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NTU student dragon boaters raise $125,000 for bursary fund in memory of team mates


The NTU Dragon Boat team rallies alumni and friends in a passionate fund-raising drive to start the Poh Boon San and Stephen Loh Soon Ann NTU Dragon Boat Bursary Fund.
The surge of grief felt for two friends lost in a tragic dragon boating accident has turned into a  heart-warming campaign to extend help to fellow students in need.

As a result of these efforts, in academic year 2008, two students from NTU will each benefit from a $4,000 bursary award from the Poh Boon San and Stephen Loh Soon Ann NTU Dragon Boat Bursary Fund. This marks the start of a virtuous cycle that will continue to benefit at least two NTU students every year.

Set up by the NTU dragon boat community of students and alumni, as well as family members, relatives, well-wishers and friends of the late Boon San and Stephen Loh, the Fund commemorates the lives and achievements of the talented sportsmen. Boon San and Stephen, who excelled academically and in sports, drowned in a tragic boating accident last November.

In helping students whose financial circumstances prevent them from successfully participating in the sport of dragon boating or from completing their tertiary education, the Fund supports a cause that would have been close to Boon San and Stephen’s hearts. Both men were well-liked and fondly remembered for their generous and caring spirit.

The fundraising target was set at $100,000 and donations collected were used to establish the endowment fund. The University and community have raised $125,000 so far. A sum of $16,000 has been drawn out for four bursary awards, two for the academic year 2008 and another two for 2009. The first two will be awarded to second-year students Mr Koh Seng Long, from the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, and Mr Peh Kai Jay, from the School of Biological Sciences. The remaining $109,000 will be endowed. With government matching, this will bring the Endowed Fund to $218,000.
The beneficiaries will receive their bursaries from family members of the late sportsmen at the NTU Sports Appreciation Night on 15 October 2008 at 7.00pm at the University’s Nanyang Executive Centre.

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About the NTU Dragon Boat Bursary Fund
The Fund is an endowed one and donations raised remain intact in perpetuity. Only the distributable income from the endowment will be channelled towards awarding bursaries to benefit financially needy members of the NTU Dragon Boat Team.  In this way, donors’ gifts can benefit future generations of needy but well-deserving NTU Dragon Boat members in perpetuity whilst keeping the memory of Boon San and Stephen alive in the hearts and minds of their beneficiaries and the NTU community as a whole. For further details on how to be a donor and donate for the Fund, please contact Ms Kally Ooi at: (65) 6513 8662 or

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