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NTU students showcase technological innovations

- Many inventions address topical safety issues

Seven hundred Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students will be showcasing their inventions at the annual NTU Engineering Innovation and Design Competition 2008 (EID08). A total of 57 technological innovations were developed in just five weeks.

The annual competition for its second-year students from the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering aims at helping students create innovative products that have social relevance and economic viability.

The five-week long competition saw student entrepreneurs attending a series of workshops and lectures in finance, business strategy, as well as in engineering subjects. They were divided into 57 groups with faculty members as their mentors. The students have to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to real-world problems as well as a viable business plan. 

Their innovations have been placed in five categories and will be exhibited and judged on 9 June 2008. Three winners will be announced for each category. The categories are:
• Assistive Technology
• Aerospace and Transportation
• Automation
• Design
• Safety and Environment

The judging criteria include: potential market value, technological innovation, cost (development and material) and ‘X-factor’.

This year’s competition saw many teams trying to address topical safety problems, such as fitting seat belts in mini-buses, and safety devices for water activities. Some of the inventions include:
- Beep Belt: a safety system for buses to remind passengers to belt up and alert driver when passengers do not
- Seat belts for everyone: an adjustable belt system for cost-effective installation in mini-buses
- Acceleration and brake signal: a light alert system for passenger cars
- Rescue net for swimming pools: quick activation device that saves drowning swimmers

Says Associate Professor David Butler, EID Coordinator, NTU, MAE: “With the recent press coverage of tragic events involving water-related activities and the lack of rear seatbelts in buses it is heartening to see our students tackle these problems with innovative solutions and products. Some of the proposed solutions include rescue nets, monitoring devices and drowning alarms.”

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