million to NTU
NTU and Shanghai Jiaotong joint MBA programme attracts students from various professions
Singapore entrepreneurs set up bursary for needy NBS students
NTU alumnus Tan Chade Meng is a Jolly Good Fellow
NTU receives $1 million from Prima Limited
New writer-in-residence programme at NTU
Mechanical engineering student devotes time for the Red Cross
NTU and NAC launch first-of-its-kind Singapore Writing Residencies
NTU and Temasek Foundation launch “Training-of-Trainers” Programme
NBS don conferred Nanyang Award for Research Excellence
NTU's eco-warrior wins NEA's EcoFriend award
First S'pore-built satellite now in orbit
Woman engineer blazes trail at NTU
NTU clinches seven out of 12 proof-of-concept grants given by the National Research Foundation
S'pore's first satellite to launch today
NTU organises contest to highlight unique dressing style
MicroVision to open its first global R&D centre in NTU
NBS partners University College Cork on business master's programme
NTU communication studies don and students put together cookbook for cancer patients
NTU’s YouTube Star Prof Lalit Goel
Cookbook by communication studies students features delicious recipes for cancer patients
Greening the data centres
Blue Right campaign for clean water
Spanish wind giant Gamesa sets up research lab in NTU
Communication studies don and cancer survivor mooted cookbook for cancer patients
Indian professors receive Nanyang Awards
NTU and Hebrew University of Jerusalem offer joint PhD programme
Lessons 'click' for students at universities
New Insurance Risk and Finance Research Centre set up at NTU
NTU sets up innovation base in Guangzhou
NTU students boost Singapore as home on Web
Patents, pending
New Insurance Risk and Finance Research Centre at NTU
NTU student makes money shooting cars
How to solve energy crisis
NTU advises drivers to beware of animals on the roads
NTU economist and happiness don discovers the happiest people in Britain
Packed syllabuses won't make thinkers
How to take individual measures to protect Earth
New Asian business programme launched at UCC in partnership with NBS
NTU's communication studies students get cooking for cancer patients
Effects of radiation - NTU Professor comments on the recent nuclear leak in Japan
Rethinking quake forecasts - NTU professors give expert comments on Japan's earthquakes and tsunami 
‘Enhancing products’ also a way to winning edge
Greater variety of courses for new NTU undergraduates
More jobs and better salaries for Class of 2010
Asst Prof Zhao Jiyun discusses latest situation at Fukushima nuclear power complex
Japan's grief
When Earth Shudders - NTU professors give expert comments on Japan's earthquake and tsunami
Japan Disaster: What Happened At Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant?
New antibody by NTU may fight 40 types of cancers
'Pruned' Microchips by NTU and RICE Are Faster, Smaller, More Energy-Efficient
NTU revamps curriculum structure for undergraduate education
Japan quake and tsunami: Most people would have been caught by surprise
NTU 2011 Mayors' Class programmes commence, with highest percentage of senior officials
NTU Open House Party
More than a hundred Chinese officials attend NTU Mayors' Class
Creating Dr Right - The Straits Times Special Report on NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
NBS don shares ancient nuggets of wisdom
Bumper year for NTU Career Fair
Honduran President Porfirio Lobo Sosa visits NIE’s Collaborative Classroom
NTU launches virtual Career Fair
NTU inks renewable energy deals with Austrian organisations
NTU unveils virtual job fair - the first of its kind for Singapore varsity students
Straits Times Think-Tank column : Complexity studies offer rich insights
NTU scientists use artificial leaves technology to split water and generate hydrogen
NTU offers 2 new aviation scholarships with IATA
NTU opens Asia's first Solar Fuels Lab
NTU to co-organise World Entrepreneurship Forum
NTU's Yunnan Garden Campus poised to become a mini-city
S'PORE'S NEXT FRONTIER: NTU-built satellite getting ready for blast-off
NBS maintains status as a top business school in Asia
NTU sets up new virtual communication R&D centre with ETH Zurich and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Nanyang Business School among top 35 in Financial Times' Global MBA Ranking 2011
Putting the patient first in health care
NTU collaborates with ETH Zurich and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on new virtual communication technology
Patients come first at Singapore’s new medical school
Ms Jovina Choo - a youth with a mission
NTU Freshman, Dipna, breaks 100m hurdles national track record twice
Scholars' Choice - Research lights his bulb
NTU, memsys Clearwater work on distillation project
Straits Times' Saturday Special Report on NTU’s 5 Peaks of Excellence
Chief University Advancement Officer shares fund-raising lessons learned in Singapore
Whither the weather
Lee Foundation gives $150 million gift to NTU’s new medical school
Special Report on postgraduate studies in NTU: The power of a PhD
Bringing S’pore know-how to town in China
Ex-ministers and senior civil servants add value to NTU's Mayors' Class
NTU medical school receives $150 million gift from Lee Foundation
Materials science engineering don plugs holes in hearts
Straits Times Think-Tank column: Being Chinese and Singaporean
Women politicians who made the news in 2010 
Esteemed scholar Prof Eddie Kuo to be honoured with emeritus status
NBS students build 'glass houses' for the needy
Dynamic professors with the golden touch
Two winners of inaugural defence fellowships to further research on new material
Two researchers given prestigious defence scholarships choose to do their research at NTU
Park in NTU online – NTU’s Facebook game modeled after real carpark
Review of Natural Disasters 2010
High performance computing for biz users
NBS student wins inaugural Global Climate Solution Award
Convenient and environmental–friendly modular bio-retention swale
Indian kids test electronic notepad
NTU’s “I-Slate” helps poor students in India
Building blocks of good drainage
 NTU-SGX Centre for Financial Education boosts trading skills
Prof Bertil Andersson to be the first Swedish president of a Singapore university
Ngee Ann Polytechnic's new diploma programme jointly designed by NTU
Provost Bertil Andersson awarded prestigious Wilhelm Exner Medal in Vienna
Singapore’s I-Slate for India
Indonesia's Bakrie Center Foundation makes $3 million gift to RSIS, NTU
Indonesia's Bakrie Center Foundation to endow professorship at RSIS, NTU
NTU to offer history, philosophy majors
NTU unveils five-year strategic blueprint to be a great global university
S'pore campus-made slate to focus on usability
Dr Su Guaning changes mindsets to build top varsity
Dr Su Guaning changes mindsets to build top varsity
New cookbook, Cooking For The President, benefits Wee Kim Wee Legacy Fund at NTU
I too know what I am fighting for
Raising the bar at NTU is just the start for Swede
Notepads to change the world
I-Slate for Indian students
  NTU and A*STAR launch joint PhD research programme in immunology
Class of 1985 raises over $3 million for NTU
I love Nantah, and I love Singapore even more!
Indian School Children to Test New, Low-Cost Electronic Notepad
NBS' business case club advocates sustainability
Dr Su Guaning: Universities and their rich legacies
Concern about the Singaporean identity raised at Ministerial Forum 
Singapore satellite launches next month 
New medical school by NTU and Imperial College London sets high standards
NTU will search for its future president globally
Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong highlights three critical building blocks of a world class city and home
Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong challenges undergraduates to keep Singapore buzzing
Singapore grooms China's rising star cadres
  A family received Nanyang Alumni Awards
CBD threat real, say security experts
EOS artist-in-residence uses art to educate people about Earth's hazards
More news on NTU's world's smallest on-chip low-pass filter
Feature on NTU Mayors’ Class
More coverage on NTU's inaugural International Symposium on Synthetic Biology
New NTU invention improves mobile phone reception, voice clarity
ADM don on the vibrancy of K-Art
Leadership transition at NTU
NTU organises inaugural International Symposium on Synthetic Biology
NBS don discusses how to get more out of independent directors
NBS researcher discovers a way to predict fraud
Singapore in drive to build electric car
  Outstanding students received Nanyang Scholarship
25 Irish companies sponsor Farmleigh Fellowship programme
Minister stresses value of economic thinking at MTI Economic Dialogue held at NTU
NTU, SGH researchers developed a medical tool that objectively assess the risk of heart failure in patients
World anti-doping expert speaks at NTU's first Sweden Day
ICT industry needs energy-efficient tech: study
China's launch of its second unmanned lunar probe Chang'e-2  
  Leadership training boosted confidence
Provost Bertil Andersson to be awarded Wilhelm Exner Medal
HSS don shares his passion for primates
  133 freshmen are awarded Nanyang Scholarships
NBS alumnus shares his most fulfilling lessons learnt just before graduation
Adrian Yeo wins Watermark Award
NTU economists caution against minimum wage law
What is genetically modified food?
