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NTU sets up Nanyang Centre for Public Administration

- Advancing executive education for Chinese officials and spearheading research on public administration and economic management
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has set up a centre under its College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS) (南洋理工大学文学院) to further enhance the training of Chinese officials and public administrators and spearhead China-related research on public administration and economic management.

Building on NTU’s unique strengths and expertise in delivering high quality education programmes for Chinese officials and senior administrators, the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration (南洋公共管理研究生院) brings together a rich pool of eminent scholars from colleges and schools within NTU, as well as acclaimed public administration practitioners in the industry, who specialise in the research and teaching on China’s sociology, economy, politics, public administration and environmental issues, and are able to share their valuable insights on Singapore’s model of public governance.  The centre aims to tap the university’s rich interdisciplinary resources for programme development, teaching and research works.

The Nanyang Centre for Public Administration offers two existing Master’s programme catering to Chinese government officials, namely the Master of Science in Managerial Economics (MME) (管理经济学硕士课程) and the Master of Public Administration (MPA) programmes (公共管理硕士课程) (dubbed “The Mayors’ Class”), which were previously managed by the China Programme Office of HASS.  The MME and MPA programmes started initially as short-term management and public policy courses for Chinese officials back in 1992, receiving strong support from the Singapore and Chinese governments. Based on the overwhelming response from participants, the courses were eventually expanded into full-fledged master's programmes, with the MME launched in 1998 to meet the needs of Chinese leaders, many of whom were going beyond local shores to keep abreast of developments in the region. The MPA programme was launched in 2005 to enhance the skills of public administrators.  To date, the two programmes have benefited 765 senior and middle-ranking Chinese officials from diverse provinces and cities across China, enhancing their effectiveness as public administrators, and enabling them to apply best practices to bring about positive transformation in China.  These two programmes start with improving the participants' skills and leadership ability in management, while incorporating into the curriculum the successful experiences that Singapore has in public and economic administration. Participants are encouraged to apply what they have learned to come up with innovative approaches to tackle the political, economical and social issues facing China today.  Besides the Master’s programmes, the Centre is also offering short-term executive training programmes in public administration, economic management, urban planning, human resource management and community management.

Apart from focusing on teaching, the centre will conduct and facilitate interdisciplinary research focusing on China’s public administration, economic policies, environmental issues, health care and social welfare policies, economic development and new media politics. It will promote interdisciplinary collaborations in social sciences, engineering, business, and humanities within the university.

To further promote research activities, the centre will host outreach events including seminars, industry visits and conferences, collaborate with other institutions in research projects, develop a case-writing programme on public administration and publish a series of research papers.  It will also organise networking activities such as alumni forums and convocation ceremony in China to strengthen the university’s ties with its China-based alumni.
Dr Wu Wei, Director of Nanyang Centre for Public Administration and Associate Dean (Administration) of HASS (南洋公共管理研究生院院长兼南大文学院副院长吴伟博士), says: "NTU has educated more than 8,000 mid- and high-level Chinese officials through its China-focused programmes over the last 17 years. These programmes have helped them to enhance their effectiveness as public administrators and drivers of positive change in China.  NTU and Harvard University are now listed as China's two most important overseas partners for the training of senior Chinese officials.   Through its partnership with China, NTU has helped Singaporeans, as well as those from Southeast Asia, better understand China, spreading knowledge and developing closer ties. The new Nanyang Centre for Public Administration allows NTU to tap the growing Chinese market and to play a leading role in enhancing the university’s strengths and expertise in educating global leaders and building bridges to China.”

NTU Mayors’ Class Forum 2009: “China in the Post-Financial Crisis Era” 南洋理工大学市长班论坛2009:金融风暴后的中国

The Nanyang Centre for Public Administration holds its first event – the NTU Mayors' Class Forum on “China in the Post-Financial Crisis Era” on Monday, 14 December 2009, at 2.30pm at Suntec Convention Centre.  RAdm (NS) Lui Tuck Yew, Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, is the Guest-of-Honour at the event.  The Mandarin forum brings together Chinese officials from the MME and MPA programmes, as well as renowned economists and scholars to share their perspectives of the status and future of China’s economic development in the post-financial crisis era.  Keynote speakers at the forum include Dr Liu Yong, Director of the Development Research Centre of China’s State Council and a recipient of NTU’s Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship, and Professor Zheng Yongnian, Director of East Asian Institute.

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