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  • 14-Feb-2019

    ​​NTU, MIT and Russian scientists develop AI to predict and engineer material properties

    Scientists from NTU Singapore, in collaboration with researchers from MIT in the United States and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Russia, have developed a machine learning approach that can predict changes to the properties of materials from straining the material. This work could lead to the possibility of engineering new materials with tailored properties for potential use in communications, information processing, and energy fields.

  • 31-Jan-2019

    ​NTU Singapore and WeBank set up fintech research centre to support Banking 4.0 

    NTU and WeBank, China’s first digital-only bank, are setting up a fintech research centre to support Banking 4.0, where banking can be personalised and done anytime, anywhere.

  • 31-Jan-2019

    ​NTU Students' Union leads new initiatives to give students a career head start

    The NTU Students’ Union launched new initiatives to give students a head start in their careers. The First Step conference offers a platform for Singapore undergraduates' engagement with employers, and promote a more holistic approach to hiring. The Students’ Union also inked an MOU with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation to provide NTU students and graduates more opportunities for career growth and success.

  • 30-Jan-2019

    ​​NTU Singapore and AI company SenseTime set up Talent Programme

    SenseTime, the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, and NTU Singapore launched the SenseTime-NTU Talent Programme to nurture researchers working at the forefront of AI related fields such as deep learning and computer vision.

  • 29-Jan-2019

    ​Researchers uncover brain pathway linked to impulsive behaviours

    Researchers from Singapore and South Korea have uncovered new details of a brain pathway that can cause impulsive behaviours. Using mice, the research team led by Professor George Augustine from NTU Singapore, discovered that impulsive behaviour is triggered when the brain signalling chemical dopamine is passed to an unexpected area of their brain.

  • 29-Jan-2019

    Commentary by ASE Chair Prof Benjamin Horton: What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic

    In an article, Prof Benjamin Horton, Chair of NTU's Asian School of the Environment, said that contrary to the famous line “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, global warming is changing the Arctic in ways that will impact our climate and our world. He shared that he was proud to be part of Singapore’s endeavours to generate commitments and take actions to maintain the sustainability of the Arctic.

  • 24-Jan-2019

    ​NTU Singapore successfully launches its 9th satellite into space

    NTU scientists have successfully launched and deployed the university's ninth satellite into space. Jointly built by NTU and Kyushu Institute of Technology, the nanosatellite will test two new technologies which could pave the way forward for future lunar exploration missions.

  • 23-Jan-2019

    ​NTU Singapore and Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces launch joint lab in healthcare and robotics

    NTU Singapore and Germany’s Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPICI) have launched a joint lab to conduct research in artificial senses and develop innovative robotics and healthcare solutions. These include skin-like wearable devices that not only monitor health and environmental conditions through smart sensors, but also enhance prosthetic devices with ‘artificial sensing’ capabilities.

  • 22-Jan-2019

    ​Art blooms on iconic sloping grass roof at NTU Singapore

    Art is in full bloom on the sloping grass roof of the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at NTU. A living art installation created by world-renowned Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto now adorns the curving green roof of the NTU art school. The work comprises three large connecting circles spanning 41 metres at its longest length. The installation will be displayed till 10 February and is supported by modern and contemporary art gallery Partners & Mucciaccia.

  • 22-Jan-2019

    ​NTU Singapore scientists find one more reason for us to love the durian

    Scientists from NTU Singapore have developed an all-natural food stabiliser from the seeds of the durian fruit.

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