  Adventures in the 'toy department'
Nanyang Business School ranked among top in Asia
NTU & China government sign agreement on crisis management training
Setting record straight on uni rankings
  Singapore's NTU gathers IT and legal experts to form Singapore’s first voluntary Net advisory powerhouse
First global research integrity code for researchers
NTU's MBA programme ranked 69th in global ranking
Wait-and-see approach not satisfactory when dealing with extremists
  New advisory group for Online Users
Singapore Statement on Research Integrity finalised
Taking the stench out of sewage
NTU, IATA to run joint training programmes
More news on NTU's win at the inaugural Singapore G1 eco-car race
NTU held its convocation in Guangzhou
Suzhou is the best in public service excellence in China
NTU solar car wins eco-car race at inaugural Singapore G1
Joint Medical School a Win-Win Partnership for NTU and Imperial College London
  Youth Olympics from Youths’ perspective
'We need a thinking society'
Wang Gungwu Library opens to public with 50,000 works on overseas Chinese communities
NTU partners Singapore Exchange to create Centre for developing high-tech trading skills
The new face of TCM - feature on the pioneer cohort of NTU's double degree programme in biomedical sciences and TCM
Dr Su Guaning on NTU's new medical school
NTU partners SGX to launch Centre for Financial Education
More international news on NTU setting up new medical school with Imperial College London
  L’Oréal Singapore for Women in Science National Fellowships 2010
For Youths, By Youths
NTU to set up new medical school with Imperial College London
Post-YOG, it's back to school for NTU students
Wilmar gives $1 million to support NTU's 'Mayors’ Class' scholarships
  Three women awarded L'Oréal Singapore For Women in Science National Fellowships
NTU honorary degree recipients for 2010 Prof Perry McCarty and Prof Rudolph A. Marcus on what drives them
NTU to set up new medical school: PM Lee Hsien Loong
NTU’s Master of Arts in Contemporary China launches inaugural scholarship on its 5th Anniversary
YOG athletes fly home, students move into halls  
Married....and beating the boys at science, too
Green Games
More than 7 in 10 graduating students in 2010 make a gift to NTU
NTU students spread green message
NTU students present "unusual" performance 
Nanyang Business School bands together with 3 top Asian business schools
Village Voices
Injured and limping, he soaks it in – NTU postgrad student has experience of his life
NTU students and staff cope well with disruptions as their campus houses the Youth Olympic Village
ADM graduate is an inspiration to others
Catching copycats is his life's work
More news on Convocation 2010
NTU economics don on the dynamics of growth, opportunity and happiness
NTU hosts top nanotechnology workshop
NTU alumnus' class act
More news on 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity
Liberal laws 'a boon for biomed sector' 
More news on Convocation 2010
World’s first Youth Olympic Village Legacy Sculpture lights up at NTU's Yunnan Campus
Nanyang Fellows MBA Programme comes of age
NTU offers an all-round educational experience
ADM showcases fresh graduates' creative works
NBS alumnus Shafie Shamsuddin wins Berita Harian Achiever of the Year Award
RSIS organises international conference to offer Asian view on global issues
Getting the YOG party started
More news on NTU Convocation 2010
Champion of the ethics in science
NTU celebrates the graduation of its Class of 2010
Free YOG Village stay for 200 boys
Global conference to adopt code on research integrity
Singapore's first hydrogen-powered public bus hits streets in Aug
French honour for NTU secretary
NTU awards the World Future Foundation PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research
NTU's solar car wins Solar Grand Prize at the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2010
Green bus for Youth Olympic Village
NTU takes part in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2010
A lab to study cities of the future
NTU to be residential campus by 2015
NTU SMTC partners with Finnish company for membrane research
Clog painting, origami folding and ceramic tile-making to be available at Youth Olympic Games Village at NTU
Making desalinated water cheaper
NBS study highlights presentee-ism comes at great cost
NTU third-year student savours his Global Immersion Programme in Vietnam
Kemira Oyj and NTU start joint R&D cooperation in water treatment and purification technologies
NRF PhD Scholarships for water and clean energy awarded to largest number ever
NTU is the first varsity in Southeast Asia to host the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum
NBS student shares his delightful GIP experience in Indonesia
NTU hosts major conference on Victorian studies, the first outside Australia & New Zealand
NTU adjusts student vacation in August for YOG
HSS economics don urges unions to be macro-focused
International Communication Association 2010 Conference held in Singapore
NBS dons discuss how sustainability can boost profits
NTU and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology ramp up collaboration
NTU don on ocean environment protection
NTU's Division of Economics hosts East Asia conference addressing education standards
Global audit experts to meet in symposium hosted by NTU
Professorial Fellow Eddie Kuo, the public intellectual 
Professors on advisory board of the Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N) comment on the importance of energy research
Wee Kim Wee School don emphasises the need to protect Singapore's reputation
Monterrey’s high life
Quotes of the week
Solving real-world problems the 3-D way
Two clean energy experts sit on the advisory board of the new Energy Research Institute
Getting a first taste of life at the Games village 
NTU Professor Tan Kong Yam: Reversion of labour supply and demand is reason of recent strikes
More on the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N)
HSS don highlights the role of experimental, behavioural economics in understanding peer comparison
NBS student discovers the value of good people skills
NTU energy institute is a key pillar of Singapore’s clean energy research
NTU Professorial Fellow Eddie Kuo discusses the founding of two schools at the university
More on the Computer Graphics International Conference organised by NTU
NTU and Technical University of Munich team up to drive research on electric car
Nanyang Business School and Ireland's University College Cork set up Farmleigh Fellowship Programme
NTU partners S’pore Table Tennis Association to provide educational opportunities for youth paddlers
NTU don on oil spill cleanup methods
NTU hosts prestigious Computer Graphics International (CGI) 2010 Conference
NTU don proposes raising the employer's CPF rate
MCYS Minister Dr Balakrishnan visits YOV at NTU
Wee Kim Wee School dons highlight the value of workplace communication
Final-year journalism students shed light on adults with autism
NTU and Germany’s Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft receives $14M funding to jointly set up IDM centre
Senior Scientists Enjoy New Latitude at NTU's Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS)
The man who makes his own glaciers
NBS dons discuss the value of CSR to promote sustainable development
NTU economics don on China's need for a culture of innovation
NTU don on fostering a culture of innovation in business
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information to host International Communication Association Conference
Final-year journalism students delve into the Singapore funeral industry
New boost to Fraunhofer IDM Centre @ NTU
New NTU alumni association in Tianjin
NTU completes joint eco bus project with Tsinghua University
Study of Chinese diaspora pioneered by NTU's predecessor Nanyang University
New Chinese book awards for outstanding students
Whiz kid at NTU
Every drop counts in NTU
National Vertical Marathon 2010 breaks records 
Versatile PhD student from the Wee Kim Wee School shares how she juggles motherhood and studies
More on NTU Provost receiving prestigious Wilhelm Exner Medal
NTU President remembers the late Dr Goh Keng Swee
Aspiring young engineers at work
NTU a dream university for Indian students
NTU Provost, Professor Bertil Andersson to receive prestigious Wilhelm Exner Medal
NTU computer science student among more than 100 Youth Olympics volunteer-translators
X-Physique fosters positive values among youths
Youth Olympics fever at NTU
More on NTU, IBM collaboration on cloud computing
Founders of Soyato emerge as finalists in Business Challenge
NTU, UNSW set up research centre on advanced environmental biotechnology Business Challenge gives student entrepreneurs a head start in business
More on NTU's International Maritime Conference
NTU, IBM collaborate on cloud computing and high performance computing
More on GlobalTech Steering Committee meeting in Shanghai 
