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Kemira Oyj and Nanyang Technological University start joint R&D cooperation in water treatment and purification technologies

Global water chemicals company Kemira starts a research and development cooperation with the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) that aims to enhance used water treatment and purification. The goal of the 2-year project is to design a more efficient water production process with a higher recovery rate, lower energy consumption and less waste volume. 

“Today, water production from used water is an energy and water intensive process.  Kemira will develop together with Nanyang Technological University an improved used water reclamation process with higher recovery rates. By contributing our vast experience in water treatment chemistry, we aim to work with NTU to produce more clean and usable water with less energy and waste. This R&D cooperation is designed to support Kemira’s Center of Water Efficiency Excellence launched in March 2010,” explains Kaj Jansson, Vice President, R&D and Technology, Kemira Oyj.

“NTU’s Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) is pleased to partner Kemira Corp, a leading global company in water treatment chemistry to develop more efficient and cost effective membrane desalination and reclamation technologies. As a leader in membrane technology research, SMTC is well placed to partner Kemira to develop novel water technologies that are not only efficient but also energy saving. These new technologies are expected to benefit countries like Singapore that are dependent on reclaimed and desalinated water sources. With complementary expertise, SMTC is confident that this collaboration will be a success and it will further advance NTU’s standing in water and environmental sustainability research,” said Prof Anthony G. Fane, director of SMTC at NTU.

In 2006, the government identified the Environment and Water industry as a strategic key growth area for Singapore and committed S$ 330 million to develop Singapore as a Global Hydrohub. Mr. Goh Chee Kiong, Director (Cleantech), EDB and concurrently Director (Cluster Development), EWI, said, “We are pleased with Kemira’s R&D project in collaboration with the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre. Today Singapore is recognised as a Global Hydrohub, with over 70 water companies operating regional headquarters, manufacturing and R&D activities here.  Kemira’s new investment will strengthen this ecosystem, and also help accelerate the commercialisation of our public research investments.”

Kemira is one of the leading water chemistry companies globally. The company has operations in approximately 40 countries, decades of experience in water technology, and extensive capabilities to satisfy different needs in water management.  Kemira’s wide product portfolio of chemistries cater to different water treatment applications for municipal and industrial customers ranging from potable-, process- and effluent water to sludge treatment.

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For more information, please contact:

Kemira Oyj
Ronald Kwan, Head of Asia Pacific
Phone: (86) 21 5877 8550

Johan Grön, EVP, R&D and Technology
Phone: +358 10 862 1058

Kaj Jansson, Vice President, R&D and Technology
Phone: +358 50 085 2109

Julia Wang, manager, Corporate Communications Office, NTU
Phone: +65 90729779

Kemira is a global two billion euro chemicals company that is focused on serving customers in water-intensive industries. The company offers water quality and quantity management that improves customers’ energy, water, and raw material efficiency. Kemira’s vision is to be a leading water chemistry company.

NTU is a research-intensive university with globally acknowledged strengths in science and engineering. Established by NTU in 2007, NEWRI is an eco-system of research groups and centres which provides a contiguous value chain from education and research through to translation, development and application. NEWRI is NTU’s direct response, as an academic institution, to meet its role to provide environmental and water technology (EWT) leadership and to groom talent in support of Singapore’s pursuit to become a global hydrohub.

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