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NTU wins 3 out of 4 competitive research programme grants - researchers awarded up to $30 million from National Research Foundation

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has won up to S$30 million grant from the second call for the Competitive Research Programme (CRP) Funding Scheme offered by the National Research Foundation.

"We are extremely pleased that NTU has won three CRP awards this year. It is strong testament to the quality and strategic impact of the research conducted at NTU", says NTU President, Dr Su Guaning. 

The three CRP awardees from NTU are:

1) Associate Professor Mary Chan, NTU School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (陈美英副教授, 化学与生物医学工程学院) –
A/P Mary Chan’s proposal is on the manufacturability of carbon nanotube-baed printed electronics’. Known for her strong collaboration with the industry, A/P Chan’s research holds commercial potential in the micro-electronics industry, an area which is of high relevance to Singapore. She is the only female lead  researcher to receive the CRP award.

2) Professor Ling San, NTU School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (林杉教授, 数理科学学院院长) -
Professor Ling's proposal "Theory and Practice of Coding and Cryptography" explores and applies the basic theory that underpins the digital revolution. The research team, comprising both local and international experts, will study the fundamentals of coding theory (which allows reliable communications over unreliable channels) and cryptography (which allows secure communications over insecure channels). His research team is also expected to develop related applications in communications, internet security, computer science, electronic design automation, and other disciplines. The research results may lead to commercialization.

3) Professor Freddy Boey, NTU School of Materials Science and Engineering (梅彦昌教授, 材料科学与工程学院院长) -
Prof Boey’s proposal on ‘Biodegradeable Cardiovascular implants’ addresses a critical medical need. This breakthrough cross-disciplinary project carries potential of significant social and commercial value.

The CRP Funding Scheme offers support of up to S$10 million per programme, over three to five years. The aim of the CRP Funding Scheme is to encourage broad-based, high-impact research ideas in which Singapore can invest to develop new industries for the future.

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