GlobalTech Steering Committee holds meeting in Shanghai - NTU President, Dr Su Guaning elected to serve another term as GlobalTech Chairman
NTU undergraduate shares experience in Nepal
The value of an MBA programme
NTU undergraduates’ start-up company develops plant-based air filter
NTU don on impact of climate change on Singapore's maritime industry
NTU researchers complete first global study on malaria parasite genome
More news on Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitor Prof Aaron Ciechanover
Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences on liberal arts education
NTU don on acid rain
NTU dons on need for research about flying through dispersed volcanic ash
NBS and Rady School of Management at UC San Diego launch new programme to boost science and technology leaders' management skills
NTU don on volcanic ash cloud
NTU don discusses the Singapore way of going green
NTU students discuss their foray into forex trading
NTU students study problem of food waste
Nanyang MBA team shines at prestigious international case competition
NTU researchers make significant findings about protein architecture Business Challenge heats up
15 teams vying for funds in Business Challenge
NTU reserves rooms for students on campus during YOG
Environmental scientist debates whether global warming is a natural phenomenon
More news on Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitor Prof Aaron Ciechanover
More news on Run Round Singapore
NTU Investment Interactive Club's first wealth management conference draws large turnout
NTU sets up PhD prizes in environmental and sustainability research
Workshop on nuclear energy and electric vehicles
NTU and Lien Foundation inject new fund into LF-NTU Environmental Endeavour
NTU and Temasek JC publish Chinese guide book
NTU’s “Mayors’ Class” draws its first Singaporean student and its most distinguished cohort to date
More news on Run Round Singapore
NTU goes green beyond Earth Hour
NTU sets new records with 218-km Run Round Singapore
First-ever 218-km mega relay run in Singapore to celebrate NTU’s 55th anniversary and raise funds for needy students
NTU and Lien Foundation launch second wave of Environmental Endeavour
Earthlink NTU mobilises fellow students to support the environment
Interview with Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitor Prof Aaron Ciechanover
More news on Run Round Singapore
IOC President Jacques Rogge visits YOV at NTU
More news on Run Round Singapore
NTU to offer earth science programmes
An autobiography by respected chemist Dr Goh Lai Yoong
NTU to collaborate with Det Norske Veritas on energy research
NTU students share their "amazing" experience in General Insurance Association's Global Internship Programme
NTU's Yunnan Garden campus - a great place for study and leisure
NTU is the first anchor tenant of CleanTech Park, Singapore's first eco-business park
Koh Boon Hwee makes $2.5 million gift to NTU
Ms Jovina Choo, national sailor and NTU Sport Science & Management undergraduate, shares her passion for sports
Poly grads without 'O'-levels welcome to apply to NTU
Public offered sneak preview of Youth Olympic Village at NTU Open House
More news on conference in honour of Professor Murray Gell-Mann’s 80th birthday
Nobel Laureate Yang Chen-Ning held public lecture at NTU
More news on Run Round Singapore
NTU and National Instruments joint venture in wireless technology research
NTU student wins IT Youth Award
Human Resource Youth Forum witnesses launch of Career Compass
NTU student on religion and campus
NTU, Carnegie Mellon University establish dual PhD degree programme
Danish Prime Minister visits NTU
NTU hosts green data centre
NTU, Carnegie Mellon University establish dual PhD degree programme in Engineering
August gathering of scientists honour Prof Murray Gell-Mann at NTU
Engineering student shares his internship experience in China
Youth Olympic Games athletes to occupy 10 halls at NTU 
August gathering of physicists at NTU
NTU don sheds light on the impact of the earthquake in Chile
NTU ranked 8th in Most-Cited Institutions in Engineering 1999-2009
Bike Rally 2010 draws a record 673 participants
More news on building underground and underwater cities
More news on NTU winning four out of five competitive research awards in sustainable development
More news on Run Round Singapore
More news on S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies ranked 3rd among top Asian think tanks
NBS alumni discuss their mid-career switch to banking and finance
NTU students comment on youths' risky online behaviour
NTU, MPA work on clean energy
NTU, MPA launch green shipping research programme
Students' favourite Professor Lalit Goel
Building underground and underwater cities
More news on Run Round Singapore
NTU gears up for Youth Olympic Games
NTU research team maps malaria parasite behaviour
More on the new Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering
NTU launches Asean's fastest and one of the world’s greenest supercomputers
NTU sets up research centre of excellence on micro-organism research
NBS dons examine China's stock markets
Run Round Singapore - Going the Distance
NTU wins three out of five inaugural Environment Technology and Research Programme grants
NTU research could lead to cure for malaria
Surf ‘N’ Sweat 2010 promotes sports to youths
NTU signs research agreement with aerospace giant EADS
Top students share their NTU undergraduate experience
More news on NTU Career Fair 2010
NTU wins four out of five competitive research awards in sustainable development worth S$40 million
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies ranked 3rd among top Asian think tanks   
NTU and Rice university establish infodynamics institute
NTU leverages media technology to match graduating students with potential employers
Nanyang Business School’s MBA ranked 27th in the world
Feature on Nanyang Scholar Aaron Chiang
NTU launches The Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management (ICRM)
Nobel Laureates engage science students at International Science Youth Forum
NBS dons discuss why social media is the next big thing
NTU dons on lessons from earthquakes
More news on Institute of Advanced Studies Director elected as Fellow of American Physical Society
NTU dedicates day to parents
Institute of Advanced Studies Director elected Fellow of American Physical Society
NEWRI collaborates with Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park in Hai Phong
NTU adds two new Vietnam alumni associations to its global network
NTU well-prepared to receive Youth Olympic athletes
NBS don co-developed Cultural Intelligence Quotient
Chinese officials find inspiration from public governance programmes at NTU
Two NTU dons clinch prestigious IEEE Fellowship
NBS student shares an enriching journey in India
NTU & Business China get youth to be China-savvy
NTU's CIO speaks on the value of business intelligence tools for decision-making
EOS Director on Indonesia's next big quake
NTU students shared experience for China immersion programme
NBS students spread the spirit of enterprise
NTU journalism student reflects on the recession's impact on developing countries
More media reports on the inauguration of CINTRA Laboratory 
Senior Associate Provost, Prof Er Meng Hwa, discusses the multi-disciplinary education at NTU
New Singapore-French nanotech lab opens at NTU
NTU and EDB launch S$50 million integrated circuit (IC) design research centre
NTU Mayors' Class Forum 2009
NTU sets up Nanyang Centre for Public Administration
Chinese officials from NTU's MME and MPA programmes to participate in the Mayors' Class Forum 2009
NTU, IBM extend collaboration in service education and research
NTU Global Immersion Programme - Exploring the borderless world
Professor Lim Chong Yah's interview with The Straits Times   
Lien Aid to give more Cambodians access to affordable sanitation
RSIS don is one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers 2009
More reports on NTU's collaboration with four Turkish universities
NTU experts discuss Singapore's stance on climate change
NTU and German R&D giant Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft collaborate to set up research institute
NBS finance dons discuss executive pay
NTU student-led business competition goes green
NTU selected for Intelligent Energy System pilot project
SPMS don wins prestigious scientific computing prize
More reports on NTU’s collaboration with four Turkish universities
NTU Board member discusses Singapore’s entrepreneurship journey
Second batch of China Lien Fellows to draw lessons from Singapore to spearhead change
NTU inks deals with four leading Turkish universities to promote research and education
RSIS launches Distinguished World Leaders Lecture Series; Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama delivers the inaugural lecture
NIE trainees teach foreign workers English
The 2009 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)
