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Pilot plant featuring self-regenerating material for water treatment wins Innovation Award - joint NTU-Stanford-PUB project provides cost-effective solution

A nano-sized crystal-like material that eats up micro-organisms in the water and produces no waste-material in the process – this innovative use of nanotechnology to improve the cleansing of membrane filters enables more cost efficient water purification.

A pilot plant project that takes this invention from the lab to the plant has won the Honor Award of the International Water Association’s (IWA) Innovation Award for East Asia and the Pacific in Applied Research. The project is a collaboration between Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Stanford University and Public Utilities Board (PUB), and is supported by The Enterprise Challenge of the Prime Minister’s Office.

IWA established the Project Innovation Award Programme (PIA) to recognize excellence and innovation in water engineering projects throughout the world. It was initiated in 2006, with the first global award presented at the World Water Congress in Beijing. The regional winners in 2008 in each group advance to the global competition, the winners of which will be announced on September 10th, 2008 at the 2008 IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Vienna.

The award was presented on the sidelines of the Singapore International Water Week to the team today.

Says Associate Professor Darren Sun, from NTU’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, says, “This award recognizes the team’s efforts and contributions to water quality improvement and cutting down water production cost. The result from the pilot plant has been very encouraging so far and, in fact, has resulted in a spin-off company by our students. We are proud that our home-grown technology is contributing to Singapore’s push to be an international water hub.”

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