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NTU welcomes alumni for homecoming; 26 honoured for outstanding achievements and contributions

Some 2,000 alumni of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are converging at the University’s Yunnan Garden Campus this weekend for its Alumni Homecoming.  For the first time this year, the Homecoming is held over three days, with a barbeque on Friday, 23 October evening, followed by two business fora and the Alumni Night on Saturday, 24 October, and a Sports Competition on Sunday, 25 October. Marking another first for this year’s Homecoming is the launch of NTU’s Alumni Card, an initiative by the University to promote a lifelong connection with its graduates. The card comes with entitlements to discounts and special offers from health and lifestyle merchants.

Twenty six alumni will be honoured at the prestigious Nanyang Alumni Awards on Alumni Night – the centre-piece of the Homecoming weekend. The alumni were chosen based on their professional achievement, their track record of public service, and their loyalty and dedication to the NTU community. Leading the roll of honour with the Nanyang Distinguished Alumni Award (南洋卓越校友奖) are Mr Chia Ban Seng (Class of 1961), Dato’ Er Kok Leong (Class of 1966), and Dr Tan Kian Meng, William (Class of 1980). The three science graduates will receive their award from Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for Education and National Development, in the presence of 1,200 alumni and guests.

Mr Chia Ban Seng (谢万森, Nanyang University, Class of 1961), 70, is an ardent advocate of education with a heart for public service and social causes. A member of the NTU Board of Trustees, Mr Chia led the establishment and fund-raising of NTU’s Tan Lark Sye Professorship to promote the study of the Chinese language and culture. Mr Chia is also active on other school management committees, including Nanyang Junior College and Chung Cheng High School. As Chairman of the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Mr Chia painstakingly oversaw the refurbishment of the 120 year-old bungalow where Dr Sun Yet Sen resided for a brief period of time. The Hall, which recently re-opened with new exhibits after a $1.2 million renovation, today stands as an icon not only for the benefit of ethnic Chinese Singaporeans, but the rest of the world interested in the development of modern China. 

Dato’ Er Kok Leong (余国隆, Nanyang University, Class of 1966), 67, an intrepid industrialist, achieved pioneering breakthroughs in palm oil refining and fractionation. Dato’ Er was ahead of his time when he introduced a special solvent fractionation process in 1979. He was the first in Malaysia to develop a palm oil derivative, for the production of cocoa butter equivalents that are used in chocolate-making. Previously as CEO, and now, Corporate Advisor of Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd (ISF), Dato’ Er charted new territory as he brought ISF into Russia’s specialty fats market. It was also through his efforts that Malaysia enjoyed a decade of warm business ties with Russia.

Dr William Tan Kian Meng (陈建民, Nanyang University, Class of 1980), 52, is being honoured for his indomitable Nanyang spirit, athletic prowess and stellar contributions to humanitarian causes. Dr Tan has raised more than S$18 million over the past 22 years by setting world records through his endurance in sports for the physically challenged. The funds raised have benefited many needy university and ITE students, as well as other beneficiaries in Singapore. Even when he was diagnosed with cancer in mid-2009, Dr Tan put others before self. Despite being weakened by chemotherapy, Dr Tan led 40 students across the finish line of the 80km Ride for Hope race held in August and raised S$100,000 to help needy patients across six hospitals and National Cancer Centre. In September, Dr Tan raised another S$70,000 for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, by towing children around a running track for 12 hours.

The other Award recipients are:

Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award (南洋校友成就奖)
1.  Mr Ang Mong Seng洪茂诚                      (B.A/1973, Geography)
2.  Emeritus Prof Goh Suat Hong  吴雪鸿    (B.Sc/1964, Chemistry)
3.  Mr Heng Guan Teck  王元德                    (B.Eng/1985, EEE)
4.  Dr Khoo Seow Hwa  邱少华                      (B.Sc./1970, Biology)
5.  Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ng Lay Swee  黄丽绥   (B.Sc/1963, Chemistry)
6.  Prof Yeo Kiat Seng  杨杰圣    (B.Eng/1993, EEE & PhD/1997, EEE)

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award (南洋杰出青年校友奖)
1.   Mr Chia Yeow Kheng, Roderick  谢耀庆  (B.Eng/1998, EEE; G.Dip/2002, NTC &
  M.Sc/2006, NTC)
2.   Mr Chua Chin Hon  蔡振峰                      (B.Comm.Studies/1998, SCI)
3.   Mr Eng Aik Meng  邢益民                        (B. Acc/1993, NBS)
4.   Ms Goh Hui Cheng  吴慧菁                    (Postgraduate Dip in Education/1999, NIE)
5.   Dr Hery Susanto Djie  徐坚钉                  (PhD/2005, EEE)
6.   Assoc Prof Lam Yeng Ming  蓝燕明        (B.A.Sc/1996, MSE)
7.   Ms Lee Peh Gee  李珮琪                         (B.Bus/1998, NBS)
8.   Ms Ng Gek Yi, Serena  黄玉燕               (B.Comm.Studies/2000, WKWSCI)
9.   Ms Tan Yinxuan, Esther  陈音璇             (B.Comm.Studies/2005, WKWSCI)

Nanyang Alumni Service Award (南洋校友服务奖)
1.   Mr Chong Peng Jek  郑澎湃                   (B.A/1970, Geography)
2.   Mr Chua Leong Chuan, Jeffrey  蔡隆川 (B.Eng/1986, CEE)
3.   Mr See Yong Leng  施涌龙                      (B.Comm/1966, Accountancy)
4.   Ms Shi Yuehan  史月寒                            (MBA/2003, NBS)
5.   Mr Shu Dajun  舒大军                              (MEA/2007, NIE)
6.   Mr Sim Kuang Meng  沈观铭                  (B.Comm./1967, Economics)
7.   Mr Wang Hairong  王海荣                        (EMBA/2007, NBS)
8.   Mr Wee Keat Kheng  黄吉庆                    (B.A.Sc/2001, SCE & M.Sc/2005, SCE)

Each Nanyang Alumni Award (南洋校友奖) recipient will receive a specially commissioned Trophy and a Certificate of Commendation. 

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