HSS economics don Asst Prof Choy Keen Meng's commentary on Rethinking the Singapore Growth Model  
More coverage on ADM don and artist's solo exhibition
NTU launches new Hong Kong and Yunnan alumni associations
NTU Muslim Society raises Islamic awareness on campus
ST Review article on Looking for the Elusive Ether   
ADM don and artist presents solo exhibition
NTU joins the iBridge Network, a leading US innovation catalyst
NBS dons discuss the strategic value of IT for Asian businesses
NTU, Warwick launch new Double Masters Programme in International Studies
NTU's visual communication student receives Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Award
NBS dons urge SMEs to become market responsive
NTU collaborates with German and Singapore institutions to present catalysis symposium
Environmental biology a hot subject 
Nanyang Venture II does well in its first global solar car race
NTU campus – an environmentally-friendly Youth Olympic Village
NTU to offer joint master's with IITB
NBS Advisory Board member shares his approach to IT services
NTU student-athletes first to receive new Adam Scott Foundation Asia Scholarship
Economists rethink Singapore growth models
Additional coverage on Nanyang Venture II - Singapore's sole entry in the World Solar Challenge race
NTU students spread the spirit of volunteerism
Nanyang Venture II shines in global solar race
Young Cambodians salute golden era of 1960s filmmaking
Asst Professor PerMagnus Lindborg compose soundtrack for vampire movie
Twenty-six NTU alumni honoured for outstanding achievements and contributions
MINDEF, NTU join hands to boost Singapore's defence R&D capabilities
More reports on Nanyang Business School moves up 10 places in The Economist 2009 ranking of global MBA programmes
NTU launches centre in waste-saving technologies
Nanyang Business School moves up 10 places in The Economist 2009 ranking of global MBA programmes
More reports on Professor Kerry Sieh's prediction of the next big quake in Sumatra
NTU team in fast satellite Internet connection research
Outstanding HSS Economics Talents win MTI Economist Service Awards
The ST Interview with Professor Kerry Sieh, Director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore, NTU
Discovering Europe at NTU
Enterprise 50 award winning firm led by NTU engineering alumnus
NTU's Engineering Alumnus wins $25,000 in "Don't Forget the Lyrics" Mandarin singing contest
NTU President shares views on China’s role in the world
Cultivating a culture of giving
Point of View: Change the Prescription
Ms Lynette Khoo, alumna of Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (Class of 2006) wins Most Promising Journalist of the Year Award
NTU represents Singapore in new research alliance
NTU rises in varsity ranking
R3C to research on converting waste to energy
New NTU centre to look into recovering resources from waste
Renowned MIT scholar Prof Huang Yasheng on the challenges facing post-crisis China
NTU holds inaugural UK-Singapore Water Futures Forum
Tan Lark Sye Professor Prof Wang Hui shares insights on the issue of Tibet
NTU Chief University Advancement Officer provides insights on how to improve one’s odds as a recruiter
EADS and EDB to offer scholarships to PhD students from NTU and NUS
Expert views by Professor Kerry Sieh, Director, Earth Observatory of Singapore, NTU on the Indonesian earthquake gets more coverage
NTU, University of Warwick to collaborate on neuroscience research
Expert views by Professor Kerry Sieh, Director, Earth Observatory of Singapore, NTU on the 7.6 magnitude Indonesian earthquake
NTU's faculty members recognised for their donation to Children for Children
Prof Mathey receives China's prestigious Friendship Award
34-year-old professor wins Young Scientist award
NBS alumnus takes the helm as CEO of Carrefour Indonesia
NTU's Centre for Chinese Language and Culture co-organises public lecture by renowed scholar Prof Wang Hui
NTU faculty donate over $10,000 to children's fund
Software developers receive recognition for their contributions
NTU’s Earth Observatory of Singapore featured in National Science Challenge 2009
NTU's Malay/Muslim students celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri overseas
NTU holds its fourth China convocation
Tan Tock Seng Hospital identified to partner NTU in third medical school proposal
Tie-up with world's best
Economic Growth Centre forecasts Singapore's economic rebound: between ‘V’ and ‘W’
NBS dons delve into the human psychology of investors
PM Lee Hsien Loong speaks to students at the NTU Students' Union Ministerial Forum
NTU to open new research centre dedicated to biosensing technology
NTU professors mentor young innovators
NTU's alumni in Sichuan for NBS Business Forum; NTU's EMBA alumni donate RMB1 million to rebuild primary school
Confucius Institute of NTU doubles enrolment
NTU environmental engineering PhD student sets up website to help bus commutters
NTU alumnus Mr Lim Chow Kiat appointed GIC's President (Europe)
No dearth of internship opportunities during economic downturn
Nanyang Technological University and Technische Universität München announce new joint PhD collaboration
NTU to expand China Affairs Office
Vasantham Tamil Seithi features two Indian students recently awarded NTU's Nanyang Scholarships
NTU and Temasek Foundation transfer technology know-how to earthquake-prone regions in China
NTU lady professor bags inaugural award honouring women in science
IT execs urged to take MBA path to CIO's chair Business Challenge
NTU President Golf Challenge
The "ST Interview" on NTU’s Honorary Degree recipient Professor Linda Darling-Hammond
NTU student receives literary awards
Six NTU projects awarded NRF grants
NTU Don presents report on life protection
The race to raise funds
NTU dons discuss the sustainability of China's high economic growth
The value of a general arts degree
NTU President talks about university education and lifelong learning
How tech firms float despite a Watergate
LTA-NTU collaborate to work on transport-related projects
More on NTU students clinching L'Oréal Brandstorm National Champions 2009 title
School of Art, Design & Media building incorporates eco-friendly features
NTU geologist Professor Kerry Sieh narrows down location of Southeast Asia’s next big quake
NTU gears up for Singapore 2010
NTU tech geeks rock
NTU and Rolls-Royce sign 5-year agreement for joint research project
Singapore Economic Review Conference 2009
NTU and Rolls-Royce partner for 5-year research
More coverage on School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Conference 2009
NBS' dons share insights on information trading
NTU graduates get a head start
NTU President shares views on world’s most pressing challenges
Dual track for PhD scholars
More coverage on NTU Convocation Class of 2009
NTU Convocation Class of 2009
NTU congratulates honorary degree recipients and graduates of the Class of 2009
Paving a new way for A*STAR PhD scholars
More on the official opening of the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
NTU unveils green and fastest supercomputer in ASEAN in collaboration with leading IT giants
NTU partners Guangzhou Organisation Department in talent training
Dr Lee Seng Gee receives NTU honorary degree
Prof Ling San on the development of the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
NTU, SingBridge ink MOU with Guangdong government bodies
NTU -  A World-Class Institution
Funding success
NTU proposals win S$30m in research funds
NTU partners top design school to offer joint Master’s programme in interactive design
EDB pumps $16 million to train 150 integrated circuit designers over five years
Launch of Les Houches School of Physics summer session in S'pore
NTU-Sembcorp research collaboration on waste water treatment
Wee Kim Wee SCI graduates on the evolution of philanthropy in Singapore
NTU and Sembcorp seal partnership
NTU wins S$4m for water parasite research
NTU and Toray seal research partnership
NTU shares view on the role of the research university in an innovation-driven global society
More on NTU students' art exhibition
NTU partners Sembcorp to explore novel water treatment technology
NTU scientist wins inaugural Don Quixote Fund Award
NTU wins lion’s share of prestigious PhD scholarships in environmental and water technologies
NTU young technopreneur scientist in water technology wins inaugural Don Quixote Fund Award
Newly appointed Chief University Advancement Officer aims to boost NTU brand
More on NTU students' art exhibition
Final year project by WKWSCI graduates on India's growing surrogacy industry turned into a Straits Times Special Report
NTU students take their show on the road
Art work created from dead wood by ADM Professor receives international attention
NTU students develop technological innovations
Mr Chew Kheng Chuan appointed Chief University Advancement Officer of NTU
NTU sets up think-tank for energy-related research
