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NTU honours its brightest young minds with undergraduate scholarship awards

This evening, the Nanyang Technological University awarded 109 of its best and brightest freshmen with the prestigious undergraduate scholarships under the University's Nanyang Scholars and CN Yang Scholars Programmes.(1)

The elite Nanyang scholarship includes an annual stipend to cover tuition fees (after Tuition Grant) and other allowances (living, settling, computer and book allowances) of $8,250 per annum, and a host of enrichment experiences, including a unique leadership training programme, and priority for NTU's Global Immersion Programme to study and work abroad. Candidates were selected based on outstanding academic results, excellent CCA records and strong leadership qualities.  The scholarship is highly competitive with 4,696 applicants this year. They included 1,605 ‘A’ level students, 2,348 international students, 668 Polytechnic Diploma students and 75 with other qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate.

The CN Yang Scholars Programme is a premier undergraduate programme for exceptional science and engineering students who are passionate about science and technology.  No more than 50 students are eligible each academic year. This year, 42 students are receiving the CN Yang awards. Of these, 23 are also receiving the Nanyang Scholarship. Successful CN Yang candidates will be given valuable opportunities to participate in the programmes of NTU's Institute of Advanced Studies and to meet world-renowned academics.

"As recipients of the Nanyang Scholarship, they not only have academic results of the highest calibre, they also possess character qualities that the University recognizes as being essential in our endeavour to groom well-rounded graduates with ideals and passion," said NTU President Dr Su Guaning.

“For Academic Year 2009/2010, NTU received a record number of applications for admission as well as scholarships. The quality of applications has also correspondingly increased, and we have awarded our prestigious Nanyang Scholarships to better quality students.” said Professor Lalit Goel, the Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid.

The scholarship awards are being given out at a time when NTU has worked aggressively to strengthen its overall academic environment. Besides the Nanyang and CN Yang Scholarships, NTU has also awarded other scholarships (SIA-NOL, PRC Undergraduate, ASEAN, SembCorp Undergraduate) to international applicants.

The Nanyang scholars and CN Yang scholars on Nanyang Scholarship received their letters of the award from Dr Su Guaning at a special ceremony this evening, at the University's School of Art, Design and Media Auditorium, witnessed by their families and friends.


(1) 86 students were awarded the Nanyang Scholarship, while 23 students were awarded the Nanyang Scholarship and were also placed on the CN Yang Scholars Programme.  In addition, 19 students on other scholarships joined the ranks of the CN Yang Scholars, bringing the total number of CN Yang Scholars this year to 42.

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