News Details | 02-Sep-2010

NTU to set up new medical school with Imperial College London

NTU will set up a new medical school, jointly managed by London's Imperial College, which is ranked among the top three medical schools in Britain and among the world's top five. Singapore’s new medical school, which will admit its first 50 students in 2013, will produce a different breed of doctors from the two other schools here. NTU President Su Guaning said its graduates will be trained to tap cutting-edge technology such as robotics to treat patients. The school will not only train the best clinicians, but will also be at the forefront of innovating medical devices and improving health care, he added. NTU Provost Bertil Andersson said the school plans to also recruit 'top-notch' teachers from here and around the world, and that the curriculum will include classes on business, so students will know the nuts and bolts of managing health-care costs.


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