NTU to open green energy research centre
Third medical school plans to tie-up with Imperial College
NTU launches two alumni chapters in China
NTU students win top prize in the youth category of Start-Up@Singapore 2009
RSIS receives US$2.5 million from the MacArthur Foundation for security research
NBS' dons give insights on family businesses
NTU scientists conduct world’s first remote X-ray scattering experiment
NTU signs MOU with Technische Universität München
NTU team proves to be the world's best at global investment research challenge
Third medical school to take fresh approach
NTU receives $6.5m boost to academic entrepreneurship
NTU to submit proposal for Singapore's third medical school
ADM Professor turns dead wood into art
The Bosch Group collaborates with NTU to develop organic photovoltaic cells
Student-built solar-powered sensation - NTU students excel at Shell Eco-marathon Europe
Renowned scholars provide insights on the reflections on the May Fourth Movement
NTU wins 2009 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Gold Award (University category)
Chinese State Councillor Her Excellency Madam Liu Yandong visits the Confucius Institute of NTU
NTU maritime programmes win excellence award
Sir Roy Anderson, Rector of Imperial College London, on the risk of a global pandemic
Top U.S. science, technology students to study entrepreneurship at NTU
NTU and NUS receive $3.5 million from the estate of Mr Foo Hee Lim
NTU students win global investment research challenge
NTU in tech alliance
Global alliance of leading technological universities to address global societal issues
Joint PhD education strengthens academic and research collaborations between NTU and Imperial College
Nanyang Business School senior professors discuss fraud and corporate governance issues
NTU-developed green compressor wins silver prize in US
NTU and Imperial College London collaborate to offer joint PhD programmes in engineering and science
NTU's high-profile MSc (Managerial Economics) and Master of Public Administration programmes continue to attract senior Chinese officials
NTU’s green compressor wins prize
Tie up between NTU, Harvard University Asia Centre and Lam Kin-chung Morning Sun Charity Fund brings internationally eminent Harvard professors to NTU
NTU partners University of California, Berkeley in scientific research
Kudos to NTU students for well-run bike rally
NBS' dons give insights on effective marketing in a recession
NBS students shine in global investment research challenge
Photo exhibition by NTU alumnus captures stories of Chinatown residents in Southeast Asia
NTU clinches aerospace academic institution award
NTU signs MOU with the School of Science and Technology, Singapore, and Ngee Ann Polytechnic
NTU dons forecast China's 2009 macroeconomic outlook
Giving hope to survivors of the Sichuan earthquake
NTU students' charity cookbook remains popular with locals
Complexity theory and the current revolution in economics
NTU’s Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) devoted to studying earth’s most serious environmental threats opens
Applications of the complexity theory in real life scenarios
NTU seals global partnerships on environmental sciences R&D
NTU students organise largest wine exhibition for undergraduates 
Set for a glowing future
NTU to collaborate with overseas universities to find solutions for global crisis
NTU undergraduates' new movement carries important message for teens
NTU showcases its strengths in science and technology at renowned international conference in Chicago
NTU launches sports degree for those interested in careers in sports, wellness and leisure
Four NTU undergraduates create Singapore's first Dating Violence Awareness movement
More coverage on NTU Career Fair 2009
NTU and Rice University scientists have created a super environmentally-friendly green microchip
NTU National Vertical Marathon once again a hit with the public
NTU launches new initiatives to help students secure jobs amidst economic gloom
NBS student provides insights on challenges amidst financial turmoil
Bright, young and talented
NBS sets its sights on expansion with plans to focus on China and India
NTU partners Business China to nurture bilingual and bi-cultural young Singaporeans
NTU's Draconika crowned the tallest float at Chingay parade this year
Nanyang Business School's MBA ranked top 25 in the world
Companions Today, Collaborators Tomorrow: 110 International Science Youth Forum participants celebrate the beginning of lifelong friendships
Government sets aside S$48m fund for research scholars
Budgeting a turnaround
Inaugural International Science Youth Forum to inspire Asia's brightest young minds
CI-NTU director on Confucius’ relevance to wellness in modern society
NTU float makes grand entrance at Chingay Parade 2009's full dress rehearsal
NTU undergraduates engineer an impactful launch for Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games logo
Singapore Economic Review hosts 6th distinguished public lecture
NTU is helping graduating students secure jobs
NTU to set up first Asian Kauffman campus
NTU undergraduate Liu Shiyu is global champion of the Present Around the World (PATW) Competition
Launch of Lien Ying Chow Drive
NTU's NBS Dean shares his insight on education and passions
NTU as first Kauffman Campus outside of the United States
When fear stalks the market
Prehistoric record improves forecast of large West Sumatran earthquake and tsunami
Tighter rules for financial markets?
September 2007 Sumatran earthquakes research report
$2 million boost to the pursuit of Chinese
Global crisis rouses Asian giant
NBS Prof and students share insights into investing green
NBS graduate overcame odds to succeed in life
NTU's Welfare Services Club receives highest accolade in social service excellence
Putting the oomph into physics
NTU partners Nitto Denko in organic electronics research
NTU economist on the life aspirations and happiness of undergraduates
Adj Prof Ngiam Tong Dow on the strategic pragmatism of China and Singapore
NTU wins three research awards from Microsoft Research Asia
Green leaves may hold answer to energy needs
Launch of the Chua Thian Poh Entrepreneurship Education Fund for NTU
NTU economist shares his expertise with Guangdong officials
More news on public forum: "30 Years of Economic Reforms in China"
NTU bags third prize for unique brake design
NTU gets $5m for digital media research
NTU researchers to use bacteria to hold up walls and water purification
The National Library Board and the Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences of NTU to launch a jointly published annotated bibliography on Singapore literature in English
NTU brings dragons to life at Chingay Parade 2009
NTU Don comments on Financial Crisis
NTU's Class of 2008 celebrates graduation in Chongqing, China
NTU’s maiden Chingay parade float to be an engineering marvel
NTU officially launches the NTU Art and Heritage Museum and Inaugural Exhibition
Chinese officials from NTU’s MME and MPA programmes share insights on China’s economic reforms at public forum
A collegiate quantum leap: NTU moves forward with bold vision
NBS experts' insights on the global financial crisis and its impact on the Singapore Economy
NTU & SIMTech announce the first antenna-in-package solution for single-chip 60-GHz radio
NTU Confers Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science on Prof Yang Chen Ning
NTU student dragon boaters raise $125,000 for bursary fund in memory of team mates
NBS Don and three final-year students offer insight into why there are fewer women bankers
More news on NTU Asia Journalism Fellowship programme
NTU celebrates alumni achievements and fosters closer alumni ties
NTU don on the impact of Singapore Grand Prix night race
Division of Chinese receives $2 million gift, with government matching, to fund scholarships and bursaries
A passion for football
MBA Ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit
NTU economists’ prediction puts Singapore’s 2008 GDP growth at 4 per cent
NTU hosts Guangdong senior officials led by Party Secretary Mr Wang Yang
CI-NTU launches new edition of Chinese book by the late Lien Shih Sheng
Latest findings by NTU researcher bring malaria patients hope
A Celebration of Matrimony at NTU’s Nanyang Auditorium
NTU Signs MOU with Linkoping University
Research Award Scheme to nurture local PhD talent for R&D
Nanyang Technological University premieres Singapore’s first mobile film and software experience
NTU hosts symposium on Asian Economic Integration
NTU receives NRF funding for animation project
NTU Collaborates with Bosch in Organic Photovoltaics Research
Attracting opposites
NTU's Welfare Services Club officially unveils large mosaic mural at Singapore's Horticultural Park
Prof Freddy Boey’s secret of success
NTU Confers Honorary Degree of Doctor of Engineering on Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
