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NTU littérateur receives Young Researcher Award

Dr Tamara Silvia Wagner, Assistant Professor at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) School of Humanities and Social Sciences, is the recipient of the inaugural Conference of Asian University Presidents’ Young Researcher Award for Social Science and Humanities.

She will receive her award in Taiwan on 13 November, during the 7th Conference of Asian University Presidents (CAPs).

"I am deeply honoured to receive the CAPs Young Researcher Award for Humanities and Social Sciences. I am immensely grateful to have been nominated and, at the same time excited that the award thereby goes to work in the humanities and in particular to literary scholarship. The work that won the award is a thematic study of nineteenth-century literature, and this evinces the acknowledged significance of humanities research. For me that is the most important part," says Dr Wagner.

Commenting on Dr Wagner winning the award, National Taiwan University Prof Chen Jo-Shui, who is the Chairperson of the CAPs Young Researcher Award selection committee said, “Dr Wager is a literature scholar specialising in Victorian literature and culture. With only four years of teaching career, she has published two monographs, over twenty journal articles, and eleven book chapters. Many of her articles were also published in top-notch journals. In terms of quality, an authority in her field puts her in the top 10 per cent of the Victorianists of her generation. She is extremely well-read, and shines at digging out previously neglected works with rich cultural and historical significance. There is no doubt that Dr Wagner is a highly accomplished young scholar deserving recognition”.

“Dr Wagner’s work is sharply intelligent and meticulously researched. She has a sharp eye for detail, and has made many scholarly discoveries - retrieving forgotten texts and demonstrating their importance, bringing focus into the writings of lesser-known novelists. She is unafraid to tackle central, canonical texts, which her work recontextualises in suggestive and original ways. She is a thoughtful and increasingly sophisticated cultural historian,” said Prof Heather Glen, who supervised her graduate work at the University of Cambridge.

“I am especially pleased that the award has been given to Dr Wagner, a young researcher who represents one of the very best in her area of expertise. The award affirms that our humanities faculty at NTU, a globally known science and technology university, can also excel in the interdisciplinary environment we have here.” said Dr Su Guaning, President of NTU.

“I believe Dr Wagner’s work will accelerate the progress of the study of nineteenth-century literature which still remains relevant today as literature is basically a study of humanities that helps to interpret the human experience for us, enabling us to better communicate with one another. Dr Wagner’s accomplishment is a true inspiration not only for young researchers but also for senior researchers and the whole community.”

Established in February 2008, the CAPs Young Researcher Award is presented to young scholars based in Asia in recognition of their achievement in completing research of the highest academic calibre. Two awards will be conferred at the biennial CAPs Conference in the fields of natural science and social science/ humanities. The winner is selected by a selection committee comprising of representatives of the asian universities. The recipients are invited to attend the presentation ceremony during the CAPs conference and present a guest lecture describing their research.

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