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NTU hosts senior officials led by Chinese State Councillor Her Excellency Madam Liu Yandong

Dr Su Guaning, President of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 南洋理工大学校长徐冠林博士, hosts a delegation from China led by Her Excellency Madam Liu Yandong, State Councillor of the People’s Republic of China 中华人民共和国国务委员刘延东阁下, on Friday, 24 April 2009, at the Confucius Institute of NTU (CI-NTU) 南洋理工大学孔子学院 located at NTU’s one-north campus 南大纬壹校区.  Senior officials, including Mr Zhou Ji, the Chinese Minister for Education 中国教育部部长周济先生 and her Excellency Madam Zhang Xiaokang, Chinese Ambassador to Singapore 中国驻新加坡特命全权大使张小康阁下, are in the delegation.
The visit to CI-NTU has been scheduled as part of the programme for the delegation to exchange views on issues of common concern with Singapore officials. It is a reflection of NTU’s expertise and commitment in promoting Chinese language and culture, strengthening Singapore’s resources in Chinese language teaching and learning, and promoting scholarly exchanges between Singapore and China. 
The visit also offers the opportunity for Her Excellency Madam Liu, who is the Board Chairman of Confucius Institute Headquarters 孔子学院总部理事会主席 in Beijing, to launch the interactive CI-NTU Chinese Culture Centre 南洋理工大学孔子学院中华文化体验中心. The four interactive multimedia displays feature ancient Chinese science and technology, Chinese folk music, quizzes about Chinese ancient thinkers, Chinese characters (Hanzi), as well as the sights and wonders of China. The system is a generous gift from the Office of Chinese Language Council International/Confucius Institute Headquarters 国家汉语国际推广领导小组办公室/孔子学院总部(国家汉办). 
Apart from the interactive multimedia displays, the CI-NTU Chinese Culture Centre showcases four existing exhibits at the Confucius Institute, such as the exhibition of “The Great Confucius” 大哉孔子展 which features the many facets of Confucius and his descendants, and a calligraphy exhibition featuring local artists’ calligraphy that depict excerpts from the Analects of Confucius.  The centre provides an effective platform for the learning and appreciation of Chinese culture.
The distinguished guests are given an overview of NTU’s latest developments and are briefed on CI-NTU’s achievements and future plans by CI-NTU director Dr Koh Hock Kiat 南大孔子学院院长许福吉博士. 
Currently, about 261 Confucius Institutes in 80 countries have been set up to teach and promote the learning of Mandarin as a foreign language.  In Singapore, CI-NTU is among the first 25 Confucius Institutes in the world.  Officially opened on 14 July 2007 by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, it was set up in August 2005 by NTU as a collaboration with China’s Shandong University and the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) to leverage the strengths of NTU and China to offer a comprehensive range of Chinese educational programmes from the pre-school to postgraduate level.

Fast gaining stature as one of the leading Confucius Institutes in the world, CI-NTU delivers a world-class curriculum while maintaining close links with global Chinese communities.  The institute has received high praise from the Chinese government, and continues to roll out programmes that advance the training of Chinese language teachers, promote life-long learning, and enhance the education of bi-cultural talents in Singapore and the region.

Among the delegates visiting CI-NTU are senior officials from China’s Minister for Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Research Office of the State Council.

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