Gift of Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Fund for NTU
Economists from NTU and Xiamen University forecast China’s macroeconomic performance
NTU campus to serve as the site for the Youth Olympic Village
Projecting soft power, the Confucius way
10 young NTU researchers get S$1 million each under the Nanyang Assistant Professorship Scheme
Saying "I do" at NTU’s convocation ceremony
Interview with NTU’s honorary degree recipient, Prof Chua Nam Hai
NTU graduates share their experiences
First-class honours Malay graduates in mechanical engineering
Marriage proposal at NTU's convocation
First graduate from English programme
A job before graduation
NTU in West Sumatra quake-resistant project
NTU celebrates the graduation of its Class of 2008
Shooting for the stars - A special NTU feature on the Class of 2008
Top of the class - A special NTU feature on the Class of 2008
Ready for the World of Tomorrow - A special NTU feature on the Class of 2008
New blog for GIP participants in China
NTU students awarded scholarship in TCM
Learning from Nature
Restructuring of NBS Advisory Board
Waterloo Challenge - Seeking affordable water solutions
NTU-PUB-Stanford joint project wins innovation award
Lien Institute for the Environment finding affordable solutions to save lives
NEWRI and Sembcorp team up to develop water technology
NTU students saving wildlife
NTU don on the importance of quake study
Three NTU research programmes win grants from NRF
SAF, NTU ink study deal for career soldiers
NTU comments on branding for SMEs
NTU President on the university’s future plans
Top West Point graduate learns more about China at NTU
NTU don speaks on the importance of cashflow management in a good business model
NTU students’ innovations tackle safety issues
NTU and Stanford – The best of both worlds
NTU graduates for Norden’s new management trainee scheme
NTU crowned Asian Universities Debating Champions 2008
Strategising with substance
BT-Citi Young Investors' Forum - Never too early for financial planning
Never too early for financial planning
NTU Muslim Society celebrates 21 years with launch of global alumni association
NTU out to draw best researchers
Here's a Tip if you're starting a business
Most business grads landing jobs faster
Standard-bearer of quality and diversity - A special NTU feature
Most NBS graduates get jobs before graduation
NTU emerged victorious in the land of 'Case Giants'
NTU, a class of its own - A special NTU feature
Interview with NTU don on Sichuan earthquake
Top talents, top colleges - A special NTU feature
Cashing in on Singapore's liquid asset
More on China earthquake - interview with NTU don
Multi-faceted gems - A Special NTU feature
NTU Provost's top research priority is Earth Science
RSA sets up $3m fund at NTU to increase research on steel
NTU don on China earthquake
NTU's ADM students brave weather and terrain for conservation efforts
Made in Singapore Lab-on-a-Chip detects nerve gas
NTU, gateway to the world - A special NTU feature
Detecting earthquakes
NTU establishes the Institute for Media Innovation
Digital institute has global ambitions
Nanyang Business School and Business China host business exchange forum
NTU welcomes inaugural batch of Lien Fellows from China
NTU and Lien Foundation establish Lien Challenge to encourage sustainable environmental solutions for China
Head-start for young investors thanks to NTU student club
Why he chooses to study monkey antics
Kerry Sieh on Earth Observatory of Singapore
He's setting the stage
International Olympic Committee President visits NTU's main campus
RSIS meets $40 million endowment fund target
New chip could save phone battery power
NTU's RSIS successfully raises $40 million in Endowment Fund campaign
NTU students lend a hand to homeless cats
New Research Centre of Excellence at NTU to study natural disasters
More news on NTU students meeting solar car adventurer
On the go with NTU - A special NTU feature
Singapore Economic Review hosts 5th distinguished public lecture at NTU
NTU students first to meet solar car adventurer
Nanyang Business School aims high
NTU undergraduates take the lead in Singapore film festival practicum
Student with cancer gets help from NTU's Mayors' Class participants
NTU launches Nanyang President Graduate Scholarship
NTU's Lien Institute For the Environment helps earthquake-hit villagers
NTU recognises Hwa Chong Diploma; launches H3 Science Research Programme with A*STAR Graduate Academy and HCI
NTU's new institute turns green ideas to reality
NTU unveils prestigious new scholarship to attract emerging research leaders
NTU alumnus saves $16k out of his $20k pay each month
NTU's 21st Century Fund raises $200 million
Eureka, URECA!
Record number of senior Chinese officials attending NTU's high-profile MSc (Managerial Economics) and Master of Public Administration programmes
The elephant and the tectonic plate
NTU, a cosmopolitan campus
Admission criteria and new degree programmes at NTU
Campus alive!
NTU, top on their minds
NTU Sports Club successfully organised Singapore's leading vertical marathon
NTU students attempt to set 24-hour record in Singapore for a good cause
NTU and US Air Force Academy in R&D tie-up
NTU geologists comment on Sumatra's tremblers
NTU economists forecast China's 2008 macroeconomic outlook
Doubling the gains
Investor-builder; the next education challenge for Singapore
Grant may help spell relief for cancer patients
Knowledge beyond textbooks
NTU attracting talented young researchers with grants of up to $1 million
NTU offers five new direct honours degree programmes
Students from Nanyang Business School triumph yet again
NTU and EADS sign agreement
NTU students have new centre to assess job competency
New tuition fee model for incoming undergraduates
Earthquake engineering, man's first defense against disaster
How people choose credit cards
Juggling lessons and business
NTU, nurturing talents for the world
Best of both worlds at NTU
NTU helps students with career assessment
Get head start at workplace in NTU centre
The Nanyang advantage
The first time a Singapore business school's MBA Programme makes it to the world's top 50
NTU international students support Singapore's Youth Olympic Games 2010 bid
Lessons in investing with a heart
NTU's research collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
NTU signs research MOU with Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
More news on Mr Chandra Das' appointment as NTU Pro-Chancellor
Mr S Chandra Das appointed NTU Pro-Chancellor
TIP for a head start in business
$22m boost for interactive digital media projects
NTU's School of ADM students first in wildlife filming expedition in Shangrila
NTU provides expert comments on the major developments in communications technology in 2007
Technopreneurship and innovation can be taught
Never too young to invest wisely
Continuing on a French route
More news on International Conference on Chinese Enterprise Research 2007
Eminent scholars provide insights into the development of China's economy at international conference hosted by NTU
Earthquake responses and its impact
NTU holds public forum to explore opportunities and challenges facing China
Investing in the next big discoveries
University of Alberta president's visit to NTU
NTU's flagship Global Immersion Programme gains popularity as more students seek overseas exposure
NTU hosts international conference on Chinese enterprise research
NTU partners Singapore Design Festival for first-ever leading Asian designers showcase
Public forum by Chinese officials studying at NTU
NTU visiting professor delivers public lecture on the development of Chinese universities
Victory against the odds
Giving services industry a boost
NTU community bids farewell to national dragon boat rowers
Ngee Ann Kongsi donates $3 million to S Rajaratnam School of International Studies to set up Professorship in International Relations
NTU opens two alumni associations in China
MBA from Nanyang Business School is "very good value for money"
NTU presents Tan Lark Sye Professorship public lecture series
Prof Somerville to deliver public lecture at NTU
NTU gets up to $20 million for research projects
NTU, disability research centre to boost Asian disability sports
NTU undergraduates trump top business schools
NTU lecture by Nobel Laureate and renowned artist drew some 2,900 participants
NTU organises conference in honour of Prof CN Yang's 85th birthday
NTU will beautify the Nanyang Lake
NTU honours Nobel Laureate, Prof CN Yang, with festival of lectures and room dedication
In celebration of NTU's outstanding alumni
NTU and Chinese Heritage Centre organise international conference on Chinese migration
Public Lecture by Nobel Laureate CN Yang and renowned artist Fan Zeng
NTU professor on A380 Superjumbo
14-year-old physics whizz from India gets into NTU
Maggots may be used to heal festering wounds
NTU, US' Insightra Medical jointly develop surgical tool
Will Singapore ever land a Nobel Prize?
