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  • 17-Feb-2020

    ​NTU Singapore’s annual Open House and Career Fair to go virtual 

    ​The NTU Open House and NTU Career Fair, two of the biggest annual events in the calendar at NTU Singapore, will be presented virtually this year, in response to the evolving Covid-19 situation and advice to avoid crowds and holding large-scale events.

  • 15-Feb-2020

    ​‘Topological’ laser can route light around corners 

    Scientists and engineers from NTU Singapore and the University of Leeds in the U.K. have created the first electrically driven topological laser, which has the ability to route light particles around corners and to cope with defects in the manufacture of the device.

  • 13-Feb-2020

    Prof Su Guaning, President Emeritus of NTU Singapore, elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering

    Professor Su Guaning, President Emeritus of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), has been elected to the United States' National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

  • 06-Feb-2020

    NTU Singapore revitalises Yunnan Garden as a place for leisure, education and heritage

    The rejuvenated Yunnan Garden, a sprawling open space of greenery, waterscapes and heritage landmarks, will officially open at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) on 13 February 2020. The 9-hectare heritage precinct – bigger than 12 soccer fields – preserves the Garden’s legacy while enriching it as an educational and recreation hub, making it a go-to place not just for the NTU community, but also for the residents who live in the wider Jurong neighbourhood.

  • 29-Jan-2020

    Critical flaw demonstrated in common digital security algorithm

    Cryptographic experts at NTU Singapore and INRIA in Paris, have demonstrated a critical security flaw in a commonly used security algorithm, known as SHA-1, which would allow attackers to fake specific files and the information within them, and pass them off as authentic.

  • 22-Jan-2020

    ​Official opening of the HP-NTU Digital Manufacturing Corporate Lab

    Manufacturing companies will get more help in adopting digital technology with the HP-NTU Digital Manufacturing Corporate Lab officially opened at NTU. The facility, created through a collaboration between NTU and global technology giant HP, showcases digital manufacturing technologies that can make manufacturing and supply chain operations more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable.

  • 21-Jan-2020

    ​Singapore study suggests parents with terminally ill children tend to hide emotional pain from their spouses

    A study of families in Singapore with terminally ill children found that parents tend to defer discussing their psychological pain with their spouses to protect them from emotional distress. The study, conducted by psychologists at NTU through interviews, revealed the parents’ preference to support each other in pragmatic and solution-oriented ways such as discussing treatment options, arranging care plans and sharing caregiving responsibilities.

  • 20-Jan-2020

    ​Can soya residue treat diabetes?

    Okara, a by-product of soya production, has recently been found by researchers in a study on mice to impact blood glucose levels if it is consumed in fermented form. The paper by Senior Lecturer Dr Ken Lee and his team from the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at NTU was published late last year.

  • 11-Jan-2020

    ​​Scientists observe ultrafast chemistry in water caused by ionising radiation for the first time

    An international research team jointly led by NTU Singapore, the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory and Germany's Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) has for the first time observed the ultrafast formation and then breakdown of the water ion that is created when water is exposed to ionising radiation.

  • 09-Jan-2020

    NTU and SERI launch joint laboratory to develop advanced ocular imaging technologies

    NTU Singapore, the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), and the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) have launched a joint laboratory that will develop advanced eye imaging technologies and drug delivery systems.

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