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NTU only Asian team among top three in ‘go-green’ design competition

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) team emerged as the only Asian team among the top three positions at the first Freescale’s first green engineering design contest, reaffirming the university’s strength in design, creativity and innovation. Their winning entry is an embedded system which stores energy and reduces the vehicle’s energy consumption.

Organised by one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, Freescale, the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) Design Challenge requires teams to design and develop the next generation of sustainable embedded systems  that is beneficial to the environment.

The top five finalists were short-listed from a field of more than 200 participants of embedded systems developers and engineering students. Winners are voted by attendees and participants of the FTF Design Challenge. Each submission was judged on creativity, design efficiency, technical complexity, number of Freescale devices used, and overall application innovation to improve the environment.

“The traditional brake transforms kinetic energy into thermal energy, which is wastefully lost into the air. Our system, breaks or slows down a vehicle by storing its energy into a spring. This stored energy is in turn used to restart or speed up the vehicle. In this way, energy can be ‘recycled’ and fuel efficiency can be improved. We hope that this idea will interest the automotive components manufacturers and adopt in future eco-friendly cars,” says the team leader Li Chenghan.

The NTU team, comprising of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) students Li Chenghan, Wang Cunzhe, Pelie Woo Pak Leng, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student Thia Wei Soon, under the supervision of Professor Er Meng Joo, School of EEE, is the only Asian team among the top three positions. They won a cash prize of US$2,000 and a trophy from Freescale. The winning and runner-up teams are from Germany and France respectively.

“The achievement by the students is a miracle. The students need to juggle very tight academic schedules and the design works to produce a workable prototype in just a month. Moreover, they need to compete against other excellent teams from all over the world which include very experienced engineers. The students have certainly done NTU and Singapore proud.” says the team advisor Professor Er Meng Joo, Editor-in-Chief of IES Journal B-Intelligent Devices and Systems and Associate Editor of several refereed international journals.

The FTF Design Challenge invites embedded designers worldwide to “go green”, rewarding the most inventive design teams with cash prizes and high-profile recognition. The challenge includes free technical training and a professional CodeWarrior development platform that supports a range of Freescale's technologies. The Finals were held on 7 October, in Paris, France. For more information, visit

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