Nanyang Business School student club organizes Singapore's first international business case competition
School of Humanities and Social Science's new academic building to be ready in 2009
Nanyang Business School up in EIU world rankings; retains top spot in Singapore
NTU sets up team to train more China officials
NTU students engage Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew at the Ministerial Forum 2007
Destined to make a difference
NTU signs MOU with Shanghai Maritime University to collaborate on maritime and port operations R&D
NTU presents Ngiam Tong Dow's new Chinese book on Singapore's economic development
NTU's Class of 2007 celebrates graduation in Dalian, China
NTU researchers use canvas strips to fortify buildings against earthquakes
Extra power at home? Two-way metre ready
NTU to help nurture new generation of scientists and engineers
NTU grads paid more, hired faster
NTU opens its one-north campus and the NTU Alumni Clubhouse
Novel NTU software enables 3D visualisation and data processing of human brain activity
NTU offers Master of Engineering programme with special focus on Game Development
More news on NTU youths' Timor Leste photography exhibition
NTU don turned Internet star is a hit with students
NTU youths share life lesson from Timor Leste mission
NTU Comms Studies student wins inaugural Budget 2007 Essay Competition
Breakout bands
Award-winning sculpture by NTU professor on public display
More about NTU in milestone collaboration with India Inc
NTU celebrates alumni achievements and fosters closer alumni ties 
Shopping is serious work for a winner of the Nanyang Award for Excellence in Teaching, Cindy Chung 
$10 million boost for NTU's new Lien Chinese Enterprise Research Centre
Pres S R Nathan launches NTU grad school named after S Rajaratnam, a founding father of Singapore
NTU launches Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in honour of Singapore's fourth president
Confucius Institute, NTU, organises two-week immersion at Shandong University
YouTube makes him a hit on campus
Two NTU dons conferred fellowships for contributions in engineering
NTU's East-West programmes a hit among Chinese officials
NTU joins hands with Xiamen University to host international conference in China
NTU's School of Art, Design and Media ties up with renowned Domus Academy
Eminent NTU alumni discuss future of Chinese language and implications for Singapore
NTU alumnus bridge Sino-Singapore ties
NTU-Georgia Tech dual degrees leverage strengths of both universities 
Students get a feel of the real thing
NTU-Georgia Tech tie up offers dual degrees in infocomm
Upcoming fora by Confucius Institute, NTU
NTU in tie-up to boost flow of info on terrorism and crime
Interview with Asst Prof Phee on his project 'No-scar Robotic Surgery'
From NTU undergrad to HK pop star
Civic responsibility makes business sense, say student investors from NTU
NTU's art, design and media school help raise Singapore's prominence as an international visual arts hub
Innovation by NTU prof and student puts duo in the finals of the Asian Innovation Awards
Breakthrough NTU nanophotonic technology to revolutionise information and communications technology industry
Influential Chinese entrepreneur drew inspiration from NTU's Technopreneurship and Innovation Programme
Bright future for Shanghai Jiaotong University's MBA
NTU research team wins IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2006
NTU students compile book on stories on the disabled
NTU all-female team raises public awareness of AIDS in novel campaign
Senior citizens share recipes in NTU students' social service project
NTU students' mission trip to Timor Leste
NTU don speaks on his invention - the biodegradable stent
NTU's MSc in Maritime Studies brings professionals to greater career heights
NTU's MBA ranked best in Singapore and top 3 in Asia
NTU faculty wins Young Scientist Award
Chief Executive of European Science Foundation appointed NTU Provost
NTU's aerospace engineering programme to produce well-equipped graduates
Fair exposure to investing
NTU students launch Patchwork of Flavours
NTU develops novel strategy for the containment of acute infectious diseases
Biomedical start-up attracts US investors
Crucial to think beyond ramps and lifts
Investing virtually for a start
The creator of creative minds
NTU receives $75,000 gift to establish the Wan Boo Sow Awards
TODAY journalist wins award
From academic exercise to business venture
Dual doctorate degree in education
Golf course? No, it's NTU's new art school
NTU appoints new NIE director
Ready for resorts
NTU students get headstart in Apple Computer's technology
Local composer hits the right note
NTU students in Amazing Wheelchair Race
NTU students at Singapore Biennale
NTU innovations for start-ups
NTU grows ties with alumni
NTU schools grouped under colleges
Passion for finance, leg work pays off
From school to stock market
NTU scholarships for top student at all polytechnics
Nanyang's new crop of leaders
Launch of IPS-NTU Report on Competitiveness Ranking and Simulations of 79 Asian Economies
NTU launches Global Summer Studies
NTU collaborates with University of California in nanoscience and nanotechnology research
I-Cube corner 
Norwegian in NTU's Contemporary China course
NTU welcomes 2006 freshmen
Establishment of S Rajaratnam School of International Studies at NTU
NTU scholarships in honour of maritime pioneer
NTU scientists to gather data from released turtles
Learn, take the lead and be brave
Part-time NTU student graduates with first class honours
Graduate praises PhD programme
Local starlet Joanne Peh graduates from NTU
Sons of regional leaders graduate from NTU
Forecast of China's economy by NTU and Xiamen University
NTU gives graduates the winning edge
NTU celebrates achievements of Class of 2006
NTU graduate shares life experience
NTU shows path to success
Twin sisters jointly graduate at NTU's Convocation 2006
NTU graduates score
NTU and SAS collaborate on joint programme in Data Mining
NTU unveils its CN Yang Scholars Programme
Singapore wins five medals in International Physics Olympiad
Singapore hosts International Physics Olympiad for the first time 
NTU - a global centre of excellence
NTU develops microchip for cell cultures
NTU dragon boat teams clinch Prime Minister's Cup Challenge trophies
NTU to play "games village" to International Physics Olympiad
NTU Welfare Services Club awarded a Medal of Commendation
NTU and ST Electronics launch joint PhD programme
NTU students lead kayaking expedition for the less privileged
NTU leads MEMS technology R&D with organization of prestigious international conference
NTU prof on the use of mobile phones as a teaching tool
NTU seals software deal with anime studio
NTU Convocation in China
NTU undergrads pen book on plight of the disabled
NTU's Confucius Institute set to expand
NTU research in treating waste water
NTU students at the forefront of technological innovations
NTU graduate is Asia Water's CFO
NTU research for safer cataract operations
Top polytechnic graduate to enter NTU
A boon for travellers
NTU research in converting food waste to energy
NTU to collaborate with Mayo Clinic on cancer therapy
More on Java earthquake and Mt Merapi by NTU Civil and Environmental Engineering Dean 
NTU invention a boon for the physically disabled
NTU professor gives keynote presentation at 11th World HR Congress
NTU Civil and Environmental Engineering Dean on Indonesian earthquake and Mt Merapi
$1.3m worth of scholarships for Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management students
NTU develops underwater vehicle with mimetic fin feature
NTU to groom top scientists
NTU launches new science degree in mathematics and economics
Pedalling for clean water with new NTU filter system
NTU pays tribute to the legacy of the late Dr Wee Kim Wee
NTU and Lien Foundation to work together to meet environmental challenges in Asia
NTU appoints 11 Nobel Laureates as advisors
