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Companies, investors slated to win at IRPAS-NTU’s Inaugural Investor Relations Competition

The finals of the inaugural Investor Relations Competition, launched by the Investor Relations Professionals Association (Singapore) [IRPAS] and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in August 2012, should soon see the expansion and enrichment of Singapore’s investor relations talent pool.

Long gone are the days when investors picked their stock solely on how robust the bottom line looked. Today, there is a growing demand from investors around the global village for company details besides profits: environmental sustainability, social contributions, business ethics, labour rights, human rights and corporate governance.

Quoting Principle 15 of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s new Code of Corporate Governance, Mr Harold Woo, IRPAS President and Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, CapitaLand said that “companies should actively engage their shareholders and put in place an investor relations policy to promote regular, effective and fair communication with shareholders.”

Indeed, companies here are increasingly recognising the importance of establishing proper and proactive investor relations policies and functions. However, many organisations are challenged to find suitable talent and—this is worrying—may not have the right expertise to handle these functions.

Jointly organised by IRPAS and NTU, the Investor Relations Competition seeks to address these concerns by promoting interest in the profession amongst undergraduate students through hands-on experience in investor relations work. At the finals on 8 and 9 October, teams of two have to prepare and deliver an investor relations presentation on one of 12 major listed companies. Besides crowning the champion team, the organisers and other companies can look forward to greater awareness of the industry amongst undergraduates as well as potential talents gleaning valuable insights into how they can better perform in this profession.

“It’s not just about getting more people to fill the gaps,” explained Mr Woo. “Investor relations officers need to be well-versed in a company’s operations, industry and competitive outlook, financial information and markets, as well as being able to convey this information to investors to motivate an investment decision. This unique blend of strong analytical and communication skills required for investor relations is not readily found in Asia. Even large companies are struggling to find and retain their investor relations talent.”

Added IRPAS General Manager Mr Joseph Chia: “Good investor relations officers are highly sought after in the market. As they work closely with senior management, companies tend to hire only experienced and highly educated practitioners, adding to the supply crunch.”

The IRPAS-NTU Investor Relations Competition is the latest effort to attract fresh talent to the profession and is the result of the close partnership between the association and the university’s Nanyang Business School (NBS) and career services office. Participants are given about one month to conduct research on and meet with the companies they were assigned to work on for their presentation in the competition’s finals. At the finals, each team will have to give a 45-minute presentation and field questions by a panel of judges comprising members from the investor relations profession and the investment community . Teams are judged on the following criteria:
• Knowledge of assigned company (30%)
• Knowledge of industry and competitors (30%)
• Presentation skills and ability to handle questions (40%)

“We are glad for the opportunity to work with NTU’s NBS on this competition,” said Mr Chia. “The career services office has been pro-active and we are very impressed by the depth of financial analytical skills and breadth of soft skills possessed by NBS students. The companies who are involved in this competition are not only on the lookout for talent to hire, but they are also hoping to gain fresh perspectives on their investor relations presentations.”

Associate Professor Valerie Du Toit-Low, Associate Dean (Student Development & Outreach), NBS, said: “The competition is a great way to showcase the tremendous career opportunities available in investor relations and attract students who are passionate about the field. It builds on our close partnership with industry, which grants our students exposure to best practices and develops in them capabilities to solve real-world issues. Investor relations leverages on much of the knowledge and skills our students would have picked up at Nanyang Business School, while diversity of experience and access to the highest echelons of the corporate world are always invaluable benefits.”

IRPAS has been working closely with Singapore’s tertiary institutions to raise awareness of career opportunities in investor relations and develop promising minds for the industry. Adopting a holistic multi-level approach, the association has launched several new initiatives over the past few years, including training seminars, university career talks, commissioning studies, job postings and facilitation, and investor relations internships. Earlier this year, IRPAS and its counterpart in the UK also launched the Certificate in Investor Relations—a self-study international investor relations qualification recognised by both Singapore and the UK.

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