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NTU sets up PhD prizes in environmental and sustainability research - Award made possible by US$50,000 gift from The World Future Foundation

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is setting up Singapore’s first of its kind award for excellence in doctoral-level (PhD) environmental and sustainability research.

The award is made possible by a generous US$50,000 (about S$70,075) gift to NTU by The World Future Foundation (WFF), a charitable organisation registered in Singapore.

The university will award five prizes worth US$10,000 each to the top five completed PhD theses this year. The research topics will be related to the environment, sustainability and metropolis of the future.

Successful candidates will be selected based on several criteria, including the societal and economic relevance of their research (e.g. commercial potential), evidence of novelty (e.g. patents), and a demonstrated passion for environmental and sustainability research.

The agreement to set up the World Future Foundation PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research @ NTU was signed today. The deal was inked by Dr Feng Lun, Chairman, World Future Foundation and Professor Lam Khin Yong, Associate Provost for Graduate Education & Special Projects, NTU.

“We are pleased to collaborate with NTU, a renowned university for environmental and sustainability research and well known too for producing many scholars and future scientists in this important field,” says Dr Feng Lun. “This partnership also underlies the shared vision and passion that WFF and NTU has on environmental protection and sustainable development and our understanding of the urgent need to address issues confronting mankind and the environment.”

“Education, research, and technology development are efforts that require contiguous effort. NTU sees this gift from WFF and the prizes it will generate for our PhD students as the first step in a long journey which WFF and NTU will undertake together as we seek to inculcate responsible and enthusiastic environmental stewardship in the hearts and minds of those who follow us,” says Dr Ng Wun Jern, Executive Director of NTU's Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI).

NTU and WFF share the same belief that active research into new technologies, the deployment of innovative solutions to environmental issues, and sustainable use of the earth’s resources, will help promote the restrained consumption of resources. This coupled with the values which WFF and NTU seek to inculcate in the youth of today, will help preserve the irreplaceable resources of our earth for the future.

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About World Future Foundation Ltd (WFF)

WFF is set up by a group of public-spirited entrepreneurs and professionals from the Asia-Pacific region and was incorporated in Singapore on August 26, 2008. WWF was then conferred by the Government of Singapore as a charity on February 20, 2009.

WFF is a grant-making foundation, based in Singapore, for the world. It aims to financially support a number of charitable organisations and charitable programmes related to ecological and environmental protection, city evolution, research and education and so on. These programmes will bring about changes and benefit the contemporary and future generations from different aspects. WFF is a private foundation and does not raise funds from the public. At present, its funds are mainly from the personal donation of public-spirited entrepreneurs.

WFF’s motto “For Our World, For Our Future” reflects its founders’ ambitions and aspirations.

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