10th Global Nantah Graduates Reunion in Australia
Nobel Laureate Professor Lee Yuan-Tseh shares his experience with NTU students and staff
NTU organises inaugural Asia-Pacific Conference on Library and Information Education and Practice
Joint research on 4G technology
Chinese officials complete joint course in media management
NTU partners NOL to launch scholarship for graduate programme in Maritime Studies
NTU provides more advice on career management and job searches
NTU and SPH's chinese newspaper division hold joint course in media management
HSS dean shares insights on future plans of the school
More news on SMS teaching tool
NTU Distinguished Alumni Forum Series
NTU welcomes new autonomous status and Board of Trustees
NTU and NAFA to provide an accelerated path towards a degree for young fine arts talents
NTU joins hands with Wearnes to further education excellence
NTU provides practical advice on career management and job searches
NTU sets up centre to research national security issues
NTU and Xian Jiaotong University to jointly promote research collaboration and manpower training
Inaugural recipient of Wearnes Bursary
Singapore plays host to 37th International Physics Olympiad
NTU Motor Fest
University Distinguished Professor awarded international engineering medal
NTU holds its largest career fair
Early admission of NSmen
NTU keeps its e-services users happy round the clock
NTU student develops new electronic book concept
University don outlines challenges ahead in Human Resources management
ISEAS-NTU financial sector reform and liberalisation ranking assessment
NTU research in optics
Salaries up for all NTU courses
NTU and National Library Board to collaborate on knowledge and information sciences
NTU don speaks on highlights of the NTU educational experience
NTU's Nanyang Business School offers new Business degree in tourism and hospitality management
NTU partners Wuxi Municipal Government in talent training
You can study what you want
NTU games set to 'read' players' minds
NTU launches Singapore's only double degree in business and engineering
NTU hosts Chinese delegation under Sino-Singapore Undergraduate Exchange Programme
NTU students raise funds to help children with cancer
NTU students raise awareness for nursing home
NTU students organise amazing race, in a uniquely S'pore style
NTU's aerospace engineering degree to feed growing industry needs
NTU computer system enables students to SMS lecturer anonymously during lessons
NTU scientists find way to convert food waste into energy
NTU virtual reality technology for the classroom
Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam visits NTU
NTU's role in establishing Singapore as an education hub
Spotlight on NTU Ryder's Club
No worries about tuition fees at NTU
NTU research in reservoir water quality
NTU Earthquake Challenge 2006
Speed-dating @ NTU
Yoga elective programme at NTU
NTU prof develops method to remove waste water stink 
Feature interview with HSS dean  
New courses by Confucius Institute, NTU 
New centre in NTU to advance research on Singapore economy
NTU researcher praised by US institute
NTU students organise inaugural digital art product design competition
NTU team develops super search engine to trawl for terror data
NTU team is the only Singapore representative at Wired NextFest 2005
NTU's outreach efforts to woo more Chinese officials from Western regions
NTU students share what it is like to be an undergraduate
More on the opening of NTU offices in Beijing and Shanghai and NTU's plans in China
NTU's new school a "good experiment"
Singapore's position as a centre of "east meets west" ideal for China officials undergoing management courses
Nantah celebrates 50th anniversary
Cornell-Nanyang advisors appointed
NTU's double degree programme in biomedical sciences and TCM a hit
NTU to advance R&D in assistive technology and develop solutions for physically disabled people
Leg up for Chinese start-ups
NTU dons' actions speak volumes of the caring attitude of NTU
NTU explores setting up of new school in Pudong, Shanghai
NTU and Beijing University join hands in advancing knowledge
Special admission helps NTU spot talent
NTU at the forefront of water-related engineering
NTU strengthens presence in China
More NTU fresh graduates working overseas
NTU President shares his thoughts on university autonomy and management style
NTU-Waseda double MBA degree programme - a groundbreaking collaboration
NTU develops own orchid - the Dendrobiem Nanyang
NTU School of Humanities & Social Sciences to offer double majors
Let's hear it from the boys!
Success of NTU's entrepreneurship programme
NTU scores a first in fingerprint technology
NTU celebrates cultural diversity and marks start of 50th anniversary celebrations
NTU young researchers bag top regional awards
NTU students excel in AWSJ Young Inventors Awards
NTU students raise some $150,000 towards tsunami relief
NTU TIP graduates-turn-entreprenuers
NTU drives local R&D efforts in developing new techniques for carbon dioxide absorption
NTU to develop new technique for absorption of carbon dioxide
NTU to start new Masters in Public Administration for Chinese officials
NTU and IIT (Bombay) to foster closer ties
NTU Research Professor and Director of new Energetic Materials Research Centre conferred prestigious fellowship
NTU's Masters in TIP first Masters course to adopt Three-Country Model
NTU NBS student goes the extra mile in tsunami relief efforts
NTU's financial wizards
NTU furthers global entrepreneurship education and vision
NTU to become autonomous
NTU students lauded for tsunami relief efforts
Computer game? No, therapy tool for the elderly
实现半个世纪前的愿景 南大曾构思建"校园市镇"
Training next-gen embedded engineers
Jurong West wants to be hip campus town
与南大文化气息相连 裕廊西要建"校园市镇"
终点回到起点 黄海博士重归校园
让更多中国高层主管进修 南洋商学院开办中文硕士课程
A distinct mark of excellence
NTU gives SME special rates for innovations
Scientists honoured
Faster to get from poly to university
Quicker entry for poly students 
Setting up business was easy for student entrepreneur... Convincing his dad to run it was tougher
6 in 10 of NTU's fresh graduates have clinched jobs
NTU fresh grads already run 2 IT companies Business first, then degrees
Shot in the arm for life sciences pays off
He bought condo before graduation
NTU graduate's passion for baking pushes her to start online cake shop
NTU makes final push towards reviving Nantah
NTU's Nantah revival 
High-speed network to link research units here and overseas
New criteria help 200 enter varsity
NTU to boost pool of experts in 'smart' products
Attend class from your bed in NTU trial
NTU receives HP grant for wireless technology
Gifted offered a head start at NTU, NUS
NTU, Hwa Chong in talent tie-up
Uni start for gifted JC students
可豁免与水准考试 顶尖华中生直通南大
与北大合作 向港台取经 南大要将中文系发扬光大
Hundreds trace NTU's heritage on foot
NTU gives 4,400 newbies a grand welcome
Radar that detects intrusion on LRT tracks tested at Bangkit
侦测轨道异物准确率百分百  南大教授研发轨道警报系统
走过 "传承路" 成为南大人
$1m fund, expert help for budding NTU entrepreneurs
NTU dons form 'super lab' to find cure for Sars
南大 "超级实验室" 研究治沙斯药物
南大成人企业课程  非大学学历者可报读
NTU designs chip with Chartered technology
Teaching or research: Lecturers at NTU given choice
Back to school... to make VIP friends
Will S'pore head the way of the banana?
Gates praises NTU team's smart shopping trolley
NTU set to drop that middle T
NTU develops smallest heart pump
NTU doubles intake for life sciences course
Fewer jobs, lower pay for grads
Graduates feel pinch of lower starting pay
A new kind of NTU student ahead
Choices, choices: NTU to engineer new breed of grad
工程系学生可当导演   商学系学生成孙燕姿
Top specialist schools to add new buzz
Web service to help shoppers
On the road to contain steel waste
Stanford teams up with NTU to offer master's
Second technopreneur programme at NTU
NTU students to get eight high-rise hostels
Winning cell-phone program... in just 20 days
大学校长登台   科技企业课程出台
NTU will be full university in 2 years

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