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NTU launches the Lien Ying Chow Drive to mark the Lien Foundation’s long-standing generosity to the University

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) marks the renaming of a section of Nanyang Drive to Lien Ying Chow Drive today.  A stretch of Nanyang Drive, located in NTU’s Yunnan Garden campus will be launched as Lien Ying Chow Drive today to recognise past contributions from the late Dr Lien Ying Chow and the strong ties NTU enjoys with the Lien Foundation. Since the time of Nanyang University, Dr Lien Ying Chow has given generously to the University. This generosity continues through the visionary work of the Lien Foundation which has donated more than $27 million to-date.

Dr Su Guaning, President of NTU, said “NTU has benefited much over the years from the late Dr Lien Ying Chow’s advocacy for education and the Lien’s Foundation’s generous gifts to the University.  Today, we are happy to mark their unwavering support with the launch of the Lien Ying Chow Drive which is a key entry point to the University.”

Mrs Margaret Lien, Chairman of Lien Foundation, said “The relationship between my husband the late-Dr. Lien Ying Chow and NTU goes far back, all the way to the founding days of Nantah. I am so pleased that NTU has chosen to honour his legacy and the work of the Lien Foundation with the naming of Lien Ying Chow Drive.  This lovely, tree-lined road leading into the University is an especially apt gesture as it symbolizes the pathway to learning and knowledge which was so dear to the heart of Dr Lien.”

The legacy of Dr Lien Ying Chow continues to this day through the Lien Foundation and has grown from strength-to-strength in recent years with the partnership of four key programmes.  These programmes are the Lien Ying Chow Fellowship, the Lien Chinese Enterprise Research Centre (Lien CERC), the Lien Foundation-NTU Environmental Endeavour and the Lien Challenge.

Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship

The fellowship is targeted at outstanding senior government officials and established professionals, as well as academics from Singapore and China.  It aims to forge greater intellectual, cultural and people-to-people exchanges between Singapore and China, providing a strategic platform for thought development, partnerships and for the fostering of positive change for both countries.

Lien Chinese Enterprise Research Centre (Lien CERC)

The Centre was established with the mandate to spearhead world-class research and activities that will facilitate the knowledge-creation cycle, track the trends and development of Chinese enterprises and provide a platform linking academic researchers with the Singapore and PRC business community.  It aims to assist Singaporeans to succeed in the global marketplace by equipping them to seize expanding business opportunities in China.

Since its inception in 2006, the Centre has advanced knowledge creation through its annual landmark international annual conference and a series of research activities.

Lien Foundation – NTU Environmental Endeavour (Lien Aid and LIFE)

Established within NTU’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Lien Aid and LIFE work hand-in-hand to develop, implement and promote affordable, socially and culturally acceptable technologies and practices for the betterment of living conditions in developing countries.   This partnership provides a platform for Singapore to effectively service global environmental and social needs through innovative programmes and technology-based solutions.

In all, some 27 projects spanning from the securing of safe water supplies to waste management to seismic strengthening, were mounted across nearly 30 cities and provinces in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, making a positive impact on more than 100,000 lives.

Lien Challenge

The Lien Challenge is a competition that encourages radical environmental solutions for China and it is integrated into the NTU’s MME and MPA programmes.  Participants of the programme will have to find innovative solutions to address major water and sanitation sustainability issues challenging China today and its impact on the environment, energy needs, economy, healthcare and social stability of its people.

The theme for this year’s Lien Challenge focused on water and sanitation sustainability issues in China, which has implications on education, healthcare, food security, environmental protection and poverty alleviation.

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