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NTU announces new Master programmes for Systems Engineering and Project Management professionals

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) launches a new Master of Science in Systems and Project Management, MSc (SPM), with an option for a Dual Masters Programme with Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT).

The new master degree programme in Systems and Project Management is unique in that it combines and integrates systems engineering and project management. The programme aims to prepare a new generation of graduates for managerial positions that deliver complex products and systems.

To further broaden and enrich the educational experience of the MSc (SPM) candidates, NTU is offering an option for Dual Masters Programme. Candidates will spend one semester at Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT), New Jersey campus, to take core courses in Systems Engineering. Successful candidates will be conferred the Master of Science in Systems and Project Management by NTU and a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering by SIT.

Systems engineering and project management are both interdisciplinary and professional fields, representing the twin core competencies to deal with managerial and technical aspects of complex products and systems development and delivery.

Systems engineering and project management have been effective in harnessing our limited resources and manpower in meeting our social, economic and defence needs. In Singapore, the government has applied the complex systems approach in many large-scale complex public infrastructural projects, such as our world class land, sea and air transport systems, and recently our deep tunnel and new water resource management systems. As projects become larger and more complex, it is expected that there will be a growing demand for engineers to be competent in project management and systems integration.

“The new degree programme is the first of its kind that combines and integrates systems engineering and project management. In collaboration with the Institute of Engineers Singapore (IES), we have aligned the programme to meet the needs of industry and government agencies,” says Associate Professor Yeo Khim Teck, MSc (SPM) Programme Director. “Our goal is to develop a new generation of engineers who are adept at applying systems engineering and project management bodies of knowledge with emphasis in case teaching and problem-solving. Our programme focuses on developing engineers who can manage complex systems projects in the industrial and engineering-intensive industries such as the aerospace and defence, marine and offshore, enterprise systems and the infrastructure development sectors.”

“We are very happy to offer the dual degree programme with SIT, which is recognised in the United States as one of the best providers of graduate education in systems engineering. SIT has also been recognised as the first University Affiliated Research Centre in the United States to focus on
Systems Engineering Research. We are confident that the Dual Masters Programme will enhance the overall breadth of experience for the students,” says Professor Pan Tso-Chien, Dean, College of Engineering, NTU.

"The partnership between NTU and Stevens brings together the complementary core competencies of two technical universities - Systems Engineering at Stevens and Systems and Project Management at NTU. Students participating in the dual degrees programme will benefit from both "east and west" perspectives on the conception, development and integration, operations and governance of complex systems and enterprises," says Stevens' Associate Provost and Distinguished Service Professor, Ralph Giffin.

Students who are interested in the programme can enrol to study either for the single degree MSc (SPM) or the Dual Masters Programme by taking five residential courses at SIT in the Fall semester. The courses at NTU can be taken on either full-time or part-time basis for the duration of one or two
years, respectively. The planned enrolment is between 40 to 50 students for each intake per year.

The programme will commence from August 2009.

A partnership Memorandum of Intent was signed between NTU and SIT in November 2007 which covered a range of collaborative areas including research, graduate education, research conferences and executive education. The Dual Masters Programme is the first of the collaborative efforts.

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