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Nanyang Business School’s MBA ranked 27th in the world by Financial Times- 4th in the Asia-Pacific and the only home-grown MBA in the top 100 in the prestigious global rankings

Nanyang Business School’s flagship MBA programme has been ranked among the top 30 in the world and 4th in Asia-Pacific by the London-based Financial Times (FT).

Placed 27th in the latest 2010 rankings by the FT, the home-grown NANYANG MBA has been consistently the number one MBA in Singapore. This year, it is the only Singaporean MBA among the top 100 full-time global MBA programmes in the closely watched annual rankings.

In the Asia-Pacific, the NANYANG MBA is ranked among the top four MBA programmes in the region, including those from business schools in Australia, China, Hong Kong and India.

With its MBA being ranked in the top 30 for the last two years, the Nanyang Business School remains firmly in the league of elite global business schools. The NANYANG MBA’s worldwide ranking has improved significantly from 67th in 2007, when it was first included in the FT rankings.

The listing of the top 100 full-time global MBA programmes, called the Financial Times Global MBA rankings 2010, will be released on 25 January 2010 by the world’s leading business newspaper.

“I am delighted that the NANYANG MBA continues to be ranked among the very best globally and that the market recognises and values the world-class education that we provide,” said Professor Gillian Yeo, Interim Dean, Nanyang Business School.

“Our strategy has always been to emphasise both academic rigour and relevance to businesses and industry, to enable our graduates to successfully and responsibly lead organisations globally.
“As we continue to attract some of the most talented students from around the world and hire more world-class faculty, we intend to work towards creating knowledge with an Asian focus. We will be doing research on the new Asian economic giants China and India, and developing case studies,” added Professor Yeo.

The NANYANG MBA scored well on several points: salary increase, career progression, international mobility and idea-generation via research. NANYANG MBA graduates have consistently held their own in terms of their high earning power and potential, even in recent difficult economic times. 

Significantly, the FT survey showed that the NANYANG MBA alumni who graduated three years ago, currently enjoy on average a salary of US$110,567, up from US$104,294 reported last year by the previous batch.

But the most significant improvement was in the career progress rank which has jumped to 15th position from 71st position last year, demonstrating the programme’s value to improve one’s career over the long term.

Similarly, NANYANG MBA graduates enjoy high international mobility with a global rank of 13 among the top 100 MBA schools surveyed.

In addition, FT noted that the research output of the professors in the Nanyang Business School also improved as measured by papers published in FT’s list of top 40 journals.

The ranking of the top 100 full-time global MBA programmes by FT is based on two sets of surveys – one completed by alumni who graduated three years ago and the other by the top business schools.

With over 4,000 students, the Nanyang Business School is one of Asia’s largest business schools. It is committed to educating tomorrow’s strategic leaders through the delivery of cutting-edge and academically-rigorous curricula relevant to the business world.

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