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NTU presents ADM Show 2013 featuring graduating artists and designers’ works

An interactive installation that lets users have an out-of-body experience – through goggles connected to alternating video feeds from CCTV cameras. An installation that raises awareness about disposables and their impact on the environment.

These are some of the thought-provoking creative works being presented at the ADM Show 2013, an exhibition by this year’s graduating students from the School of Art, Design & Media (ADM) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).  The works are on display at the School until 19 May 2013.

This year’s ADM Show features the works of 167 students from six disciplines: Digital Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Interactive Media, Photography and Digital Imaging, Product Design and Visual Communication. The Show marks the transformation of these talented young people after four years of rigorous study from varsity students to professional artists and designers.

Using an object and its shadow as a metaphor for an individual and one’s creative effect, the exhibition plays on the idea that one set of circumstances can lead to multiple creative outcomes. As different lights that shine upon an object may cast shadows of different forms, the show aims to highlight the multiple understandings offered by students and their works to a world that is common to all. The diverse works range from interactive installations and innovative products, to cutting-edge digital art and animation.

Sharing the significance of the ADM Show 2013, Ms Farhana Ja’afar, 24, a graduating student majoring in Visual Communications and Chairperson of the ADM Show Student Committee said, “This year’s ADM Show reveals the broad spectrum of skill-sets that the graduating students have honed, adapted and executed throughout the four years of study here. By holding the show at the School, we honour the source of our education; the place which embodies the light that has brightened our minds with the knowledge and capabilities to unlock infinite creative possibilities through our works.”  Through her installation, ‘30/30 Disposable Design in Trash’, Ms Farhana hoped to change public perceptions about disposables that contribute to the growing production of waste.

Professor Vibeke Sorensen, Chair of the School of Art, Design and Media, said, “We are very proud of the Class of 2013.  They are a vibrant and inspired group of artists, visual designers, product designers, photographers, filmmakers, animators and interactive media creators, ready to make their mark in the world through their creativity and brilliance.”

For graduating student Ms Alyssa Sing, 24, who specialises in Digital Film Production, the graduation show marks the start of her professional career in film.  During her course, Ms Sing spent six months in New York on an internship stint sponsored by Media Development Authority of Singapore. She got to work with an award-winning journalist, Julian Rubinstein, and she also interned at Line Street Productions, an independent documentary house . She said, “The six months in New York inspired me so much and made me even firmer in my belief that film is still my calling.”

In ’The Overview Installation’, Interactive Media graduating student Eugene Soh, 27, sought to create an out-of-body experience – with the aid of video goggles. By wearing the goggles, users will see a live video feed of themselves from a CCTV camera in the corners of the exhibition space. The view switches automatically every 20 seconds between 5 cameras planted around the exhibition. By having to navigate the area in this vision, the user is encouraged to contemplate a new sense of perception. 
Mr Soh, whose previous work included the virally popular ‘The Last Kopitiam’, a photograph set in Maxwell Hawker Centre and inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’, said, “My installation is named after ‘The Overview Effect’ when astronauts experienced a cognitive shift in awareness when they saw planet Earth floating in space. The installation lets users experience a similar ‘Unreal Reality’ when their sense of sight is altered, rendering what they see around them look unreal. The users would be forced to re-learn basic things like seeing and walking.  It makes them perceive their physical body from a place outside their body.” 

Another creative work is ‘Gust’, a graphic novel set in a fictional post-apocalyptic desert. ‘Gust’ is the brainchild of Mr Poh Zi Qun, 22, who will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Animation this July. During his course, Mr Poh spent his internships at Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab and CG animation firm Tiny Island Productions, where he refined his craft in animation.  He said, “I has always been interested in drawing and illustrations since young and I’m a big fan of the apocalyptic genre. In ‘Gust’, I aspire to combine dynamism of visuals with soulful storytelling imbued with subtle bits of emotion.”
The ADM Show 2013 is open to the public from 10 to 19 May 2013 at the School of Art, Design and Media, 81 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637458, from 10.00am to 10.00pm daily. Admission is free.

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