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Senior Chinese officials to undergo “Training-of-Trainers” programme in public administration and governance in Singapore

Temasek Foundation and NTU launch new customised programme for Leaders and Senior Trainers from Jiangsu, China

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Temasek Foundation (TF) officially launched the “Training-of-Trainers” leadership executive programme for senior officials from Jiangsu, China, today. The first batch of over 40 high-ranking leaders and trainers will undergo the one-week residential training programme at NTU from 26 April to 3 May 2011. Participants will acquire new skills and knowledge in public administration and governance and will in turn train and mentor at least ten other local officials when they return to China after the programme.

With a funding of S$500,000 from Temasek Foundation, the training programme will benefit a total of 120 senior officials from the Academy for Public Administration under the State Council of Jiangsu province. The participants are trainers and lecturers who are responsible for the training conducted for all officials in the Jiangsu province. They will learn about some of Singapore’s best practices in public administration and governance and hone their skills in pedagogies in public sector training.

The customised and intensive training programme, will be conducted by NTU’s Nanyang Centre for Public Administration (NCPA). The programme will consist of lectures, seminars, dialogue sessions and institutional visits to key government and corporate organisations in Singapore.

“This leadership training programme aims to introduce to participants new concepts and applications in the areas of public administration and governance based on the Singapore experience, and to equip them with knowledge and skills to manage change and development,” said Dr Su Guaning, President, NTU. “Experts and academics with deep administrative experience will conduct the training programme. The participants will study successful cases in Singapore’s public administration experience. The training will broaden their global perspective and introduce them to best practices in their area of specialisation.”

Mr Benedict Cheong, Chief Executive Officer, Temasek Foundation said, “Upon completion of the programme, we hope the leaders and trainers will apply their new skills and knowledge and bring benefit to their local community. The programme has been customised to allow the participants who have undergone the training in Singapore to impart what they have learnt to their counterparts back home and help to enhance the public administration and governance skills of Chinese officials who can contribute to the overall development of Jiangsu.”

Located along the east coast of China, Jiangsu has special ties with Singapore, with its successful Sino-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park. Through this collaboration, NTU and TF hope that it will foster greater opportunities for partnerships and networking between Singapore and China.

Since 1999, NTU has trained hundreds of officials from the various cities in Jiangsu under the Mayors’ Class and the executive training programmes. Recognising the quality of NTU’s training programme for Chinese officials, the university received another batch of 11 officials from the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government joining its Mayors’ Class this year.

NTU has also run short and mid-term programmes for more than 10,000 government officials from China since 1992 and graduated more than 1,000 senior officials from its Mayors’ Class since 1998. This year, another 108 mid-senior level officials enrolled into the Mayors’ Class, making the intake the most senior one ever.

With NTU’s heritage, strong connections in China, collaborations with top overseas institutions and academic strengths, NTU has established itself as a vital knowledge hub that combines the best of the East and the West. The New Silk Road is one of NTU’s Five Peaks of Excellence, the other four being  Sustainable Earth, Future Healthcare, New Media and Innovation Asia.  


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About Nanyang Technological University


About Temasek Foundation, Singapore

Temasek Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic organisation anchored in Singapore that seeks to contribute to sustainable growth and a bright future of hope and opportunities for people in Asia.  The foundation works with partners to support programmes that develop people through health care, education and research, programmes that build bridges between peoples, programmes that build institutions of excellence through good governance and ethics, and programmes that rebuild lives and livelihoods affected by natural disasters.

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About Nanyang Centre for Public Administration, NCPA @ NTU

The Nanyang Centre for Public Administration (NCPA) at Nanyang Technological University is set up to further enhance the training of Chinese officials and public administrators, as well as spearhead China-related research on public administration and economic management.

Dubbed the “The Mayors’ Class” by the media, the Masters in Managerial Economics (MME) and Masters in Public Administration (MPA)  which were launched in 1998 and 2005 respectively, are results of the first short-term training course conducted back in 1992 at NTU. Over a period of almost 20 years of consistent hard works and perseverance, especially in 2001, leaders of Singapore and China signed an agreement affirming that Chinese mayors and other high ranking officials would continue to be trained in Singapore to strengthen bilateral cooperation and exchange between the two countries. Since then, the Mayors’ class has produced outstanding results and is well known throughout the region.

To date, more than 1,000 senior and middle-ranking Chinese government officials have attended the MMA and MME programmes. Over 10,000 senior and middle ranking officials have also attended the short-term executive training programmes in NTU. These officials came from more than 22 provinces spread all over mainland China.

Among the NTU alumni who graduated from the “The Mayors’ Class” are influential high-ranking officials like Central CPC member, Provincial CPC head, Provincial Vice Mayor and many other provincial divisional head across China including City Party Secretary, City Mayor, Bureau Head and Division Head.

- Every graduate of the “Mayors’ Class” programme is an additional link between the Singapore and Chinese governments.

- Every graduate of the “Mayors’ Class”  programme is a potential promoter of the Singapore success story

NTU has also been recognised by the Chinese government as the best overseas institution for training of Chinese government officials.

Riding on the success of the MME and MPA programmes, NTU established the NCPA to take researches on public administration and managerial economics to another level. NCPA is strategically placed to enjoy the rich teaching and research resources available at NTU, especially its experienced and world renowned faculty and years of research into public administration and managerial economics in China.

The MPA course examines best practices in public administration in Singapore to enhance decision-making, governance, as well as policy design and implementation skills while the MME course enables Chinese leaders to keep abreast of the region’s political and economic developments and the government’s changing role in a market economy. The main focus will be the study of the Singapore model of success and apply it to current situations in China.

About the Provincial Council of Jiangsu province, PR China (CPC)

The Provincial Council has authority over all government officials in Jiangsu province in terms of policy making, system, planning, training and development.

The Provincial Council has jurisdiction of cities, districts, towns and villages within the province. The Provincial Council also oversees the training and development of all officials in Jiangsu province by conducting training classes and upgrading of skills.
The Provincial Council is also responsible for liaison and co-ordination with foreign institutions authorised by the State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), Beijing, for overseas training programmes.



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